A week in Tweets: 29 Nov – 5 Dec 2009

Late with this one – apologies. As usual, the list of Tweets and links is after the ‘Read more…’ link.

Enterprise architecture, business-architecture and the relationship of business to society:

  • business_design: Business Models beyond Profit: http://www.businessmodelsbeyondprofit.com/ <the next phase begins!
  • rettema: Business model beyond profit ? .. see http://bit.ly/8MnijA what the movement is… <slidedeck on Slideshare – recommend
  • tetradian: r @rettema it’s ‘business-model beyond (money-only) profit’, not ‘without profit’ – profit is defined in terms of all of org’s values
  • business_design: video of #bmgen designer @thinksmith’s performance at Ignite London: Design & Business – a real life partnership http://post.ly/DiHl
  • bergmart: One of the most remarkable findings presented during #LAC2009: EAs find communication extremely important, but apparently they do not do it
  • mikejwalker: Architecture Review Boards http://www.mikethearchitect.com/2009/11/architecture-review-boards.html <useful summary for #entarch and IT-architecture
  • mikejwalker: Establishing an Architecture Review Board, Pt1: http://bit.ly/5igt3i Pt2: http://bit.ly/4Ak9AD #entarch
  • mikejwalker: Relating Architecture Review Boards to Other EA Governance Bodies http://bit.ly/4qC8fo #entarch
  • mikejwalker: Defining the Anatomy of an Architecture Review Board http://bit.ly/5TYzvT #entarch #in <useful series
  • mikejwalker Setting Architecture Review Board Member Expectations http://bit.ly/74rWDr <another in useful #entarch series
  • rlimbanda: RT @pgiblett Getting closer to the Customer? How much do we Understand their Needs? http://viigo.im/1DFl
  • business_design: We just ordered a new #ISBN for the softcover version of #bmgen / the price of the current high-end version (with better binding) will raise
  • EnterprisingA: #EAMantra (16) If your future architecture isn’t changing, your people have stopped thinking. Trust me; this is not good.
  • business_design: RT @stefanstern: What are you in it for? A question for leaders – http://bit.ly/5Da8Uj <good test on leader’s role
  • christinearena: Just launched my new blog site: www.christinearena.com Would love your comments! <new blog by an important player in the Corporate Social Responsibility scene
  • hebsgaard: The Cluetrain Manifesto At 10 Years With David Weinberger http://tinyurl.com/y9tzx6t
  • modera6072: Lateral Action outlines 8 types of creative intelligence http://lateralaction.com/articles/multiple-intelligences/ <useful summaries and links
  • greblhad: Nothing more terrifying in #entarch than people lacking imagination
  • thinksmith: Anyone read this? RT @theCSRfeed: ‘Working for Good’ Principles available for download http://is.gd/59MCj
  • bartleeten: Computerisation leads to higher costs: << excellent post! http://bit.ly/7uNVLO <(primary example is in healthcare)
  • thoughttrans: Before you pick a framework, process, method, methodology, project, etc. how about taking steps to building a relationship with the users.
  • thoughttrans: Archive Article “Which Comes First: Technical skills, Process or Relationship?” http://bit.ly/ws90g What’s your guess?
  • (via @DavidGurteen) Henry Mintzberg: “No More Executive Bonuses!” [in WSJ] http://bit.ly/6MRj8t <recommend #entarch #bizarch
  • JohnPolgreen: RT@chrisdpotts A challenge to every EA: go out & build at least one Enterprise http://bit.ly/7mG1eD <also a good summary of the influence of Christopher Alexander (‘A Pattern Language’)
  • JohnPolgreen: RT@chrisdpotts RT @pauljansen: Between management, leadership and control, EA first and for all is about leadership.
  • ChristineArena: Teaching orgs to follow green footsteps: RT @SeventhGen Kaplan/Seventh Gen Sustainability Institute: http://bit.ly/5IKr0y <sustainability as a core business issue #entarch
  • oscarberg: @JohnReaves @Brainzooming Periodic Table of Corporate Behavior: http://bit.ly/wSfKB <‘atoms’ & ‘molecules’ of behaviour
  • oscarberg: Brilliant! Love this post. http://j.mp/69iWfz #e20 /via @ITSinsider > can’t agree more <recommend #entarch #e20
  • tebbo Bleak but pragmatic? Sustainability video from Oracle. (via @spwalker) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsilOm-sc3Q <one of several useful Oracle videos on sustainability in business practice #entarch
  • jdevoo RT @davidakermanis: Must read for musicians: The future does not fit in the containers of the past http://bit.ly/7cD3ZE #bmgen
  • snowded Wondering how to explain that you can’t “see” an architectural capability #entarch
  • greblhad I wonder did Nick Malik do any more work on his EBM http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/architecture/aa699429.aspx or did any of you? #entarch
  • ProfilingPro My book “Stop Blaming the Software” is finally available NOW! What a mammoth effort! http://budurl.com/qsyp #CEO #ERP #CIO
  • rettema: Seeing first signs that communication is more and more noted in the EA community, Is the third wave: data-information-communication rising ? #entarch
  • bartleeten: Michel Poulin: Enterprise Architecture with IEEE 1471: out-in-out view:  http://bit.ly/8qAB0y #entarch

