A week in Tweets: 13-19 Dec 2009

Running badly behind on these: this one’s already more than two weeks late – apologies. More after the ‘Read more…’ link, as usual.

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture and the like:

  • DavidGurteen: RT @DavidGurteen: How Adults Achieve Happiness http://bit.ly/84Lw9k <satisfaction at home and at work #entarch #bizarch
  • SAlhir: “changing the culture” =”small micro-climates where ideas can succeed, and string them together” RT @jorgebarba: http://ff.im/-cMVp0
  • business_design: Serial innovators are caught in the dichotomy of risking to destroy or to enhance their reputation. // A VC bets on 10 horses to win huge once. How many hits can an innovative executive take within a big corp?
  • PaulSweeney: @business_design every executive creates and lives with their own “portfolio of risk”. It just goes unexamined.
  • EnterprisingA: #EAMantra (18) Do not expect EA to please those who know nothing, as you are removing their blissful ignorance.
  • business_design: RT @DanielPink: From Godin, et al….What Matters Now: get the free ebook http://bit.ly/5Ta1lE
  • BillIves: from @jonhusband Edward Lawler on new management models http://bit.ly/6Px6LW
  • oscarberg: RT @johnt FREE BOOK Networks, Crowds, and Markets http://bit.ly/2lhxb3 > old tweet, but pointing to a great resource
  • bartleeten: @nickmalik: Does IEEE-1471 Define Enterprise Architecture ? http://icio.us/l5nvw0 <strongly agree with this
  • kdierc: RT @pauljansen The 4 dimensions of Org / Enterprise Architecture: http://j.mp/55GDRD (and how it is different from IT) #entarch
  • business_design: RT @sniukas: Difference between Strategic Innovation and Business Model Innovation http://bit.ly/4yQst3 #bmi #bmgen #strategy #innovation
  • EnterprisingA: #EAMantra (19) Do not follow the path of least resistance… Create it.
  • EnterprisingA: RT @richardveryard: EA maturity models: http://bit.ly/4CIzna <– Added my thoughts on “cheaper than free” EA
  • richardveryard: replied to @EnterprisingA and @tetradian on EA maturity models http://bit.ly/4CIzna
  • enterprisearchs: RT @cuttertweets: Cutter Edge: The State of EA in 2010  http://bit.ly/4tMtM9 #entarch <useful if still too tech-centric
  • ChristineArena: Massive civil strife expected after Copenhagen: “Hang onto your hats, people.” http://bit.ly/8XsB0N <impact on #entarch?
  • JohnPolgreen: RT @chrisdpotts @pauljanse Yes, an enterprise’s arch includes how it is experienced by its stakeholders (customers, investors, suppliers) <i.e. the enterprise-arch is the *whole* of the enterprise, often far beyond the organisation, let alone solely its IT
  • SAlhir: RT @MarkOOakes: Simple, clear purpose and principles give rise to complex and intelligent behavior ~ Dee Hock
  • SAlhir: RT @Kallokain: Leverage points in (business) systems. (Kallokain blog) http://bit.ly/6GeFxG <strong recommend #bizarch #entarch
  • oscarberg: RT @jmancini77 Too much control and you’re looking at “Shock Collar” – http://bit.ly/7R4P5L #e20 #socialmedia
  • unorder: Want to evaluate hard to measure initiatives? – primer on Most Significant Change http://bit.ly/7AAKuZ <#important for #entarch
  • SAlhir: 21st-century strategy, summarized in four words: minimize evil, maximize good.  // “Most companies can’t maximize good and minimize evil — because they weren’t built to.” // “The future of strategy isn’t about perfect — it’s about better.” (via @umairh) http://bit.ly/7ZNdu7 <impact on #entarch again?
  • tonyrestell: Insightful 60 second read: “How does your [Consulting] customer buy?” http://bit.ly/7HbODv
  • oscarberg: RT @cdn 50 Ways to Foster a Culture of #Innovation http://tinyurl.com/yjvmfcu by @mitchditkoff <useful for #entarch too!
  • kvistgaard: A nice and free ITSM Metrics Modeling Tool (xls) http://snipurl.com/tqb3a <crosslink IT srvc-mgmt w #entarch
  • taotwit: Simple Business-Event Processing suggested hash tag now #sbep rather than #sep which is used already // has a complete uber pattern for Simple Business-Event Processing – “Twitter for Business Events” #sbep (rt new tag)
  • taotwit: #sbep is built on: VPEC-T, REST, microblogging, SEDA, EPC/RFID, MOMA, Goal-driven Agents, Complex Adaptive & SIP // will be blogging about Simple Business-Event Processing soon #sbep
  • taotwit: SEDA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Staged_event-driven_architecture #sbep
  • taotwit: #sbep is designed for ubiquiteous business visability across federated Value Networks http://tinyurl.com/ygnydk8 // #sbep impact on org & strategy increases with adoption – as better picture of entire biz behaiviour is understood
  • jdevoo: RT @kaskadia: Nation building 2.0 investing in ecological infrastructure <PDF> http://bit.ly/8g8hAB #systemsthinking
  • SAlhir: RT @PaulSloane: Every organisation must prepare for the abandonment of everything it does. Drucker http://ping.fm/WRN8q <from article “Innovation starts with vision” // RT @PaulSloane: How many conformists does it take 2 change the world? No number can do it. How many rebels? 1 – with vision and leadership.
  • AussiMike: I 100% agree with this post from Nick Malik ….”Why the Zachman Framework is not an ontology….” http://tinyurl.com/y9643fc
  • SAlhir: “We are born into tribes and our life is a journey of joining and leaving tribes.” (@zenext) http://bit.ly/8dTTR1 <ebook (PDF)

