A week in Tweets: 22-28 Nov 09

Been struggling to invent the time to write a piece about what’s it’s been like here in Mexico and Guatemala, and another about “the tyranny of the explicit“, but looks like it ain’t gonna happen just yet. So in the meantime, here’s last week’s collection of Tweets and links in the usual categories, after the ‘Read more…’ link:

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture and the bigger-picture view on how this intersects with culture:

  • EnterprisingA: #EAMantra (15) Do not mistake low complexity for lack of detail
  • DavidGurteen: Johnnie Moore’s Weblog: The Tyranny of the Explicit http://bit.ly/5LgrsT <Oh so agree!> (esp.  in #entarch)
  • (via @rlimbanda) Devdutt Pattanaik: East vs west — the myths that mystify [TED] http://bit.ly/4Bgyma <v.recommend – deep-myth in business
  • JohnPolgreen: Montreal #TOGAF cert class thinking: how can #entarch assist bus to achieve a common vision & reap bus benfts frm vision?
  • rettema: Gartner EA Magic Quadrant 2009 [PDF] – via Troux http://tinyurl.com/ye784fb
  • rlimbanda: KING III [SA tax-law?] & social enterprise – companies need to account not only for financial issues, but also for social and environmental issues // EA not explicitly stated but implicit in King III – https://taxmanagementconsulting.deloitte.co.za/content/1590/home
  • greblhad: So #entarch is about understanding what to know and what not to know so you can decide what not to do as well as what to do // In doing #entarch it´s not so much as becoming agile as it is staying fit for purpose
  • oscarberg: Managing a team is about communication – if you think its about keeping deadlines and budgets you will fail
  • greblhad: Massively parallel business transformation via #entarch planning, using Cantors dust as pattern for sizing change projects is good for you
  • jdevoo: Sidewise thinking about “Our people are our greatest asset.” http://bit.ly/5x5zmX (via @tetradian) focus on the relationship with all people
  • jdevoo: In the series “Our people are our greatest asset.” @davidcushman invites us to lose the “Our” http://bit.ly/8RUHQE
  • bartleeten: (via @tetradian) The market as economy http://bit.ly/6xOBkA
  • business_design: Prezi (some text in NL) RT @Libbekoo: used the canvas in my ‘thesis’ in a masterscourse Designing Complex Organizations http://bit.ly/8Fjk9M <recommend
  • business_design: post by @davegray: How to apply knowledge-game thinking to business challenges http://bit.ly/7y5Zpf <v.useful, practical overview of the role of knowledge-games in business
  • rlimbanda: RT @EA_Consultant Beyond Information: Enterprise architecture – http://bit.ly/7TFhvC >> A Vision Process <agreed
  • business_design: Sign-up for Business Models Beyond Profit “Beta launch in January 2010” http://www.thmvmnt.com/beyondprofit/ #BMbP #bmgen
  • unorder: <new post> When should the rules be broken? http://www.anecdote.com.au/archives/2009/11/rules_are_made.html <rules vs principles in customer-service
  • bartleeten: Abstraction in all its variety: the ideas that underpin architecture frameworks: via @bderdidder http://bit.ly/6UcMro <v.useful summary for #entarch
  • getstoried: Rockin #TED talk, #culture ethnosphere and global #story, Wade Davis http://bit.ly/7w2dIR <cf. #entarch?
  • rlimbanda: RT @Labanbagui I’m passionate about people especially about systems able to improve life conditions for the majority for a very long run. 🙂
  • EnterprisingA: Blogging part 2 of my quick start guide to EA looking at the EA big picture http://bit.ly/5fVaqu #EAQuickStart
  • EnterprisingA: RT @leodesousa: Post: Building an EA Practice http://ping.fm/berGX #entarch <- Interesting comparison. Have posted my comments.
  • taotwit: @rtolido I find keeping the Tao in mind helps 🙂 Simplicity, harmony, honesty &, not least, humour! <agree!
  • rtolido: @taotwit So how do you combine ‘enterprise architect’, ‘simplicity’, ‘harmony’ and ‘humour’ in one, consistent sentence..?
  • rlimbanda: 1 of 8: Understanding Venture Capitalists http://tinyurl.com/yjo386v // 2 of 8: Do Web Entrepreneurs need Venture Capitalists? http://tinyurl.com/q9k85c // 3 of 8: Why Venture Capitalists don’t support “Life Style Business” http://tinyurl.com/kubbur // 4 of 8: Why some people prefer a “Life Style Business” http://tinyurl.com/yko947r // 5 of 8: Family + Business + Community + Social Media + Innovation + Green + Nature = Life Style Business // 6 of 8: Family & Work Life Balance. Entrepreneurs around the world are centred on family http://tinyurl.com/yk6k6at // 7 of 8: 21st Century Enterprise with Triple Bottom Line = The New Social Enterprise http://tinyurl.com/yk5x4ff // 8 of 8: Its what the 21st Century World Wants http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hds3jvjZY-Y
  • oscarberg: Openness versus conservatism – its cultural evolution http://mindblog.dericbownds.net/2009/11/openness-versus-conservatism-its.html
  • rlimbanda: RT @diego_s Interesting -> Design Thinking for Social Innovation ( Stanford University ) http://bit.ly/66Uu1r (via @ingerleg)
  • greblhad: Any #entarch based on cause and effect analysis will be suitable only for the simplest of problems <agree
  • rlimbanda: Devdutt Pattanaik: Creating Real Values through Beliefs – Behaviour – Business (BBB)  http://tinyurl.com/y962haf
  • rettema: Pearls of Wisdom of Stafford Beer, seldom used in Enterprise Architecture. Management Cybernetics 1972 http://bit.ly/54ZLXf …. WHY ? // IF YOU WANT TO CREATE A CHANGE, you must challenge not only the models of Unreality, but the paradigms that underwrite them — STAFFORD BEER // Shocked that Stafford Beer http://bit.ly/7t3c51 crossed my path only recently, G.M. Weinberg had a similar impact on me http://bit.ly/6SmWVr
  • greblhad: After 43Km of hard interval training on the #TACX I realize that the maturity models of #entarch measure the wrong thresholds
  • greblhad: By understanding this story http://bit.ly/6mLRpA one can understand the meaning of an Enterprise in #entarch