Technical-architecture and IT-architecture:

  • bartleeten: RT @dhinchcliffe: CIOs are of 2 minds: http://bit.ly/6fjdya <“the role of the CIO is moving from creating technology to creating business”
  • bartleeten: Service Architecture Evolution: via @davidsprott http://bit.ly/5qCF6w <mostly tech-focussed but does see the wider picture
  • bartleeten: RT @aleksb6: Busy day yesterday – new posts on “Why Ref Arch?” http://bit.ly/8Vf8tw and “What is successful SOA?” http://bit.ly/4FyTPJ <tech-architecture again, but relevant to #entarch
  • enterprisearchs: RT @AussiMike: Forrester: The State Of EA In 2009 – A Disconnect Between Goals And Activities? http://ff.im/-chCvk <goals:business strategy, action:mostly technical ‘EA’
  • bartleeten: Instrumenting Your Enterprise for Maximum Predictive Power: (via @forrester) http://bit.ly/63w3fa #entarch
  • basvg example of using type-instance in ArchiMate for dynamic process modeling: http://bit.ly/6Bgs49 #entarch <technical but useful
  • tebbo RT FreeformCentral Is the eco-wind blowing your way? by @tebbo http://bit.ly/5MxIvX #green <also IT and metrics for #sustainability

Narrative-knowledge, knowledge-management and in-person collaboration:

  • oscarberg: RT @pauljansen: Enterprise 2.0 shifts attention (back) to essence of any ‘enterprise’: people. <ie proper #E2.0, not IT-only!
  • unorder: An example of someone telling the story of their business http://is.gd/57jw2 <nicely informative short video
  • tebbo: Desperate to reframe KM away from technology, I discovered a set of three rather good slide decks: http://www.besser20.de/english/
  • DavidGurteen: Euan Semple: The rise and fall of the professionalism of work. http://bit.ly/73xceC
  • tebbo: I’m coming from a K is between ears. Info’ is between people. Am I wrong? #KMers <‘K’ as ‘Knowledge’
  • oscarberg: “Talking is the natural way to do business.” T. Boone Pickens // Relationships & conversations are the foundations of any business <strongly agree – transactions are outcome, not purpose
  • thoughttrans: RT @PFripp Public Speaking: Selling Yourself and Your Ideas to Senior Management – http://shar.es/aEFFo <oh so true
  • modera6072: Oxymoron? …considerable debate … collective intelligence and consensus decision-making. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concensus_politics
  • snowded: Interesting possibilities between SenseMaker and Most Significant Change ideas http://tr.im/GuyG and http://tr.im/GuyF
  • oscarberg: “Most corporate gossip is a form of knowledge transfer about internal processes… ” http://oscarberg.tumblr.com/
  • DavidGurteen: 2-5-1 Storytelling http://bit.ly/8uxYgL <I like this form of AAR> #km
  • taotwit Discussion (w @richardveryard and others) around #vpect and KM here http://bit.ly/8xGAP6
  • oscarberg: If KM is to organize knowledge in an org, then it needs to organize the people – knowledge exist only in peoples’ heads // KM should focus on access, findability and exchange of knowledge, not on storing (thats ECM)

‘Enterprise 2.0’ and other forms of on-line collaboration:

