A week in Tweets: 25-31 Oct 09

Another week, another collection of Tweets and links, in the usual categories. A shorter list this time, after the ‘More’ link…

Narrative-knowledge, storytelling, knowledge-management and knowledge-sharing:

  • unorder: Videos of my talk to the Singapore IKMS on collaboration and storytelling http://bit.ly/1kkjC3 <recommend
  • hebsgaard: 10 ways to maximise value from After Action reviews #km  http://tinyurl.com/yztagb3 <another very practical Nick Milton piece
  • BillIves: Maximizing Business Value from Enterprise 2.0 through Fun & Motivation http://bit.ly/2Hb8Jp <“the power of fun”
  • oscarberg: “Finding in-house experts isn’t easy. But most companies make it harder than it should be.” http://ping.fm/PvXfc <from Wall Street Journal
  • oscarberg: RT @danschawbel TRUE: 8 mistakes made in social media http://bit.ly/yLGO6 <not just social media, applies to general business behaviour too
  • hebsgaard: Defining Social Business Design: Style vs. Substance http://tinyurl.com/yzm4hfn <interesting focus on precision of terminology – recommended
  • hebsgaard: Two questions that drive #KM culture change – message to managers http://tinyurl.com/yf8mx7f <recommend
  • hebsgaard: Are Your Directions Wrong? http://tinyurl.com/yjrfnd2 <useful guidance on #E20 social-media – esp. how communications change within the org.
  • oscarberg: Blogged: A New Age of Enlightenment http://bit.ly/1Rz9YA <growth/role of social transparency – important
  • oscarberg: RT @rbrtstar information security = ‘this is not allowed’, does not encourage change << it does not encourage work
  • oscarberg: Blogged: Internal micro-blogging can be intimidating http://bit.ly/1hmX3t <make it safe to share views
  • rlimbanda: Simple Mobile But Not Always Obvious – http://bit.ly/3uBCaX <practical guide to design for mobile web

Enterprise-architecture and business-architecture:

  • business_design: The evident scientific grounded: Managing with the Brain in Mind (strategy+business) http://bit.ly/3ypSsY <v.important for #entarch
  • unorder: The way we define our corporate values is not working for companies. Here’s my view on an alternative approach: “How can we work out our corporate values and help everyone know what they really mean?” http://bit.ly/pywxV <another valuable article by Shawn Callahan
  • thoughttrans: Article: When did the first impression occur? http://snipr.com/q6871 So, when did the business user first meet you? <importance/business-value of softskills
  • agueeva: RT @kenlacrosse Self-Organization vs. Emergence http://j.mp/1bYdH1 Me: Human view arch. is to EA as psychology is to biology?
  • greblhad: Enterprise Architect “the” Job Description: http://wp.me/p7ejN-6s <fun use of Wordle to summarise EA job-descriptions
  • bartleeten: Forrester: Questions From The Next-Gen EA Teleconference On October 23, 2009 http://bit.ly/iAoEY
  • josvanoosten: RT @dtapscott: DOD approves open source! http://bit.ly/a7GMx
  • tebbo: Gave a presentation at the ICAEW ‘Sustainable business and Green IT Conference’ yesterday. Slides and notes are here: http://bit.ly/49KJ5i <useful brief summary of GreenIT issues
  • bartleeten: “Refuse to lose”: how executive pressure contributes to IT failure http://bit.ly/3XxxTz <how to avoid ‘death-march’
  • MBoskovic: The Reason Enterprise Architects Should Study Economics – http://bit.ly/3G2rki <“ask the right questions”
  • theopengroup: RT @cgbeattie: Published my TOGAF one pager to aid initial understand. It’s free and linked from here: http://tinyurl.com/yhxmv3q <standard TOGAF – one-page visual guide to the TOGAF specification
  • rlimbanda: Visualization and Graphic Facilitation to record Agility theme – http://bit.ly/4ukxCJ <well-described exercise
  • tetradian: (via @Cybersal ) human side of systems: Ackoff, Addison & Bibb, “A little Book of f-Laws” [PDF] http://bit.ly/nNfzt

A side-theme on corporate social-responsibility and social ethics:

  • (via @greblhad) “Tyco Guide to Ethical Conduct” – worked-example of corporate-ethics/#CSR guidance http://bit.ly/GjPVa
  • noreenahertz: “How an Economist’s Cry 4 Ethical Capitalism was Heard”-Noreena Hertz profiled in Fast Company http://bit.ly/1sttEd <important
  • Cybersal: Discussed other (non-IT) approaches to EA (though not called that) with @chrisdpotts yesterday. Example here http://bit.ly/4nQbRx
  • hebsgaard: Will Management 2.0 replace Enterprise 2.0? http://tinyurl.com/yk7xcsx <me: hope so! 🙂 (culture is key)
  • ProfilingPro: 4 key cultural change risk factors in organizations : Dead wood, Stuck in the past mentality, TVC (Thinly veiled contempt), self absorbed
  • ProfilingPro: RT @ericapinskyinc: Power and incompetence: The Making of an Office Bully http://bit.ly/1nv4DI
  • jdevoo: RT @johnthackara: market-leading scary money graphs in today’s Automatic Earth: http://theautomaticearth.blogspot.com/ <interestingly scary indeed… recommended reading

And the usual pithy epithets and the like from the marvelous miscellany:

  • greblhad: However dense the ability to compute, however rich the ability to connect, the gravity point is your intellect.
  • agueeva: RT @smashingmag: I never understood why most people always assume that the design is all about how things look like. It isn’t.
  • thoughttrans: Article “Tweedledum & Tweedledee” available http://bit.ly/3f8OqC” Do you tweet or squawk? <how to maintain value in tweet-messages
  • BillIves: Why People Twitter – in one word  http://bit.ly/4igvhG <useful poll/summary of reasons to read/write/follow

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