Narrative-knowledge and in-person collaboration:

  • snowded: RT @nraford On design and abductive reasoning, http://tr.im/HvwB // inspired by meeting w/ @snowded & email by @gordonr
  • oscarberg: RT @oscarberg: No man is an island – truer today than ever? http://bit.ly/5M5XyD #e20 #collaboration <collaboration and networks
  • oscarberg: The nonsense of ‘knowledge management’ http://informationr.net/ir/8-1/paper144.html #km <long formal paper by TD Wilson – slightly old (2002) but prophetic and still relevant
  • oscarberg: RT @VMaryAbraham How 2 Increase Your Business By Relinquishing Control http://bit.ly/5lRdaz | Are #KMers ready 2 do this? #KM
  • getstoried: Great article! RT @tweetmeme Storytelling on the web http://bit.ly/4PafQw <useful checklist of items to build a ‘story’ into the structure of a website
  • toddbiske: New blog post: Tibbr and Information in the Enterprise http://bit.ly/7BOGlA <also narrative-knowledge in the #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @steveroesler: Posting about: Words That Connect http://bit.ly/4Y1lQ7
  • SAlhir: RT @SAlhir: RT @steveroesler: Scott Berkun: The Importance Of What You Say | Forbes | http://tinyurl.com/y8v8vjg <recommend

‘Enterprise 2.0’, social-media and online-collaboration:

  • oscarberg: Good read: The Costs of Poor Communication: http://bit.ly/5o8oPa <good example of RONI (result on non-investment)
  • jdevoo: Reflecting on the role of culture bootstrapping and management by value for implementing an efficient knowledge organization #e20
  • DavidGurteen: Web 2.0 and Change Present Challenges to Many Learning Executives http://bit.ly/5TBMzK <“less than half of companies provide learning for partners. That’s crazy”
  • oscarberg: 12 Essential (& Free) Enterprise 2.0 Reports & Whitepapers from 2009: http://bit.ly/5ZqmSJ #e20 <useful for ROI etc
  • BillIves: Social Media Checklist for Small + Med Size Businesses  http://bit.ly/7378zO via @SBoSM <also communication for #entarch
  • hebsgaard: Untapped Opportunities for Online Communities http://bit.ly/7FoNvT via @fdellarosa <online-brand communities, in this case
  • BillIves: see @amcafee http://bit.ly/6XXQtE I agree + feel that mid managers are the corp glue and should be a key player in e20
  • tetradian: (via @BillIves) @amcafee finally realises that IT can’t replace people as the core of orgs… http://bit.ly/6XXQtE #e20
  • toddbiske: For social-network tech to be successful in the enterprise, both people and apps must stop thinking that they already talk to everyone who cares. #e20
  • greblhad: RT @goonth Pretty cool content submission site built by #Toyota […] kinda like the Spezify interface:… http://ff.im/cY8sg < Great VXP
  • oscarberg: Just had a really interesting meeting about using #e20 principles & tech for military intelligence // One reflection from meeting: enterprise search people need to understand how content life-cycle relate to search <agree – few orgs seem to understand the complexities of info life-cycle – esp. multi-decade life-cycles
  • oscarberg: “good enough” is not good enough when designing social solutions – must be as easy & engaging to use as possible
  • BillIves: Andrew Filev Picks 33 Blogs about Innovation, Project Management and 2.0 http://bit.ly/7rAy32
  • BillIves: RT @amcafee: @dhinchcliffe ‘s 2009 #E20 year in review: http://bit.ly/6zqTxh
  • hebsgaard: Enterprise 2.0 : what to expect in 2010 ? The year of “uncrokment”. #e20 good read! http://bit.ly/4TdGPp <recommend #entarch
  • jdevoo: Telstra [Australian telco] publishes social media training for employees http://bit.ly/6FRM6p (via @jowyang)
  • oscarberg: RT @dhinchcliffe Hutch Carpenter: Collaborative Innovation through Social Competition: http://bit.ly/57tUdi

