A week in Tweets: 4-10 Oct 09

Running a bit behind, courtesy of getting ready for and attending the TOGAF Hong Kong conference. Here’s the usual collection of Tweets and links, in the usual categories:

Various notes on complex-systems:

  • taotwit: Complex Adaptive Systems explained context: http://bit.ly/sUliQ <great 4min intro to Cynefin from @unorder
  • bartleeten: @richardveryard Demanding Change: Mapping Complex-System Leverage Points to VPEC-T http://bit.ly/zvXZf
  • jdevoo: Some entries in Google’s Project 10^100 consist of real-time issue reporting systems reminiscent of Beer’s Cybersyn http://bit.ly/20t71p
  • thoughttrans: Life’s Perspective… http://gapingvoid.com/books/ Ignore Everybody! <‘Ignore Everybody’ is the title of a very interesting and senseful Cluetrain-like book
  • tetradian: (via @rettema) “The Danger of Lean: Ignoring Social Complexity” http://bit.ly/fh5gE <same applies to most #EA eg. TOGAF

A brief discussion on the VPEC-T model:

  • taotwit: Excellent [1+hr] video on Complex Adaptive Systems – I’m using this model as a guide for designing an Event Network http://bit.ly/2jHPtu // Complex Adaptive and #vpect work well together: V: Agent Goals/Values, Policy: Light-constraints, Lever-points, Events: Adaptive behavior // “Agents communicate via Signals” (Events) John Holland PhD in Complex Adaptive Systems
  • tetradian: @taotwit ‘”Agents communicate via Signals” (Events)’ – what about Content of signal? (i.e. Signal=Event+Content)
  • taotwit: @tetradian In my current model Event messages contain Content or point to it. Exactly like Twitter and tweets pointing to content // Event: Going Out (Event Content): I’m leaving my house – (to go to) (linked Content) http://bit.ly/mdAJD
  • tetradian: @taotwit okay, so an Event is in part defined/identified by (structure of) its embedded Content – ie. Event is always a Signal w Content?
  • taotwit: yes, that’s about it

Knowledge-management, communities-of-practice and the recurrent ‘Enterprise 2.0’ theme:

  • tetradian: (via @unorder) brief story of CommunityOfPractice, online collaboration, real business results – in chocolate-making #E20
  • oscarberg: RT @rossdawson The Big Shift…why knowledge flows are becoming a fundamentally important business driver http://bit.ly/DjoTq #e20 #yam
  • hebsgaard: Six Rules For Social Networks (http://x.vu/7790) {good analysis} #socialnetworks #onlinecommunities (via @GeorgeDearing) <“money just confuses things”
  • hebsgaard: The 3rd KM: personal knowledge management #km http://tinyurl.com/ybqgz7y <also Little KM: http://www.theappgap.com/the-2nd-km-little-km.html and Big KM http://www.theappgap.com/three-kms.htmlBig KM is about top-down, structured and organizationally distinct “knowledge management”; Little KM is about safe-fail experiments embedded in the organizational structure; Personal KM is about access to tools and methods to ensure that knowledge, context, bits, fragments, thoughts, ideas are harvestable”
  • hebsgaard: Why Government 2.0 Has Little To Do With Government #gov20 http://tinyurl.com/ycyrm5c
  • hebsgaard: If you want to do #Enterprise 2.0 – get off the net! http://tinyurl.com/ydbc57v <“Enterprise 2.0 – and social media for all of that too – isn’t about technology.  It’s about people.”
  • thoughttrans: RT @pgiblett “A Short History of Communications” my latest article “Communications: Relationships Matter” http://is.gd/40l00
  • oscarberg: Reading: “Internet Manifesto” (http://twitthis.com/pjhpmt) <yup, another internet manifesto… (interesting, though)
  • oscarberg: Blogged: Reintroducing: The Content Economy http://tinyurl.com/ydnzkar <useful refresh on some of Oscar’s key previous posts
  • hebsgaard: Enterprises Block Social Networks http://tinyurl.com/y9szu6k <me: implies serious power/trust issues?
  • hebsgaard: Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch http://tinyurl.com/yc77xd8 (by @elsua) <#E20 as bridge b/w strategy, culture
  • BillIves: Helpstream Supports Social Side of #CRM http://bit.ly/4hSy8V <case-example of vendor’s design for ‘Social CRM’ – customer-driven mutual-customer-service process
  • hebsgaard: United Nations Embraces OpenSource and Agile… Not! http://bit.ly/dnsvy <good challenge for crowdsourcing!
  • hebsgaard: YouTube video – KM and culture change http://bit.ly/3SkAgN <another really useful Nick Milton video
  • DavidGurteen: 100 ways to wreck organisational lesson-learning http://bit.ly/11y6Vt #KM <another great Nick Milton item
  • unorder: If you see stories as things then you will store them in databases. If you see stories as processes you create dialogues
  • BillIves: Proctor and Gamble’s ‘technopologist’: social networks enrich my job from @joemckendrick http://bit.ly/1PrFCH
  • DavidGurteen: The Complete Guide to Video Blogging http://bit.ly/2iFApD
  • DavidGurteen: RT @rossdawson: How Influence will Transform Learning http://bit.ly/1anTeT <follows from earlier Ross Dawson piece on the ‘influence economy’
  • hebsgaard: The KM culture change http://tinyurl.com/ykevynm <another Nick Milton video: strongly recommend re personal vs collective power etc
  • bartleeten: AlignSpace: << social networking meets BPM http://bit.ly/nbdBg
  • unorder: New post – review of Celebrating Story conference http://bit.ly/h1jqK <useful overview of story in business

