A week in Tweets: 14-20 Feb 2010

It’s another week of Tweets and links – somewhat late due to overload elsewhere. Usual categories, usual ‘Read more…’ link.

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture and general business themes:

  • tetradian: SearchSOA: “Enterprise architecture methodology should start with broad vision” http://bit.ly/bvELp9 #entarch
  • greblhad: #6 misconception and #6 cause of failure in #entarch: that one doesn’t recognize the notion of an enterprise of enterprises // A very powerful concept in #entarch is to trace questions through the enterprise, collecting and communicating these paths lead to insight
  • bartleeten: Enterprise Architects – What attributes do you look for? #yam http://icio.us/mnlrr2
  • SAlhir: Intent = Purpose + Method + Endstate (via @Kallokain) http://bit.ly/9G6yzK [PDF] <v.important for agile #entarch & #strategy
  • (via @SAlhir) SoL: “Tribal Leadership” (in organizations) http://bit.ly/aFEliy <recommend #entarch #bizarch #culture
  • SAlhir: RT @msamayoa @jeffdachis Social CRM: profound implications fr the traditional entrprise http://bit.ly/aJ9l07
  • kvistgaard: “Why Most CEOs Are Bad at Strategy” HBR blog, in short not being able to fit 2gether where-to-play w/ how-to-win http://snipurl.com/udsat
  • SAlhir: RT @GrahamHill: RT @bobapollo How much process is too much process? http://bit.ly/dabu4g
  • hebsgaard: Attention as a Currency and Noise #buzz #socialmedia http://bit.ly/dhTOix <another useful Chris Brogan piece
  • DavidGurteen: $15 Mobile Phone for Developing Countries http://bit.ly/d8GBHa <also incorporates direct support for e-banking within the phone – important development in sub-Saharan Africa
  • oscarberg: RT @letterpress_se: Reading ‘The next generation collaborative enterprise’  http://bit.ly/6jWLCI (via @carolyndouglas) <recommend #entarch #bizarch #e20
  • business_design: Playing around with @borisfritscher’s cool online business model design application (beta) http://bit.ly/bVckoz <very strongly recommended #bizarch #entarch
  • kdierc: RT @aleksb6: after interviews with several candidates yesterday, an insight: only hire an #entarch who understands that 2+2 is almost never 4!
  • greblhad: Most organizations spend less on working with their Enterprise Architecture than they do working on their website #entarch
  • jdevoo: RT @aaronsklar @sc_seo Nonprofits’ lack of theory of change and progress in social impact measurement http://twurl.nl/kdvziy <important for parallels between for-profits and not-for-profits #entarch #bizarch
  • unorder: Book review: Switch—How to Change Things When Change is Hard  http://www.anecdote.com.au/archives/2010/02/book_review_swi.html <looks a useful book for #entarch etc
  • SAlhir: RT @VenessaMiemis: “The Fourth Great Information Revolution” http://bit.ly/9BZDNO via @hastac #education #edchat cc @akamrt @ShellTerrell <relationship between information and culture – see especially the Korean Airlines example
  • jhagel: Repeat after me, this is not an information revolution, it is a relationship revolution (via @oscarberg)
  • SAlhir: Strategy & Org Design (via @CoCreatr @GrahamHill @ariegoldshlager)  http://bit.ly/90QFpa or http://bit.ly/b8RBMD <first link is PDF on ‘Reconfigurable Organisation’ (1995?), second link is collection white-papers on organisational design
  • Cybersal: Webcast by @snowded: ‘From induction to abduction’ now available http://bit.ly/cfCOgG <essential for #entarch: strong recommend
  • craighepburn: RT @Brandamentalist: Blog Post. Mapping Brand Loyalty -a great visual tool we use as part of our brand design process: http://short.to/17bk9 <simple but effective technique for #bizarch etc
  • chrisdpotts: From the field: signs that you’re portfolio managing investments in change: turning down high ROI proposals that don’t fit the portfolio // turning away proposals that would create the wrong shape of company // deciding first on the value you want, then the projects // Interesting to witness what happens when a CEO removes cost as a constraint on portfolio of investments in change. Other constraints emerge.
  • jdevoo: The Santiago School: Maturana on Metadesign http://bit.ly/a49OnT <a 1998 classic on systems-theory etc #entarch
  • SAlhir: “Hard is soft. Soft is hard.” http://bit.ly/cNVNCo RT @tom_peters: The Little BIG Things. <useful intro to new Tom Peters book
  • mikejwalker: The Big Idea: Funding Eureka! – Harvard Business Review: http://bit.ly/asKNcY // Turning Patents Into ‘Invention Capital’ http://tinyurl.com/ylcymsg <two articles about Intellectual Ventures, the infamous ‘invention capital’ / patent-troll firm – deserves a long article which I have yet to write!
  • greblhad: RT @bhc3 Did Garry Kasparov Stumble Into a New Business Process Model? http://bit.ly/ap5poq by @amcafee #e20 < applicable for #entarch <neither computer-only nor human-only process is best – getting right balance/relationship between human and computer is best
  • davidriveroll: Remains of the Day: Why Piracy Works – Lifehacker http://bit.ly/9wsHMp <nicely ironic… and accurate, too
  • business_design: great little video of thought leader @DavidSibbet pitching the value of visual thinking http://post.ly/Oc3R <particularly applies to meetings – no more Powerpoints! 🙂
  • oscarberg: Blogged: Have you ever heard this story before? http://goo.gl/fb/7fOr <yes, I have… often… ouch… 🙁 #itarch #bizarch
  • chrisdpotts: New blog entry: “How To Tell if You’re Truly Managing a Portfolio” http://bit.ly/aNRTnu <recommend #entarch #bizarch
  • tebbo: One smart lad: @jonnymcguigan A 2-minute vid’ of his world: http://bit.ly/bvwUSG Him speaking to Marck Hillary: http://bit.ly/9NFVij via @DT #newmedia #e20 #bizarch
  • tetradian: <post> ‘Complexity, chaos and enterprise-architecture’ http://bit.ly/9LB7Gy #entarch #complexity
  • (via @bartleeten) @EA_Consultant: “EAs do not do EA. EAs lead the organization in the practice of EA.” http://bit.ly/baKwUk #entarch
  • BillIves: via @GeorgeDearing: Yammer story on how freemium can work if done right. 10%-15% conversion from free to paid http://bit.ly/aAGN1r
  • tetradian: <post> “Back on the values-trail” (more notes on values-architecture) http://bit.ly/aGx4Wa #entarch #bizarch #in
  • hebsgaard: Thinking Fearlessly http://bit.ly/bD80xS <interesting view on the mindset needed to cope with business chaos
  • joyce_hostyn: Fish stinks most at the head… transformation needs to be driven at CxO level. http://bit.ly/bZORkL #socialbusiness #scrm <both speakers emphasise the social and cultural aspect of new business – technology is the enabler, not the driver – “the customer owns the relationship” – strong recommend