  • oscarberg: Social software’s role in a enterprise is to be an integrator of people & content // The role of social software is not to create more destinations, but to create more crossroads where people & content meet // The support for conversations is the missing piece of most intranets // The road to collaboration from communication goes via conversation = how to bridge gap between intranets & collab platforms // “Social media isn’t a strategy, it’s one of the communication tools available.” Tara Hunt
  • oscarberg: RT @ITSinsider: Available now, “The State of Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Q4 2009” at our website for free download http://bit.ly/80mRZd
  • oscarberg: 82% of orgs are satisfied with their #e20 initiatives, but only 18% have seen ROI. Benefits r intangible? http://bit.ly/80mRZd
  • oscarberg: foster users’ trust, address fears of loss of control and embrace open interaction http://bit.ly/62Xuea <create a culture of collaboration via online social-networks
  • oscarberg: RT @elsua: [Blog] Will Social Software Replace Email in an Enterprise 2.0 World? http://is.gd/58lNK > great insights!
  • oscarberg: RT @Gartner_inc Gartner: Social Network Analysis Can Help Enterprises Achieve a Pattern-Based Strategy http://bit.ly/7dqrOQ
  • hebsgaard: With Great Power #trustagents #socialmedia http://tinyurl.com/yjvcq7s <importance of trust in social-media
  • getstoried: SlideShare Presentation: Storytelling through Social Media http://slidesha.re/4q5hgw <useful: recommended
  • jdevoo: David Cushman: The future is less about online tools & their proliferation but what we do with them http://bit.ly/6RYARs #E20 <recommend: see the slidedeck at http://www.slideshare.net/davidcushman/using-social-media-fail
  • oscarberg: “Virtually every commercial transaction has within itself an element of trust…” http://bit.ly/5OvKAC <agree // “Neuroscience has discovered that our brains very design makes it sociable, inexorably drawn into an…” http://tumblr.com/xba4fkyjn // “Data in the hands of a few makes for order; but data in the hands of many makes for endless possibilities” http://tumblr.com/xba4fkz65
  • rlimbanda RT @SocialNetDaily 5 Ways to Generate Company Trust Online http://ow.ly/IuRz

Society and culture:

  • rlimbanda: RT @pubolspost Westerners dont understand diversity of African experience – ‘singular view of Africa’ http://bit.ly/7R718b
  • rettema: Debate of two leading philosophers Jurgen Habermas and Charles Taylor “Rethinking secularism” of http://bit.ly/7HNFJO
  • ChristineArena: “The whole economy is a pyramid scheme.” http://www.collapsemovie.com/ <agreed (movie looks interesting, too)
  • jdevoo: IDEO: design thinking for social innovation and sustainable development http://bit.ly/7sbHWP – liked their work on clean water initatives
  • rlimbanda: Never seen such anger and division in American politics. If you believe either side, Republicans are Fascists and Democrats are Communists. <the view from outside (Roderick is from South Africa)

The magnificent miscellany:

  • rettema: RT @pjozefak: “You disconnect from your heart and remain stuck in your head, where it’s easier to justify your actions”-oh, that’s good
  • rlimbanda: #ClimateGate = setback to all other valid issues related to environment + wasted spending, food crisis, etc setback to poverty alleviation
  • business_design: Wisdom! RT @johnmaeda: The grass is always greener on the other side because from faraway you can’t see the weeds.
  • greblhad: There is nothing more agile than a human brain of average intelligence trying to evade a shitstorm
  • JohnPolgreen: RT@gleganza RT @bmichelson: doing my sisyphus imitation today… http://bit.ly/62iXs4 > must-have graphic for every architect!
  • rlimbanda: RT @allanboyle @MichaelPerkins1: If you looking for somewhere to stay in CT … http://bit.ly/4YR2OP > Spot the parking violations <impressive technical feat – the whole of Cape Town in high-resolution
  • modera6072: “Common Sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18” Albert Einstein – Does that mean common sense is politically incorrect?
  • rettema: RT @rettema: Tablet friendly magazine concept, Sports Illustrated on tablet demonstrated on http://bit.ly/6VATG9 New York Times
  • JohnPolgreen: RT@totalcio “The important and difficult job is never to find the right answers, it is to find the right question.” (Peter Drucker)
  • business_design you need to do things wrong in order to be able to do things right <is definition of ‘Agile’, perhaps?

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