A week in Tweets: 11-17 Oct 09

Still on catch-up, but here’s the list of Tweets and links collated during the week immediately before the TOGAF Hong Kong conference:

Business and society:

  • kvistgaard: “…the proportion of employees who professed loyalty to their employers slumped from 95% to 39%” http://snipurl.com/sgh8o <perceptive Economist article
  • richardveryard: Loyalty and Trust: @tetradian and @kvistgaard pick up an interesting statistic from the Economist http://bit.ly/1agVri
  • tetradian: RT @christinearena: Citigroup doc outlining firms push of “plutonomy” http://bit.ly/3JRvU7 <terms such as ‘obscene’ and ‘blatant theft’ come to mind..
  • christinearena: @tetradian I agree w/ your points. Question is: What can #csr industry do to help promote justice in banking industry? http://bit.ly/33L4q9 // Dame Anita Roddick would have found a way to take on the boys from Wall Street:-)
  • tetradian: @christinearena: no easy answer, what you’re dealing with is institutionalized theft as a purported ‘right’… // …needs massive re-regulation as a minimum, but ultimately entire concept of ‘rights’ must go… // ‘rights’ are an illusion, only (mutual) responsibilities are real – will not be an easy concept to explain in US, I know!
  • christinearena: @tetradian Stay tuned for upcoming article on US plutonomy and CSR’s role….suspect you might have a thing or two to add.
  • christinearena: New APEsphere post: CSR debates “Capitalism: A Love Story” http://tinyurl.com/yzvg3t6 #csr #capitalism
  • hebsgaard: [US] FTC Regulates Blogger, Viral Marketing Relationships: Analysis and compliance tips http://tinyurl.com/yhmsppz <legal requirement for honesty / transparency in relation between bloggers and companies re product/service endorsement etc
  • rlimbanda: If you make emotional investments, be prepared for the hurt. Make a connection and build assets you decide to protect – unconditionally.
  • rlimbanda: In social architecture, family is a basic unit of construction. So why not have a stronger national program on building family?
  • christinearena: Timberland @earthkeepers found a way to make #csr engaging http://bit.ly/fxot1 Flawless execution, I think.
  • rlimbanda: Social Architecture and the Afrikaans Family Model – http://bit.ly/4yJuIS <strongly recommended #entarch

Enterprise architecture and business-architecture:

  • rettema: A plethora of commercial offerings in the last month have me realized that Method Engineering (Brinkkemper 1996) is extreme important.
  • jdevoo: RT @kanter @debpolson: Building Nets for Social Change http://bit.ly/1atjxi | contrast with Beer’s Cybernetic Paradigm http://bit.ly/2jSBw1 // Increased interest in networks and relatedness of things reflects a departure from focus on things themselves & their siloed hierarchies.
  • rettema: Connecting DEMO and Optimization Modeling, is this the Utopia for Quantitative Enterprise Architecture ?
  • greblhad: Only the strict manipulation of symbols can take us to the rosy future of Model Driven Organisations // Stakeholders should be asked to express their concepts using the objects of their meta model
  • craighepburn: @deb_lavoy @gilbane: Good description of NPR’s CMS COPE: Create Once,Publish Everywhere http://bit.ly/17vI3g #cms #npr <good example of new-media publishing
  • basvg: new blogpost: what architects can learn from kids http://bit.ly/jt0hI <clear, simple, well described: recommend
  • aojensen: Weickian architectural paradox: IT politics actively constrain and enact corporate realities. Efficiency is all but a managerial discourse.
  • mikejwalker: A Deep Dive into The Oracle Enterprise Architecture Framework (OEAF) http://bit.ly/1fgkHn <Oracle’s attempt at doing a CapGemini with their own modified-TOGAF framework
  • business_design: A value proposition can only exist in relationship to a customer segment and its needs and its jobs to get done…
  • tetradian: Re-reading Paul Feyerabend “Against Method: Outline of an anarchistic theory of knowledge” http://bit.ly/9o2DW #KM #E20 // Paul Feyerabend: “The only principle that does not inhibit progress [in science] is: _anything goes_” – also in #KM #E20
  • grebhlad: @tetradian The whole section Paul Feyerabend wrote that starts with “Modern science, on the other hand”, would apply to EA as it stands now
  • greblhad: New blog post: Enterprise architecture practitioners a call to arms http://bit.ly/13rq8g <nice use of analogy
  • greblhad: My comment to practitioners who whine about the use of methods – A man without a method is either an idiot or a master.
  • rettema: Spoke a mngr today, he refused his architects to start an EA study to order their participation in a Lean Six Sigma project Smart ( ! or ? )
  • tetradian: . @rettema surely the point here is that Lean Six Sigma and EA etc need to be seen as complementary, not conflicting?
  • rettema: @tetradian I agree, both are not integrated yet, whenever they would it would deliver more value than Togaf as LSS is more goal oriented
  • bartleeten: RT @johanlindberg: The most difficult things – Nick Malik http://bit.ly/GXgD9 “if you want people to change, don’t ask them to think” #EA
  • greblhad: I wish all architecture could be rendered with such beauty http://bit.ly/46fbHC <eg. values-based #entarch?
  • jdevoo: Download for Ashby’s Book “Introduction to Cybernetics” See http://bit.ly/1fD0As <seminal systems-theory text
  • JohnPolgreen: blogging a case study of US Federal EA project using TOGAF: http://tinyurl.com/yfpqff7 #entarch
  • blomr: Thanks @bergmart for having me in the EA mstrclass as guest teacher. >15 architects (to be); none of them used UML. True non-tech EA’s!
  • bartleeten: An Enterprise Ontology based approach to Model-Driven Engineering: Thesis presentation by Johan den Haan. http://bit.ly/4uUB6j
  • taotwit: #vpect V & T in an IS design context drives fundamental partitioning of the solution based on business goals & beliefs and inter-domain trust relationships
  • bartleeten: OCIO – [US Dept of] Interior Enterprise Architecture http://bit.ly/tzWB0 <detailed govt case-study
  • bartleeten: Enterprise Architecture wiki http://iea.wikidot.com/