Narrative-knowledge, knowledge-management and in-person collaboration:

  • SAlhir: Lucifer Effect: Power of Norms & Groups on Indiv http://bit.ly/9SmnWE #tlcc (remembered this while watching the video http://bit.ly/vOcwf)
  • unorder: Opinion is a protective mechanism. Stories are told when trust exists. <a key to communication in #entarch etc
  • SAlhir: RT @GuyKawasaki: How to tell a story about numbers http://tr.im/OoBw <“find a face” – useful business-#storytelling advice
  • DavidGurteen: OPEC and knowledge culture http://bit.ly/9nbtBk #KM <Openness, Performance, Empowerment, Conversation (by Nick Milton)
  • unorder: New Anecdote post: Some tips for capturing stories on video. http://bit.ly/9ebASz
  • unorder: RT @mschenkau: Great quote from Terry Pratchett “People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact it’s the other way around…”

‘Enterprise 2.0’, social-media and online-collaboration:

  • SAlhir: RT @Gauravonomics: #bigquestion 1: How do you ignite & scale passion? // #bigquestion 2: How do you create real-time shared experiences online? // #bigquestion 3: How do you create a voice based social networking platform? // Bonus #bigquestion 4: How do U build an organization in which every employee is CEO of something? Do share your thoughts.
  • oscarberg: RT @raesmaa: Enterprise 2.0: we need to stop preaching in the language of the converted http://bit.ly/bW5UmZ #e20
  • oscarberg: Transparency requires openness. Transparency enables trust. Openness requires trust. Where to start? <#entarch #bizarch #e20
  • KatriK: @oscarberg Trust build through tech is many times more fragile than trust build f2f. Is it easier to break connection w/ ppl U haven’t seen?
  • craighepburn: RT @prebynski: The Missing Ingredient in Most Social Media Strategies http://bit.ly/bqrRDi <‘missing ingredient’ is strategy itself #e20
  • getstoried: “Which Comes First? Story Content or Container?” http://bit.ly/9cwKJg #storytelling <story-checklist for #entarch #bizarch
  • davidcushman: RT @msmamet: On the Contact Us page of Wine.Woot.com – “we love to hear from our angry, disappointed, and betrayed fans!” http://bit.ly/bEZcd5 <explicit strategy for working with ‘anti-clients’ #entarch #bizarch
  • SAlhir: RT @zenext: social network law #1: Luck = consciousness x transparency // social network law #2: Innovation = learning x diverse connections // social network law #3: Influence = credibility x location // social network law #4: Network growth = introductions x generosity
  • oscarberg: Blogged: Why does Information Management need Enterprise 2.0? http://goo.gl/fb/JshZ <same concerns apply in #entarch
  • craighepburn: RT @gerardodada: CocaCola embraces the Voice of the Customer – awesome presentation http://tinyurl.com/yem6yqv <social-media policy
  • IT-architecture and IT matters in general:
  • AussiMike: RT @jaakkovee: Ca. Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs Executive Order to Improve California’s IT Systems with EA : http://ow.ly/16CxV #entarch <“The OCIO establishes and enforces information technology strategic plans, policies, standards and enterprise architecture, as well as approves IT projects for all state departments.” – IT-only again, but still significant
  • jdevoo: Interesting cloud taxonomy to help making sense of SaaS, PaaS and other nebulous terms http://bit.ly/OchBf
  • simonbrown: “Are you a software architect?” http://www.infoq.com/articles/brown-are-you-a-software-architect <nice high-level overview of architecture trade-offs
  • simonbrown: Submitted the final slides for http://www.softwarearchitecturefordevelopers.com (9th March, London) to @skillsmatter for printing