Enterprise architecture and business-architecture:

  • basvg: new blogpost on business functions: http://bit.ly/37krhy | juggle key terms #service #function #process #capability
  • miket0181: (via @nikhilnulkar) @dhinchcliffe 22 power laws of the emerging social economy http://bit.ly/2UJrx <important! #EA
  • bartleeten: RT @BurtonGroupIT: Is the business result more valuable than “EA”? http://bit.ly/3EykR1 #burtongroup
  • thoughttrans: RT @pgiblett: Article on IOR [‘Invest On Relationships] is so important and many IT staff overlook . http://bit.ly/QfvOj <centrality of ‘relationship economy’ to business-collaboration etc
  • thoughttrans: Engaging Tips Archive…skills to help IT communicate and engage the business community more efficiently http://bit.ly/26cj5u <index of Pat’s articles – useful resource
  • oscarberg: RT @jevon The definition of Social Business Design: http://bit.ly/2rjSY8 <only a brief intro, but relevant to follow-up
  • rlimbanda: Architecture Intensive Disciplines in the 21st Century http://rlimbanda.blogspot.com <solid big-picture overview of architectures, inc. social-architecture etc
  • bartleeten: RT @DavidHurwitz: More is not more. Gartner’s Mark McDonald explains how overproduction = waste. http://bit.ly/JiXBM <useful summary of sources of overproduction in IT
  • hebsgaard: “How to put customer needs at the centre of business strategy” http://bit.ly/u1Kdl <another useful overview-article
  • bartleeten: Not Your Typical Marketing Campaign: The Next Wave of Technology-Driven Marketing http://bit.ly/34MTpy
  • thinksmith: Good evolving map of service design: http://is.gd/41eoc , but I still couldn’t tell you what exactly it is.
  • rettema: Flow & Efficiency Conflict ! See the supply chain dilemma http://twurl.nl/1jn43r
  • hebsgaard: Shifting Regulatory Landscape in the US and Abroad #compliance http://tinyurl.com/ydey5yd
  • jdevoo: RT @rhirsch @CNID @lammiia Reading: Getting Business Process Value From Social Networks #GartnerBPM http://bit.ly/gXci1
  • oscarberg: RT @bhc3 Hamel: The world is becoming more turbulent faster than companies can become more adaptable. #wbf09
  • ProfilingPro: Do you agree with Vendor Scapegoating if an IT Project fails. Or should the organization be accountable for getting their requirments wrong?
  • rettema: @business_design Alex the #bmgen helps also to explore IT Strategy, have you thoughts about a linkage to enterprise architecture ?
  • ProfilingPro: Just loaded a Slideshare presentation about Corporate Profiling. http://budurl.com/vlr7
  • DavidGurteen: Why “Best Practice” Is a Fallacy (At Best) http://bit.ly/P7jH4 #KM <facing another absurdity..
  • richardveryard: @DavidGurteen Another good attack on “Best Practice”. Any more 4 the collection? http://tinyurl.com/njnebt #nextpractice
  • theopengroup: Intersting Article: Inside Architecture : The Value of Enterprise Architecture http://ow.ly/tsVK <interesting but odd [skewed?] – defines ‘value’ primarily in terms of reports and data provided to management
  • tetradian: “Are Your Business Metrics Measuring the Right Thing?” http://bit.ly/6JFs0 <useful and practical summary of metrics issues
  • rettema: now working with the BusinessModelGeneration for several days i wonder Why cant you see the Business Model in Enterprise Architecture Models // I rephrase my last question, why can’t you read from an EA Model upwards the business model pattern e.g. “The long tail”. #bmgen #Archimate.
  • tetradian: <post> “What’s the difference between architecture and design?” http://bit.ly/ZJnbH
  • craighepburn: Carsonified » 9 Ways to Take Your Site from 1 to 1M+ Users: http://bit.ly/qc2Ng <also principles for #EA
  • theopengroup: RT @sapnetwork: BPM and TOGAF part 2: Business Architecture Phase: BPM and TOGAF the use of the Business.. http://bit.ly/9NyvY
  • bartleeten: Needles and haystacks and such.: << spot on http://bit.ly/XdGYq <hence “too much information..”
  • bartleeten: Business Rules Management – the misunderstood partner to process http://bit.ly/rtTAs <useful summary relative to BPM etc
  • bartleeten: RT @JohanDenHaan: Modeling an organization using Enterprise Ontology http://bit.ly/9c4Ax
  • bartleeten: DEMO Knowledge Centre – Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations http://www.demo.nl/
  • bartleeten: Cooperation & Interoperability – Architecture & Ontology: Initiative to stimulate the development of enterprise.. http://bit.ly/dJlis
  • agueeva: Am I the only EA who noticed that the #EA tag is also used for Electronic Arts? Controlled vocabulary, fellow EAs? I suggest using #entarch
  • estephen: I noticed that too. #entarch or #earch could work too. #solarch for solution and #sarch for software?
  • oscarberg: We Just Wanna Have Fun http://retwt.me/M4yM <(see success-metrics) apply same principles to #entarch! 🙂