Technical-architecture and general technical/IT matters:

  • AussiMike: Backupify :: Secure Online Backup and Archiving for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress http://ff.im/-cRVRI <Twitter free, others typical $29-$39/yr
  • bartleeten: GM’s IT Strategy << good overview, lot’s of changes http://icio.us/crnvr4
  • toddbiske: Anyone know what the average IT dept. size is as a percentage of total employees in large companies? Ballpark # is fine.
  • tetradian: @toddbiske: “average IT dept. size as a percentage of total employees”? British Airways and others in UK suggest about 2% to 4%
  • EnterprisingA: @toddbiske Banking – roughly 10% IT employees to total employees in UK (some other sectors ~2% so wide variation) // Somewhat skewed by outsourcing of course (some orgs may be more IT than quoted, but not recognised as employees)
  • greblhad: @toddbiske Municipality of Västerås has about 0,0041 % of employees in IT, I’d guess it’s about the same for all M’s in Sweden // The Banks I know in Sweden has about 0,035 % of employees in IT
  • ChristineArena: Introducing 3bl.me – industry’s first cause-driven URL shortening service. Why use ordinary services again? http://3bl.me/c2fkne
  • jdevoo: RT @natishalom: New post: The Common Principles Behind the #NOSQL Alternatives http://bit.ly/6LhPDq <technical but important for data-architecture (NOSQL is ‘not-only SQL’, not ‘no SQL’)
  • hebsgaard: OMG Members Adopt Business Process Modeling Notation 2.0 http://tinyurl.com/ya7hz8l

And the joyous miscellany:

  • davidriveroll: RT @Deepak_Chopra: Stress is like waves on the ocean. Unprepared every wave is a disaster. For the skillful surfer evry wave is exhilaration
  • EnterprisingA: #rebadged (5) Don’t call it printing non-existent money to inflate a dangerously unsustainable consumer bubble. Call it Quantitative Easing.
  • thoughttrans: Explaining only one step ahead is all some people can handle. Don’t scare them with too much knowledge. <oops… need to remember this one in every interaction…
  • EnterprisingA: Thought for today: When you have an ocean to cross, tackling it in small steps is not always a survivable option.
  • ChristineArena et al: RT @davidcoethica @greenbiztweets: Peel Back the Onion at Copenhagen & Ignore the Hype http://bit.ly/6WvSb1 <good constructive business view of climate-change issues, if oddly US-centric almost to the level of jingoistic nationalism
  • oscarberg: Being an SME can be a lonely job if the organization has only one or a few experts in the specific subject
  • tetradian: r @oscarberg “Being an SME can be a lonely job” also if you’re *not* in an org and not many of you anywhere! (e.g. whole-of-org arch)
  • oscarberg: @tetradian intended to continue my tweet about the lonely SME that the web is a savior, the place to connect with others like you
  • tetradian: @oscarberg on web/Twitter etc as a ‘sanity-saviour’ for ‘the lonely SME’, agree entirely – the ‘org’ as a loose freeform global federation!
  • EnterprisingA: Thought for today: There are only two options; total ignorance or partial knowledge… so don’t get too upset about having the latter
  • oscarberg: New York Times 9th Annual Year in Ideas http://www.nytimes.com/projects/magazine/ideas/2009/ <good example of futures
  • kvistgaard: “We flew on a very old airplane. It had an outside toilet”
  • BillIves: What all great blog posts have in common http://bit.ly/4PTtiW // “Be useful. Be controversial. Be insightful. Be entertaining.”
  • oscarberg: RT @pauljansen: A rational mind can give right answers but it takes a creative mind to ask the real questions. (inspired by @inspiratoo)
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