Society, culture, corporate social responsibility and suchlike matters:

  • oscarberg: Bureaucrats have no place in the creative economy. They will use all control mechanism available to prevent it from happening. <another side-theme in the ‘business-anarchist’ thread
  • sethgodin: “The false solace of vilification” http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2010/01/the-false-solace-of-vilification.html <really useful Seth Godin article on dysfunctional power-relationships arising from shock or loss
  • ChristineArena: New blog post: A Necessary Journey http://3bl.me/4d2as9 One CEO’s trip to #Haiti and what it means for biz. <inspiring
  • getstoried: RT @jillkonrath Makes U think! RT@drgeorgehuang Is the “Competitive Advantage” really An Advantage? http://bit.ly/aIZlUQ <interesting experiment on results of collaboration with pre-schoolers, mid-school and high-school – only the pre-schholers succeeded in the task because they collaborated whereas the others competed
  • oscarberg: “Old ideas of evolution were based on a crude notion of survival of the fittest and the conviction that…” http://tumblr.com/xba6jxrlu
  • tetradian: @oscarberg “ideas of evolution..collaboration” – see Kropotkin, ‘Mutual Aid’: Wikipedia http://bit.ly/ahaFaW full text http://bit.ly/9iJsn4

Paula Thornton (@rotkapchen) was at a seminar by ‘Flow’ author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – very important re motivation in #entarch #e20 #norewards etc (via miket0181):

  • At UT Dallas for Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Follow along via #flow
  • Formal title of presentation “Flow and the Quality of Life”
  • [you know you’re in trouble when there’s someone to introduce the introducer of the speaker.] Mihaly was asking questions in his youth that most psychologists were not asking, esp. re: creativity.
  • “there’s no future or past, it’s just an extended present in which you’re making meaning.” Poet, Strand
  • [some of the other descriptions of different people ‘in the zone’ sounds a lot like many of us when we’re gleaning on Twitter]
  • “Attention is focused on a limited stimulus field. There is a full concentration…the roof could fall in and…you would be unaware”
  • “you’re doing and your awareness of doing just merges” you become seamlessly part of a whole beyond yourself.
  • “There is freedom from any worry of failure.”
  • it’s an awareness that you can’t minimize the risk…so you can’t be bothered with risk
  • “Self-consciousness disappears.” e.g. surgeons lose sense of self, pain, discomfort
  • “Sense of time becomes distorted.” …save for the ways in which a rhythm is critical, but it isn’t sensed as time
  • “The experience becomes its own reward.” It’s done for the personal satisfaction…because you love it.
  • Self-consciousness and doubt prevent flow
  • Rock-climbing: getting to the top is just an excuse. The joy is in the problem-solving for each step and how they all fit together
  • Relies on continuous feedback to reaffirm choices, decisions – avoid disinterest and/or increase challenge
  • The antithesis of flow is apathy [a problem for young males, for young women it’s anxiety]
  • Research shows: we enjoy competition the most when our chances of beating an opponent is only 25% (where skill is involved).

And, of course, the magnificent miscellany:

  • unorder: Story about a musical spring in Mongolia. Fascinating. http://bit.ly/aj5zH4 <a Dreaming story? – for everyone 🙂 (not just #entarch!)
  • CBAtInnovations: RT: @DesignerG: Programmer (n): An organism that can turn caffeine into code… > LOL
  • davidriveroll: One of my favorite bands, inspiring me always to play better, playing an awesome song on a gorgeous video! – http://bit.ly/btQgnv <Hadouk Trio: very nice… smooth…
  • SAlhir: RT @GuyKawasaki: What happens to all my social networking information when I die? http://u.nu/7g9p5 <sobering but v.important (full article – linked – is on ‘How Stuff Works’ site)
  • tetradian: <post> “The organization of the Organization” (for @basvg) http://bit.ly/dxGiGp #english #language
  • thoughttrans: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: Moving the line (the power of a zealot) http://bit.ly/caSltT <scarily accurate…

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