A week in Tweets: 6-13 Sep 09

Another week of Tweets and links – several pages’-worth, so click on the ‘More’ link for the full list.A discussion on the ‘social’ element in business and its relation to business-purpose:

  • oscarberg: successful social business design requires insight that business has always been social // the difference now from then in business design is that we now can overcome communication barriers more easily = much greater reach // business has always been a mix of transformations, transactions, relations and conversations // Today its harder to create competitive advantage in transformations & transactions => relations & conversations are more important // Correction: relations and conversations BECOME more important for creating competitive advantage
  • tetradian: RT @oscarberg: business always a mix of transformations, transactions, relations and conversations <<also shared purpose
  • oscarberg: @tetradian shared purpose is the foundation
  • richardveryard: @oscarberg @tetradian How much shared purpose? Many orgs are uneasy coalitions of groups with overlapping but not always identical purposes.
  • oscarberg: @richardveryard @tetradian I think orgs with a strong overall shared purpose (such as IKEA) are more successful
  • richardveryard: @oscarberg @tetradian Cause or effect? For as long as an org remains successful, people are willing to align themselves to its purpose.
  • oscarberg: @richardveryard @tetradian For IKEA, it is definitely cause. They have struggled at times, but always had a clear purpose to cling on to.
  • tetradian: @oscarberg @richardveryard “Cause or effect?” – the obvious answer is ‘Yes’ 🙂 tho’ more ’cause’ in more successful orgs

Enterprise-architecture and business structure:

  • bartleeten: RT @ebizq: Think About Support Needs Early http://bit.ly/vbIfu
  • jdevoo: Life-cycle analysis training tools http://bit.ly/iqLOM (UNEP)
  • bartleeten: SCRUM and Software Architecture – Partners or Adversaries? http://bit.ly/TPNTn <<scale this up to #EA?
  • business_design: Great read in Wired about the “Good Enough Revolution” http://bit.ly/VPOWO <how about good-enough #EA?
  • florian__: Importance for enterprise architects to be great communicators: http://bit.ly/fj2cd by @taotwit | Thx Nigel, exactly what I preach myself.
  • tetradian: .@taotwit re communication for #EA, compare linear Powerpoint to e.g. non-linear Prezi http://prezi.com/
  • DavidGurteen: From @elsua blog Dan Pink: The Surprising Science of Motivation http://bit.ly/4pyrbj #NOREWARDS <watch the video! – extremely important discussion of current science-research on effectiveness of different approaches to motivation
  • thoughttrans: Great Presentation Zen Post on Dan Pinks Motivation Philosophy: http://bit.ly/b0Fx5 <includes useful commentary re Pink’s TED video
  • Cybersal: “A Practitioner’s Perspective – Some thought on process discovery” Useful and entertaining article by @alecsharp in latest BPTrends newsletter http://bit.ly/E7ln [PDF]
  • bartleeten: Seven Process Modeling Guidelines (7PMG): << 7 process modeling guidelines derived from empirical research http://bit.ly/GZe4E
  • hebsgaard: The Ugliest Website in the World – $100 mill ~ 30 employees. #socialmedia http://bit.ly/eHJes <<useful description of the underlying principles for CraigsList – note lessons-learned at end!
  • bartleeten: Enterprise Architecture, TOGAF and Solution Architects: << good summary http://bit.ly/vbqU5
  • JohnPolgreen: guest blog by @tetradian – case study on adapting #TOGAF for govt EA: http://tinyurl.com/l8qgfy
  • JohnReaves: brand = story and story = brand / cool post from @getstoried http://bit.ly/WCnhr <cf. enterprise as brand?
  • tetradian: Wharton/W.P.Carey: Overcoming Challenges in Migrating from Products to Services http://bit.ly/14Rbu8 <need greater awareness of client-needs, relns with clients
  • jdevoo: Green design with life cycle in mind by Kimi Ceridon published at ChangeThis.com http://bit.ly/Sscgx
  • business_design: *free download* of the entire Business Model Canvas section of #bmgen: http://www.businessmodelgeneration.com/
  • Cybersal: RT @chrisdpotts: @enterprisearchs Step 1 for any infrastructure architect wanting to be a business architect: let go of ‘stack’ metaphor.
  • Cybersal: RT @EnterprisingA: Business Architecture – An end to global warming? http://bit.ly/113EAa >>good piece on myth of ‘archiphobia’ – also nice use of irony!
  • kdierc: RT @chrisdpotts: reading phrase “business-driven EA” and its apparent tautology. Any “not-business-driven EA” (in a business) not EA. <<true
  • tetradian: Wharton/W.P.Carey ‘Product Companies Becoming Profitable Services Providers’ http://bit.ly/i8RWp <requires cultural shift
  • bartleeten: Collaboration Environment for ITIL: DomainWiki http://bit.ly/qmgVl <use same principle in #EA dev’ment?

