EA pitfalls

A quick note for enterprise architects: take a look at a conversation on Twitter that’s happening right now, using the hashtag (search-term) #eapitfall – a very good summary of ‘anti-patterns’ and other ways things can go wrong in the development of enterprise architectures.

As Richard Veryard pointed out, some of these are not so much pitfalls as flaws in thinking:

An interesting discussion on Twitter yesterday started with an ebizQ story Gartner Identifies Ten Enterprise Architecture PitfallsBrenda Michelson thought Gartner was pointing out the obvious, and Dana Gardner replied that 90% of what analysts do is point out the obvious.I couldn’t help noticing that many of them weren’t exactly pitfalls, but misconceptions (e.g. “thinking one-size-fits-all is the ideal for all scenarios”, “thinking that knowledge can reside purely in artifacts”, “the framework is the answer”), unwise tactics (“modified waterfall planning”, “running behind a project team waving a red flag”) and intriguing disconnects (“embarking on EA without understanding of Why & What”, “practice methodology without anthropology”).

Nevertheless, they’re all real problems that can occur in everyday EA practice, and hence well worth more than just a cursory glance.


[Update: 6 September]

See also Brenda Michelson‘s useful summary Enterprise Architecture Pitfalls (Crowdsourced version).

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