And the usual magnificent miscellany:

  • roygrubb: RT @avinashkaushik: [Incredible!] Liu Bolin…The Invisible Man… http://tr.im/ABOg Via @j4ngis
  • modera6072: Albert Einstein said “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant….” // “…We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
  • blomr: RT @JohanDenHaan: Great designed slides explaining some brain rules for presenters. http://bit.ly/1dfLJu <<nice
  • blomr: Research: Using UML takes 15% longer than just coding http://bit.ly/16TJKu <<modelling gains quality and re-use, not instant productivity!
  • jdevoo: RT @CecileBothorel: Collective intelligence is admitted for ants. Why not speak of mollusc-driven architecture? http://twurl.nl/ju11wd <using mussels as ‘canaries of the sea’ – i.e. nature as sensor
  • thoughttrans: RT @copyblogger 73 Resources for Online Freelance Writers – http://bit.ly/3dnAJa <useful annotated list of links
  • business_design: “kids on the streets of Chicago have a bigger chance to be shot in their home city than on patrol in Afghanistan” Police Chief Prov. #BIF5
  • tetradian: BBC: “Do you drum it, strum it or stroke it?” http://bit.ly/J3dmV (I usually play flutes, but I admit it, I want one!)
  • tetradian: (via @business_design) Sergey Brin “A Library to Last Forever” (NYTimes) http://bit.ly/2gpwBH <facing the absurdities of the current copyright regime
  • jdevoo: Why do I have sometimes the impression that the mindless consumerism of the industrial era finds itself reincarnated in our online lifes?
  • christinearena: What constitutional rights should corporations have? http://bit.ly/kMaFn [see reader comments]
  • tetradian: @christinearena re rights of corporations: none at all! forget about rights! (difficult concept for US folks, I know) // rights are an easily-misused abstraction; only responsibilities (ie. mutual responsibilities) are real // giving ‘artificial person’ (corp) fewer responsibilities (‘limited liability’) than real person was a dangerous mistake!
  • bartleeten: RT @agueeva: The most extensive list of open source and free concept mapping tools I’ve ever seen! http://bit.ly/1WT0Cn <very strongly recommended!
  • christinearena: RT @adamwerbach Obama’s Executive Order on Sustainability is a game-changer. Here’s the PDF http://bit.ly/k84q7

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