A brief exchange on Oracle’s new version of an enterprise-architecture framework:

  • miket0181: Oracle Enterprise Architecture Framework http://bit.ly/2VoNBh is an interesting development. TOGAF-like, but not explicitly TOGAF-based.
  • tetradian: RT @miket0181: Oracle EA Framework http://bit.ly/2VoNBh <oh dear – yet another IT-centric not-quite-TOGAF… #entarch // Just how long will it take for Oracle and others to ‘get it’ that IT is only a tiny fraction of enterprise architecture? #entarch
  • AussiMike: @tetradian Agree this is really just a vehicle to sell consulting assignments and yet another brick in the wall of confusion surrounding EA

Knowledge-management and ‘social media’:

  • oscarberg: Heard about employees who can’t quit their jobs because the knowledge they need is on the internal network #e20 // When your knowledge, conversations & relations are tied to the internal social network, it is harder to quit your job
  • BillIves: RT @darwineco: Social Media at Work #1: Majority of Companies Ban Facebook, Twitter at Work http://bit.ly/1ssDss
  • hebsgaard: McAfee’s Hypothesis and The Adventures of Molly Discovering Social Software http://tinyurl.com/yln9tf6 <another insightful @elsua article on #e20
  • tetradian: BBC: “Cold turkey for a Facebook addict” – Social media as addiction? http://bit.ly/eIkCd
  • hebsgaard: Nobel Prize Goes To Social Media http://tinyurl.com/yz4vom4 <interesting, insightful view on Nobel Prize for Economics
  • unorder: RT @RobertCialdini: a new book that documents the remarkable strength and reach of social proof. (http://bit.ly/aKwuF) Highly recommended. <social-networks are more than just those on Twitter and Facebook!
  • hebsgaard: RT @hebsgaard: The KM and Social Computing Culture Changes http://tinyurl.com/yz2wu7e <another great post by @elsua
  • hebsgaard: Enterprise 2.0, Social Media Marketing, and Social Business Design http://bit.ly/1EyN4V
  • hebsgaard: Social Media And The Gentle Art Of Management http://tinyurl.com/yzlt99h <another useful Mitch Joel summary
  • hebsgaard: A polarity of KM ideologies http://tinyurl.com/yhsgg5l <another insightful piece from Nick Milton
  • oscarberg: RT @jlipnack “Building Effective Virtual Workforces”: Good piece by Bill Hillis and Jan Gugliotti… http://bit.ly/OuMK3 <recommend
  • hebsgaard: What Is Your “Real” Network? http://tinyurl.com/yjvms8r
  • tebbo: Interested in KM? Want to hear experts? Watch Nick Milton et al here: http://bit.ly/2BkcmL hat-tip @elsua
  • taotwit: designing ‘Storytelling’ Information Systems based on context awareness (Context Aware Dialogue Systems) http://tinyurl.com/yhpo93p
  • craighhepburn: RT @rickmans: Classification of Enterprise 2.0 use cases http://bit.ly/uazNP

Another brief exchange, this time on social-media and strategy:

  • oscarberg: We’re trying out a “Just do it”-approach to enterprise social computing
  • thoughttrans: @oscarberg “Just Do It” ouch! No strategy, no blueprint, no plan? Did you at least test the bungie cord before jumping?
  • oscarberg: @thoughttrans I’m more referring to the spirit, passion and drive. Strategy is mandatory. // “a can do” approach as we call it at my company (don’t get paralyzed by the obstacles)
  • thoughttrans: @oscarberg I concur on not getting paralyzed by the obstacles (just wrote 1st draft of article on that topic)…a lot of grey between 2 view // … absolutely need spirit, passion and drive…and less fear. AGREE w/u // Life isn’t about extremes…it’s about all the grey options/possibilities in between.

And more magnificent miscellanies, including various comments on change:

  • kvistgaard: More sand animations by Kseniya Simonova http://snipurl.com/sgcjp <stunning skill, real-time transforms
  • christinearena: Lose the secrets and be authentic! RT @dhutson What’s the Best-Kept Secret for Marketing to Women? http://bit.ly/yxaau
  • agueeva: When you stop constraining your mind by the limitations of a possible solution and imagine the unconstrained, ideal end-state… // …a world of new options unravels.
  • oscarberg: RT @collabguy Soft. It’s the new hard. http://bit.ly/3g71u7 <solid sense: so-called ‘soft’ is hard to do
  • TKspeaks: predicting the impact of innovation is not projecting the trajectory of a cannonball but the shape of a dust storm
  • evasoukupova: I like this post: Blinded by turbulence http://bit.ly/7ZOvJ <opportunity as flipside of risk
  • thoughttrans: Article “We Become What We Think About” available http://snipr.com/ncrix What do you believe?
  • Cybersal: RT @ColinBeveridge: Trillion$ Bonfire: Business agility, it’s all in the mind http://bit.ly/3tXU3Y >> how we all use words differently
  • AussiMike: AVG 9 Free Now Available for Download [Downloads] http://ff.im/-9Z3tf

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