The trust economy

Still playing catch-up, but in the meantime I’ll post some of the links I’ve been accumulating over the past few weeks. These are some on the specific issue of trust in business, and the development of awareness about a ‘trust-based economy’:

  • Chris Brogan and Julien Smith (Robin Good website): Online Marketing Strategy: Trust Economy And The Value Of Attention – marketing oriented, introduces concepts such as ‘return on influence’ and ‘attention as currency’, and emphasises the need to”stop thinking sales, start thinking relationships”
  • Tim Harford ( The Economics of Trust – about the centrality of trust in making an economy function at all
  • Susan Cramm (Harvard Business Review): Dismantle Mistrust Between IT and the Business -“Interested in nurturing technology-laden innovation? Start by nurturing relationships” – good ‘linky’ overview
  • Pat Ferdinandi (SBDi Consulting): Trust Me – “Trust is never broadcasted for others to assume. It is earned over time. It is based upon your actions and attitude, not your arrogance, age, or wallet.” – describes ways in which trust is developed over time
  • Peter Bregman (Harvard Business Review): A Good Way to Change a Corporate Culture – using stories to develop trust for change

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  1. Welcome back, Tom! I enjoyed the Susan Cramm article – commented that EAs, by working closely with stakeholders as laid out in the TOGAF ADM, can go far to create trust between business and IT. Vision Phase, stakeholder reviews in Phases B-D, and collaborative solution choice in Phase E are key.

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