A week in Tweets: 1-7 Nov 09

Another week’s collection of Tweets and links, somewhat fragmentary whilst I’m on my travels.

Start with enterprise-architecture and business-architecture:

  • tetradian: <post> “EA in China – three views” (from TOGAF Hong Kong conf.) http://bit.ly/3c7pDa #entarch
  • business_design: thinking and doing are always in competition for time – getting the balance right is crucial <#entarch
  • EnterprisingA: #EAMantra (1) Finding out you are wrong is one step closer to being right // (2) Just enough, just in time, justified // (3) Future first // (4) If you can’t draw it you probably don’t understand it // (5) If you can draw it but can’t explain it you still don’t understand it // (6) If you can’t find any gaps in your architecture, you missed something
  • greblhad: What would be the difference between an Enterprise Motivation Model and a Business Motivation Model? #entarch #bmgen
  • tetradian: r @greblhad: “difference b/w Enterprise Motivatn Mdl vs Business Mtvn Mdl?” B=’self’, E=social context of ‘self’ #entarch #bmgen
  • AussiMike: Great example of Australian ingenuity in the use of Google Wave for Business Process Modeling http://bit.ly/pbzSi
  • kdierc: i am shocked… the man who refuses to use powerpoint and sticks to overhead slides uses twitter ??? 🙂 (@JohnZachman)
  • oscarberg: fear of change comes from fear of being rejected from the tribe
  • bartleeten: 8 Reasons Businesses Can’t Connect Business Strategy and IT Strategy: <lots of #EA work on the plate http://bit.ly/mlhYQ
  • JohnPolgreen: in resp to cust quest “why do gap anal for all domains?”, I introduced @tetradian’s ideas re #TOGAF ADM, more like v7 than v9 – cust liked.
  • thoughttrans: RT @mcgoverntheory Stakeholders want repeatable results, not for u 2 follow repeatable practices. You need to be disciplined, not bureaucratic
  • tetradian: (via @craigleberry) Economist: “How to change the system” (Russell Ackoff and systems-thinking) http://bit.ly/29mk6j
  • JohnPolgreen: @tetradian R Ackoff – architect will choose a part that is not the best-performing,because it will < performance of the whole – (Economist)
  • craigleberry: Being an EA is all about the soft side. Become a collaboration giant and just maybe, you will make a good EA. http://bit.ly/30AfIo <article by Nick Malik (Microsoft), “Collaboration without common values is fruitless”
  • blomr: Selecting relevant stakeholders for EA in local government organization, describe concerns and design viewpoints based on ArchiMate concepts
  • blomr: RT @DP_DWP: “Hic Sunt Dracones” was added to maps when knowledge run out. Given JIT nature of EA journeys should it be in Archimate? <yes!
  • EnterprisingA: Blogging about why I don’t like architects (no – really – that is the topic) http://bit.ly/4iw3NY
  • EnterprisingA: RT @pauljansen: 4-7 Architects embrace ‘sfumato’; the willingness to embrace ambiguity, paradox, and uncertainty. <– and resolve them // RT @pauljansen: 7-7 Architects recognise and appreciate interconnectedness of all things and phenomena aka systems thinking; ‘connessione’.
  • EnterprisingA: #whydislike (11) Vendors: You know it’s only a matter of time until their great new solution becomes your great big problem
  • thoughttrans: RT @ellengott IT spend slides 7+8: interpersonal + business skills (far more than technical) – http://bit.ly/3coPXE
  • greblhad: Investing in improved management practices is the single most cost effective way of improving a company’s performance. http://bit.ly/2wrla1
  • oscarberg: RT @k_kristensen: RT @drmcewan: New blog post: The Taylorist Stranglehold  http://bit.ly/4vdxPE
  • tetradian: (via @oscarberg) New Yorker “Not So Fast” (origins of Taylorism – even in the home) http://bit.ly/1FQczY #entarch
  • oscarberg: RT @frogpond: RT @rotkapchen RT @rotmanschool The enemy of innovation is the mandate to “prove it.” Roger Martin http://bit.ly/4pAiQJ
  • theopengroup: RT @mikejwalker: @jevdemon Metrics are important but only one piece of the puzzle. Perception trumps all. Foster arch communities #entarch
  • BillIves: nice post from @rotkapchen The Persistence of Relationships http://bit.ly/2FKOGw
  • CyberSal: I like this @snowded blog “Familiarity breeds usefulness” – good use of landscape metaphor http://bit.ly/18BOTt
  • enterprisearchs: RT @RSessions: RT @richardveryard Sometimes people use complexity as a weapon. http://tinyurl.com/ygtygun

A very brief discussion on terminology:

  • oscarberg: Which term is better, “emergent” or “social”? Both are scary to management, but they are getting to understand “social”
  • tetradian: r @oscarberg: “Which term is better, ’emergent’ or ‘social’? Both are scary to management” <’emergent’ sounds too like ’emergency’?
  • JohnPolgreen: RT @tetradian r @oscarberg: “Which term is better, ’emergent’ or ‘social’? Both are scary to management”… <choosing wrds is imp EA job

Knowledge-management, narrative-knowledge and ‘Enterprise 2.0’:

