A week in Tweets: 8-15 Aug 09

Another long list of useful comments and links: click on the ‘More’ link for more:

More discussion on ‘Enterprise 2.0’ and social software:

  • oscarberg: RT @Ross Great post by @Om http://om.bit.ly/1aitew but tool evolution aside, without blogs as core content, what would we link to? <<the comments are important too
  • oscarberg: I don’t believ in bottom up approach to #E20 – you need to mobilize both leadership and grassroots
  • oscarberg: Blogged: How to avoid failing with Enterprise 2.0 http://bit.ly/2RG7EY
  • oscarberg: Blogged: Social media app stack overview http://bit.ly/1emjAA
  • oscarberg: RT @SameerPatel The Information Architecture of Social Experience Design: 5 Principles, 5 Anti-Patterns, 96 Patterns http://ff.im/-6nhaj
  • tetradian: “InfoArch for the Rest of the World” another useful article from ASIS&T Bulletin http://bit.ly/JS9zZ (re #E20 #EA)
  • oscarberg: Challenge with implementing social software: encompasses both apps and infrastructure, and you need both to realize benefits
  • oscarberg: In this digital age, the ability to find and to be found are critical // the ability to be found requires a unique, visible, active and authentic identity // anonymity and fake identities = criminals (that will become a prejduice)
  • oscarberg: E20 Transition Strategies – great presentation http://bit.ly/NW7cF
  • CyberSal: RT @DavidGurteen: PPT Using Social Tools to build informal communities http://bit.ly/aryga >> looks great for helping people ‘get’ tools
  • hebsgaard: How is Social Media Affecting Channel Marketing? #e20 #marketing – http://bit.ly/cEv7D
  • oscarberg: “People are the platform. At the very least, our systems should help us find each other” Ross Mayfield http://ping.fm/2oIHC
  • oscarberg: “People are the platform, and when you empower them, great things flow” says @Ross (via @dhinchcliffe)
  • oscarberg: RT@weknowmore SOCIAL SOFTWARE ADOPTION : eLearning Technology http://ow.ly/jMRv #change #KM Nice overview of articles on adoption
  • oscarberg: RT @LLiu Why Groups Fail to Share Info Effectively http://bit.ly/BOiLR (via @jyamasaki)
  • oscarberg: RT @weknowmore Enterprise 2.0 & The Flywheel http://ow.ly/jMO8 #KM #E2.0
  • hebsgaard: Ready or Not, Here Comes Enterprise 2.0. #e20 – http://bit.ly/gvFxp <<good summary by usability guru Jakob Nielsen
  • hebsgaard: Behavioural transition strategies for E2.0. #e20 – http://bit.ly/ipbhO
  • craighepburn: RT @dhinchcliffe: RT @gyehuda: Five lessons learned about cross-cultural social networking: http://tinyurl.com/qlyu87

…on the use-case for social-software:

  • oscarberg: what’s your best use case(s) for using social software in a business context? #E20 #socialsoftware
  • colinpwheeler: Collaboration has to be one of the most useful use cases for social software in business #E20 #socialsoftware
  • oscarberg: collaboration as in coordinating the activities of a team? I see rapid formation of ad hoc “collaborations” as one use case
  • colinpwheeler: From my point of view, just the basic process of how to collaborate on anything. Many useful systems can be built from that.

…and on enterprise architecture:

  • aojensen: New blog post: On Architecture and Strategy: http://tinyurl.com/nbx5e8 #EA #strategy #weick
  • basvg: interesting blogpost ‘on architecture and strategy’: http://bit.ly/EaFy2
  • JohnPolgreen: blogging on whether TOGAF is too tech-centric for government EA: http://tinyurl.com/kv8y2v
  • jdevoo: Haven’t come across an architecture diagramming technique which makes use of scale. Would give some perspective to some solutions…
  • tetradian: (via BBC) Tory party: “store UK medical records on Google” http://bit.ly/2c1HVy – project in urgent need of #EA rethink?
  • blomr: ISA-95 is a standard to relate ERP to your production automation,mainly used in industrial production companies. Relates to both BPM and EA.
  • jdevoo: enough research:starting to consolidate my mindmaps on #ea and #sustainability – the art of driving change through the engaged organization
  • bartleeten: RT @tweetmeme Pragmatic new models for enterprise architecture take shape http://bit.ly/FmrNp
  • JohnPolgreen: RT @chrisdpotts An enterprise’s actual architecture has always been emergent, being the product of whatever projects people have invested in
  • tetradian: (via @JohnPolgreen) ‘Future of EA’ by @toddbiske http://tinyurl.com/mbbxbc <<good use of gardening metaphor for emergence

A few comments on a post on Zachman and capabilities, by Nick Malik, which I described in a previous post:

  • bartleeten: Why Business Capabilities are not in the Zachman Framework http://bit.ly/PieMI <<article is by Microsoft architect Nick Malik
  • tetradian: Why Business Capabilities are not in the Zachman Framework <<because Z’s taxonomy is flawed
  • jdevoo: Why Business Capabilities are not in the Zachman Framework | but misses intra-row cross-tables
  • miket0181: @tetradian Zachman vs business capability is a bit like “why doesn’t my 8-track have I-pod docking station?”

