A week in Tweets: 18-24 Oct 09

And finally the Tweets and links from the week during and after the TOGAF Hong Kong conference. (See the earlier post for the Twitterstream at the conference itself.)

Start off with enterprise-architecture, since that was the focus for the week for me:

  • stevenunn: Robert Xu #oghk describes Chinese management philosophy, Confucius, Taoism, Buddhism, 8 Glory and 8 Disgraces. Complex blend.
  • Technodad: Simon Chan (IBM) use case for SOA and instrumented , interconnected intelligent network for smart mgmt of water supply #oghk
  • greblhad: posted to WP.com: The mysterious Building Blocks of TOGAF http://wp.me/p7ejN-6l #entarch
  • thoughttrans: Article: Which comes first? http://snipr.com/q64fv Do you need to reprioritize? <soft-skills in #entarch
  • EntertprisingA: RT @chrisdpotts: RT @jpmorgenthal: RT @DaveChappell: biz value trumps purity of architecture <– Me: yes, always! (purity is a loaded term)
  • bartleeten: Open Group Hong Kong material is available: http://bit.ly/1ueCof #oghk #entarch <is ‘conference live’ section of website – only available during a conference
  • kvistgaard: “Top 10 Reasons to Manage Processes” S. Cleveland http://snipurl.com/smy7y

A brief exchange on definitions of enterprise-architecture:

  • enterprisearchs: #oghk A simple EA definition to consider: Enterprise Architecture (noun)= The structural details to execute a strategy // Or perhaps this: Enterprise Architecture = The practice of detailing structural information to inform strategy & its execution
  • erikproper: @enterprisearchs #oghk That would apply to a normal design as well .. it too provides strctrl details, and it too can be argued to ex. strat
  • enterprisearchs: RE @erikproper – yes! A good EA definition should resonate with all levels of arch thinking, including design. Does design inform strategy?
  • erikproper: @enterprisearchs That’s a requirement on the definition, but not necessarily the definition. // A definition I like, because it focuses on what it aims to do, is Architecture is the normative restriction of design freedom (or reduction of design stress).
  • enterprisearchs: Last try for 2day: EA is the practice of detailing the structure of a venture to both inform and execute its strategy #EAdef #oghk
  • BillIves: RT @rotkapchen, @skap5: If only people and organizations could form mashups as easily as gadgets and widgets
  • bergmart: Had a great meeting tonight about added value of EA for projects with two excellent case studies in which both architect and PM presented // Bottom line: EA and PM can really be a winning team!
  • aojensen: H.A. Simon: The Architecture of Complexity (1962) http://bit.ly/1Va3OH — Origins of Systems Theory, Systems Thinking <key source-text
  • kdierc: RT @JohanDenHaan: Master thesis (pdf) of @martijnsmeets on introducing enterprise architecture at TNT Post. http://bit.ly/18BxDP <full-scale case-study of enterprise-architecture in a large non-IT-centric organisation
  • agueeva: RT @toddbiske: RT @mcgoverntheory: EA tools shouldnt cost a million bucks. #foss comes to the rescue. http://bit.ly/XO9JA #entarch #apm <link to open-EA toolset The Essential Project, based on Protege ontology toolset
  • oscarberg: RT @rhappe “Transaction is only a small % of purchase/ownership cycle – what are you doing w customers the rest of the time?” @natanyap
  • tetradian: my TOGAF Hong Kong presentation “Using TOGAF beyond IT” now available to view/download on Slideshare http://bit.ly/LZT2r
  • tetradian: Posted a cleaned-up version of the #oghk Twitter-stream from the TOGAF Hong Kong conference at http://bit.ly/2rtPuD
  • bartleeten: How to Value Digital Assets (Web Sites, etc.) http://bit.ly/2dAPNb <detailed tutorial – recommend
  • bartleeten: Thinking Globally Where Should a CIO Begin? http://bit.ly/1HWflm <useful cross-refs for #entarch

A separate emphasis on technical-architectures and technology:

  • tetradian: (via @chrisdpotts, @theopengroup) The Economist: “Battle of the clouds” (Microsoft, Google, Apple etc) http://bit.ly/3Q83wg
  • hebsgaard:Adobe and Barnes & Noble Join Forces to Standardize eBook Technology http://tinyurl.com/yh9yzes
  • rontolido: Barnes & Noble eBook reader supports ePub. http://bit.ly/2A1MKe More support for open standards. Will Amazon stick to closed format?
  • bergmart: RT @RSessions: My White Paper on “IT Complexity Crisis” is now available via twitter only: http://bit.ly/3O3GMp (Please RT) #RS09.

Some general business-related notes:

  • greblhad: Some advice on negotiation techniques http://bit.ly/45Rbui #entarch
  • Cybersal: RT @seabird20: I like what this guy writes  http://bit.ly/xmaC9 <<interesting piece about conformists and creatives

The usual knowledge-management / ‘enterprise 2.0’ themes:

  • snowded: SenseMaker & self-signified micro-narratives video now on YouTube http://tr.im/CyRv #storytelling
  • getstoried: Brilliant! RT @aarthisriram Different strokes for different folks. http://bit.ly/3jZS0M #digitalcomics #interactive #storytelling #iPhone
  • thinksmith: Information Aesthetics “where form follows data” – brilliant info-visualisation http://is.gd/4u5aR
  • jdevoo: RT @opencalais Hot list: 10 publishers using semantic tech to mine social media, offer new content experiences http://bit.ly/3NoMPV #w2s
  • EnterprisingA: May already have been tweeted but I found it interesting so here it is again… How Do Innovators Think? (Harvard Bus) http://bit.ly/1DoR9g
  • BillIves: An Accountant’s Advice in Making the Business Case for Enterprise 2.0 http://bit.ly/2bXOV6
  • BillIves RT @SBoSM: Wired: “Mob Rule! How Users Took Over Twitter” http://bit.ly/4FYqvJ <org. culture, open innovation
  • oscarberg: RT @ScottHorvath: Listen, learn, care, serve = the 4 word guide to social media #twtrcon (via @deb_lavoy)
  • hebsgaard: Personal Knowledge Management and Compliance http://tinyurl.com/yzrhw3m
  • hebsgaard: Sharing Corporate Tribal Knowledge http://tinyurl.com/yz3s2v5
  • hebsgaard: Who Owns Social Media? No-one Does http://tinyurl.com/ykvwmvf <definition of ‘own’ is important: ‘possess’ or ‘responsible for’?
  • tetradian: (via @jdevoo, @DavidGurteen) Rio Tinto Communities of Practice (video) http://bit.ly/12rp0X <practical example of distributed collaboration – use of ‘social software’ etc in non-knowledge based business

And the ‘magnificent miscellany’:

  • oscarberg: RT @OliviaMitchell Like this RT @presentations: If you simply MUST use bullet-points, try thinking like a sniper not a machine-gunner.
  • thoughttrans: RT @presentationzen @GuyKawasaki 5 ways to lose a customer in a flash http://om.ly/PRAS <<… or business user!
  • Cybersal: I missed Prince Charles’ Dimbleby lecture in June – seems it was a very thoughtful talk http://bit.ly/3g2LCh #systemsthinking
  • thinksmith: Maxing out your triangle. A nice little reality check on your projects love/learning/legal-tender : http://is.gd/4wuqV
  • thoughttrans: RT @johannarothman Careful of those job descriptions. People are not tools: http://ping.fm/CUaGV <agree

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    • Thanks, John – will be blogging more on the HK conference later today. Regrettably I’ll be going direct to Mexico City this time, but may aim to come via the US on another trip – will keep in touch on that.

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