Knowledge-management, narrative-knowledge and other in-person collaboration:

  • getstoried: RT @CreatvEmergence The importance of story in creative leadership – my interview w/@getstoried) – http://twurl.nl/hnx3k8
  • hebsgaard: Create vs Re-use – the core tension in #KM http://tinyurl.com/y8en365 <another key Nick Milton insight
  • (via @getstoried) Structured Dialogue Method: an approach to learning from stories http://bit.ly/47tFZG [incl. link to manual]
  • rlimbanda: RT @nahumg @emcconne: RT @JeffHurt: 10 Ways To Express Passion For High Performance by @conversationage [A must read!] http://ow.ly/FAyJ YES
  • unorder: Memorizing stories. Visualize the characters & setting. Highlight the key moments. Know the point. Watch the action unfold when telling.
  • unorder: 4 those thinking abt how 2 make yr strategy stick in 2010, check out how we R bringing strategies alive w/ stories http://is.gd/54ljU
  • rlimbanda: Video by Shawn Callahan (@unorder) http://tinyurl.com/yhpgybl > Good explanation on the effectiveness of stories >> Good for Agile Teams as “stories” are not told properly
  • oscarberg: RT @rotkapchen: @j4ngis Data Sherpas…like it (it isn’t information until it ‘Informs’) > yes, it becomes info when you interpret it

‘Enterprise 2.0’, social-media and online-collaboration:

  • hebsgaard: RT @chrisbrogan: Great post by @jowyang about social touching every customer touchpoint – http://bit.ly/8QIGNA
  • oscarberg: RT @rickmans: Social Networking: Rethinking Productivity http://bit.ly/8VScOu <useful detailed summary
  • hebsgaard: When Security Concerns Are An Elegant Excuse Not To Tackle Government 2.0 #gov20 http://tinyurl.com/ykodpzn <“a more important concern is relevance”
  • hebsgaard: Social Computing as an Engagement Tool: The Enterprise 2.0 Relationship/Engagement Virtuous Cycle http://tinyurl.com/yerl4n2
  • rlimbanda: RT @EdNadrotowicz @lammiia, @mkrigsman: The ‘social enterprise’ comes of age http://bit.ly/4VHagT >> another term tech-jacked
  • oscarberg: RT @letterpress_se: RT @peterthoeny: E2.0 adoption is real http://bit.ly/5R2B9Q – shift from early grassroots, #e20 now more mgmnt driven. <useful stats on current status
  • hebsgaard: Social networking set for explosive growth in Latin America and Africa due to increased use of mobile phones http://tinyurl.com/y859ys8

And the ever-intriguing ‘Miscellaneous’ category:

  • EnterprisingA: #rebadged (2) Democracy: A process whereby the largest minority exerts its will on the remaining majority
  • basvg: for all PhD students and other academics out there: http://bit.ly/2fN42h <the academic response versus the business-response: oh so accurate…
  • rlimbanda: RT @DChetty Sixth Sense Technology – http://bit.ly/1GHc9s <note its roots in Indian culture & gesture
  • business_design: RT @OSXyZ: 100 Incredible Lectures by the World’s Top Scientist http://bit.ly/5dx0Ey :}(o|O){:
  • business_design: Excellent Video by Milton Glaser on Drawing as a Way of Thinking (via DavidSibbet) #VizThink http://post.ly/DNTz <useful summary of visual thinking by one of the greatest of contemporary graphic designers
  • business_design: RT @timoreilly: Onstage, Terrified – nice review of @berkun’s Confessions of a Public Speaker #WSJ: http://bit.ly/6r93dZ via @sarapeyton
  • JohnPolgreen: RT@totalcio The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names. (Chinese proverb) <hence beware of term-hijacks!
  • EnterprisingA: #rebadged (3) Don’t call it outsourcing. Call it future-proofed blame relocation.
  • DavidGurteen: I’m cleaning out my twitter garbage with http://thetwitcleaner.com
  • tebbo: The Twit Cleaner is cleaning the junk out of my tweetstream. You can check it here: http://thetwitcleaner.com

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