More notes and links on ‘social media’ and knowledge-management in the business context:

  • DavidGurteen: RT @Rolotec: Inspiring presentation: “The Wikipedia Myth – Enterprise 2.0 Knowledge Management” http://bit.ly/wZ0JW. #KM
  • hebsgaard: RT @dhinchcliffe: How Procter & Gamble Got Employees to Use Social Networking at Work: #e20 http://bit.ly/OBdBi <<good case-study info
  • oscarberg: RT @bhc3 “Innovation is one of the easiest & least risky areas that can be tapped by organizations” http://bit.ly/uLk6K by @dhinchcliffe
  • oscarberg: In external customer-facing solutions we understand we must integrate structured and unstructured content // In external solutions, we understand that we must focus on information needs // In internal solutions, we often don’t care to integrate unstructured and structured content to serve info needs
  • DavidGurteen: RT @euan: just seen someone use the phrase “social marketing” – wishing that was more common rather then hijacking the phrase “social media”
  • oscarberg: 40 Examples of Social Media Employee Guidelines http://bit.ly/XRVVV (via @billives) <<list of links to each organisation’s actual guidelines – valuable resource
  • oscarberg: 10 things you should cover in your social networking policy http://bit.ly/306yr (via @billives)
  • oscarberg: blog is still foundational component to healthy social-media strategy http://bit.ly/3nHEbd (via @billives)
  • JohnReaves: @curtis_hougland “Social med. causes segregation.” Re-segregation along new vectors – style/opinion/obsession vs. geography
  • oscarberg: A social network an infrastructure for sharing, finding, discovering and putting value to information // seeing the people as the platform is key to solve info mgmt challenges (inspired by @ross)
  • unorder: It occurs to me that listening to a story induces ‘flow’ (http://is.gd/382cI) particularly if the story is compelling.
  • modera6072: “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said” Peter F Drucker
  • oscarberg: RT @weknowmore Control and Community: A Case Study of Enterprise Wiki Usage http://ow.ly/olox <case-study of power-dynamics
  • oscarberg: NEXT THING: Enterprise 2.0 & Lean cross-pollination. There are many touchpoints where these can leverage each other #e20 #lean
  • hebsgaard: KM culture wars – Changing hearts and minds – one at a time. #km #e20 – http://bit.ly/fY3Ru
  • hebsgaard: Enterprise 2.0 tools:”social media” ==> “knowledge media” . #socialmedia #km #e20 – http://bit.ly/2oC1XW <rethinking ‘social’ in business
  • oscarberg: when people need information, they don’t care to distinguish between data and content. They just need info.
  • tetradian: (via @business_design) #E20 MIT Sloan ‘The Fans Know Best’ (building online brand communities) http://bit.ly/2Ux8YS

And the usual collection of miscellaneous links and comments:

  • florian__: quite soothing in a way RT @meeble something fun for you to play around with… http://inbflat.net/ <nice use of simultaneous videos to construct a kind of random-music generator
  • DavidGurteen: YouTube – TED sixth sense technology http://bit.ly/2b146h WOW!! <yes, impressive demonstration of augmented-reality technology tho’ some risk of #termhijack of ‘sexith sense’ here
  • kvistgaard: is turning again to the good old Cmap http://bit.ly/2IzFZq to get from this simple free tool things that most commercial suits don’t offer
  • scott mcloud (via TED): learn from everyone, follow no-one, watch for patterns, work like hell
  • oscarberg: RT @presentationzen Finally: a clear visualization showing the difference between a Dweeb, Dork, Geek, and Nerd. http://ping.fm/4Xj8r
  • christinearena: Text of President Obama’s speech to school children http://bit.ly/JMjxP via @pierre
  • bartleeten: RT @bmichelson: RT @aneel: rt [@liz_nicole @ogilvydigital @db @jeanlucr] Hierarchy of Digital Distractions http://j.mp/18Vpl6 <<…OUCH!! – painfully accurate…
  • tetradian: Wharton/W.P.Carey book review of John C Bogle “Enough.” http://knowledge.wpcarey.asu.edu/article.cfm?articleid=1811 (see ‘bottom line’)
  • christinearena: RT @KrisColvin @missdestructo Rethinking life after being laid off http://www.lemonademovie.com/ <uplifting
  • business_design: RT @sniukas: What managers REALLY do http://bit.ly/30Sp64 #leadership
  • christinearena: Optimism at the crossroads? Time – The Responsibility Revolution http://bit.ly/PiOow <cultural change towards realism in US economy
  • thoughttrans: RT @BentleyGTCSpeed Prospect: “No one does this the way you’re suggesting!” You: “That’s exactly why you need me!”
  • christinearena: RT @mallenbaker When is child labour acceptable? Great blog post by Toby Webb – as ever http://twurl.nl/i5vk0o

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