Gartner put out a ‘new’ definition for enterprise architecture, which didn’t go down very well:

  • evasoukupova: RT @HollyWinter Gartner defines new approach to enterprise architecture http://bit.ly/o5AHi #GartnerEA
  • blomr: Is this really new?? RT @HollyWinter: Gartner defines new approach to enterprise architecture http://bit.ly/o5AHi
  • bergmart: Gartner defines new approach to enterprise architecture http://bit.ly/o5AHi What’s new?
  • miket0181: article could be re-badged as “how to spin my EA cutback as a re-launch”
  • aojensen: Gartner redefines EA: So what? EA = S + B + T (Carnegie-Mellon)
  • tetradian: Gartner’s ‘new’ enterprise architecture ( http://bit.ly/o5AHi ) yes, not new to us, but will be to most IT-EA’s // is a good summary of key emergence/whole-enterprise themes
  • basvg: interesting post on emergent architecture according to google. How new is this? It seems to borrow from e.g. SqEME: http://bit.ly/u7zXo

…followed by a few comments on other responses to Gartner:

  • bergmart: Enterprise Architects read this blog: http://twurl.nl/eqj8s7 Mike Rollings comments on Gartner! Wow!
  • CyberSal: has Gartner ‘flipped’ from one extreme to the other? EA reality is more nuanced IMHO -eg still a place for ‘big picture’ view
  • tetradian: RT @bergmart: EAs read this: http://twurl.nl/eqj8s7 Wow! <??? (one consultancy slags another, still misses the point…)

Another useful focus on business-storytelling:

And finally, the usual collection of useful miscellaneous comments and links:

  • christinearena: Frito-Lay’s 46 Steps Towards Sustainability http://bit.ly/bmhvL RT @Padosa @DRMeyer1 @GreenMfg @mrochte that’s quite a timeline.
  • oscarberg: In case you missed my presentation “The Secrets Of Simplicity”, here is a link to it http://slidesha.re/p1zjT
  • thinksmith Amazing NYTtimes graphic about how people use their time – http://bit.ly/1b8sp8 (via @mrchrisadams)
  • business_design: how designers work – @thinksmith working on #bmgen in a nice setting (last week) http://post.ly/22UZ
  • tetradian: (via @oscarberg) Lessons from Slime Mold: Survive and Thrive in Changing Organiz’nal Env’ments http://bit.ly/BocUl #EA
  • oscarberg: “One man interacting creatively with others can move the world.” John W. Gardner < Imagine what millions of people can do
  • thoughttrans: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog: Seth’s Blog: Who spreads your word? http://bit.ly/13q69l He Makes You Really Think About This One!
  • AussiMike: Cloud Computing: Top 10 Worst Practices http://ff.im/-6qSzf
  • oscarberg: What next after headcount reductions? Improving business agility, innovation and productivity http://ping.fm/EX5kG
  • business_design: Excellent business model inspiration RT @Sundelin: Learn from this! Imogen Heap Business Model http://2cx7z.tk (via @fairwavemedia )
  • business_design: Excellent “analysis” of the “risks” of economic recovery RT @stefanstern: “Business as usual” will not do – here’s why: http://bit.ly/4ioega
  • christinearena: Seventh Generation’s Jeffrey Hollender: “CSR has failed to fulfill the potential it has” http://bit.ly/gwRR4 Sad, but true.
  • CyberSal: Some very funny and perceptive comments by Guardian readers on this George Monbiot piece on supermarket supremacy http://bit.ly/12xRhI
  • DavidGurteen: Ten Tools for Tracking a Topic or Issue http://bit.ly/rU483
  • DavidGurteen: RT @GurteenQuotes: “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Plato http://bit.ly/14OHwz
  • bartleeten: IBM RedPaper: The Process Architect -The Smart Role in Business Process Management http://bit.ly/4bYDxR
  • tonyrestell: The 7 C’s of Consulting — Sound Advice for Project Managers & Consultants http://cli.gs/GrHvq (via @DaveG253)
  • business_design: Excellent Creative Commons slideshow RT @pascalrossini: Something for nothing http://slidesha.re/cNDkV
  • craighepburn: RT @stefroserainbow: #welovetheNHS A great, ,intelligent view from an American who has experienced both systems http://tinyurl.com/lf2ywm
  • bergmart: Working on an article about the relationship between silo’s in systems and the disconnect in developing systems
  • hebsgaard: Start tracking kill rates for good ideas! #innovation http://bit.ly/hO00Q
  • hebsgaard: Don’t wait for knowledge to be volunteered – go seek it out. – #KM – http://bit.ly/RL0QI
  • tonyrestell: RT @jonathanconway: Fire Your Boss and Start Your Own Consulting Business – great podcast for startup consultants http://bit.ly/uAtA
  • jdevoo: Interesting LinkedIn Answers thread: main problems execs face in implementing CSR in their organization http://bit.ly/RFYDP
  • bartleeten: RT @chrisdpotts RT @abbielundberg: rereading a GREAT article by @ckochster, Understanding the Science of Change http://bit.ly/wfJxx <<includes explanation of brain-activity response to change etc
  • craighepburn: RT @govwiki: RT @timoreilly RT @daveman692 You should read http://bit.ly/3FskeG . I totally agree! #gov20 <<@anildash on US govt exec-branch as ‘Most Interesting Tech Startup of 2009’ – v.interesting
  • AussiMike: Password Advice http://ff.im/-6pBjk
  • AussiMike: Free Tools to Back Up Your Cloud Data http://ff.im/-6vTXK <<Gmail, Flickr, GoogleDocs, Twitter, Facebook etc
  • AussiMike: BackupMyMail Home: Backup Your Online Email Account http://ff.im/-6wKaV

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