  • DavidGurteen: Dave Snowden (@snowded) on The chef & the recipe book user  http://bit.ly/3EoZeT #KM <also #entarch
  • bartleeten: RT @PaulSloane: How to be a brilliant conversationalist http://ping.fm/ddsar <also soft-skills for #entarch
  • hebsgaard: Selling the Case for Accelerating Business Performance with Enterprise Collaboration #e20 http://tinyurl.com/yzvxn2p
  • hebsgaard: RT @hebsgaard: Business focus for #KM – the wisdom of 12 years ago http://tinyurl.com/y8p5nt9 <solid sense from Nick Milton: the real driver is business performance, not IT ‘groupware’ etc
  • DavidGurteen: RT @ananeves: thank you @DavidGurteen for putting me on to Theodore Zeldin and his work on Conversation http://bit.ly/3Xzm4x
  • hebsgaard: Small people loosely joined #e20 #gov20 http://tinyurl.com/yl79a8s <‘organisational anarchist’ – nice 🙂
  • hebsgaard: Gil Yehuda: Odd Couple: Trust and #SocialMedia. http://tinyurl.com/ykeabcg <recommend, esp. watch videos – “So Trust plays at a balance between transparency (as the social media folks correctly note) and privacy (as we all know).  We trust people who get that balance.  We distrust people who are totally transparent, and those who are totally secretive.  We trust people with good sense.”
  • oscarberg: RT @dweinberger Pew Internet: Staring at screens makes us more social. (Okay, that’s a VERY rough summary) http://bit.ly/3sYdrQ
  • oscarberg: RT @chieftech What about curating intranet content, not managing it? http://post.ly/Bgin < Spot on!
  • oscarberg: Blogged: Eureka! Now I know how to calculate the ROI of Enterprise 2.0 http://ping.fm/SnKYE
  • tebbo: Bubbling under: Make sense of your chosen parts of the world by @snowded at Cognitive Edge: http://bit.ly/kgMVG then http://bit.ly/1GJkRp
  • bartleeten: Is Enterprise 2.0 a Savior or a Charlatan?: << must read http://bit.ly/YjqGI
  • oscarberg: Blogged: The Real Enterprise 2.0 http://bit.ly/1FZbWw #e20 #EA #ROI
  • oscarberg: Large businesses demand a business case for Enterprise 2.0, small and agile businesses just want results – fast // Small business approach to #E20: start looking for value and mitigate risk as you go along

Sustainability, corporate-responsibility and related themes:

  • christinearena: Watch this: http://bit.ly/4clJOh #worldchanging <another well-presented documentary series on the planet, global change and sustainability issues
  • bartleeten: MIT Sloan: The Business of Sustainability http://bit.ly/37uZpK <v.important for Green IT, general strategy #entarch
  • bartleeten: Social Software: The Other ‘Design for Social Impact’: by IDEO’s Gentry Underwood http://bit.ly/24ge2w
  • DavidGurteen: Patently Absurd (James Gleick) http://bit.ly/Ho8I6 <from back in 2000, but still important as ever
  • christinearena: Cool company. Fundamental question: What is the purpose of our economic system? http://tinyurl.com/yhddgcc via @ChristenLien @davidhodgson
  • christinearena: See my Twitter list of High-Purpose Companies: http://bit.ly/2QT5Ia [world-changing biz model + relentlessly innovative]
  • christinearena: Kudos! RT @gfriend Great review of The Truth About Green Business by Genevieve Taylor of Global Genesis http://bit.ly/Bjqlg
  • christinearena: Cause marketing works best when it’s a natural extension of a company’s core purpose, not a sideshow. That’s my takeaway. #nmsr09
  • christinearena: Boom. Strategist @elainecohen broadens the CSR discussion beyond brand and program to include an integral and holistic biz approach #nmsr09
  • christinearena: Jeffrey Hollender from @SeventhGen rules. If you want to know how execute an effective CSR strategy, just ask him. #nmsr09 // Hollender: CSR too much about being less bad, not enough about being good. Too compartmentalized, inadequate transparency. #nmsr09 // Hollender: Until we realize that sustainability is as much about justice and poverty, health and envt, we will not move forward. #nmsr09 // Hollender: Companies not moving toward age of transparency, but radical transparency. #nmsr09 // Hollender defines radical transparency as what stakeholders want to know vs. what corp. wants stakeholders to know. #nmsr09 // Key Hollender point was that many co’s have biz models antithetical to their reputed “purpose.” Hence my post: http://bit.ly/2y98Ud #nmsr09
  • business_design: great news: my #bmgen co-author @pigneur committed to throwing in his brainpower for new project on “business models beyond profit”


  • DavidGurteen: HOW TO: Use Twitter Lists from Mashable http://bit.ly/fwVaf
  • hebsgaard: How To remove yourself from other peoples Twitter Lists http://tinyurl.com/ycw8672
  • bartleeten: TITILLIUM: very elegant, open source font http://bit.ly/17BHld
  • oscarberg: RT @wittlock Loving it, using it. RT @jensode: Cool tool Balsamiq to easily create sketched UI interface drafts: http://bit.ly/U964Y
  • oscarberg: RT @JohnPolgreen RT @totalcio: Internal IT will become backup system to cloud providers like generator is backup to electric provider
  • tebbo: RT @FreeformCentral New report ‘Desktop Modernisation – A service delivery view’ by @dale_vile & @LockTD http://bit.ly/nW4Dp

And some ‘doozies’ for the ‘miscellaneous’ collection:

  • DavidGurteen: RT @GurteenQuotes: When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before. Mae West http://bit.ly/2BSfHG
  • thinksmith: the BEST business model generation fan photo: http://is.gd/4M0bx #bmgen (ok best is subjective, but i LOVE this!!!)
  • bartleeten: IdeaPaint: Being a big fan of whiteboards… this is really ‘wild’. http://bit.ly/YWkbC
  • thinksmith: “If you’re working on a problem you can solve in your own lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough.” #quote -Wes Jackson, Farmer
  • tebbo: Many people pray that they can sell new stuff on the back of a paradigm shift. If it ain’t shifting though, we’re stuck with the status quo. // Come to think of it, the shuffling sound of paradigms shifting is often followed by the screech of grinding axes.
  • mikejwalker: I was just called a CTM… Chief Trouble Maker. Looks like we are making progress! #entarch

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