A week in Tweets: 21-27 Mar 2010

Running a bit late this time due to self-imposed pressure to get a book complete. But it’s the same old miscellany of a week’s-worth of Tweets and links, sorted into the same old categories, preceded by the same old ‘Read more…’ link.

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture, business-strategy and various themes around the structure of business:

  • SAlhir: RT @jorgebarba: Why Businesses Don’t Experiment – Harvard Business Review http://ff.im/-hPD7d <interesting article by Dan Ariely (‘Predictably Irrational’) – human factors are the key reason
  • SAlhir: RT @jorgebarba: Innovation posts of the week: Break patterns. Create new ones to spread your ideas http://ff.im/-hPINJ <a collection of links on innovation
  • unorder: Anecdote post: Strategic stories http://bit.ly/9S0gwg featuring the amazing origami video HT @vivmcw <video is about the Japanese sports-shoe maker Asics
  • tebbo: Thanks @dweinberger ‘Is authority the first word or the last?’ http://j.mp/ajgGdL < #entarch #bizarch #e20
  • aojensen: Zachman Framework: Not a Point of Departure for an Enterprise Methodology (http://bit.ly/dpQ1il) #EntArch #thinkingenterprise <points to GERAM as a better starting-point – agreed
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @zenext: vision is not a denial of problems, nor the search for solutions, but the creation of a whole new reality all together
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @SemiraSK: Organizing For Uncertainty – a Rich Agile Model for the Organization of Work by @zenext – http://bit.ly/bygL7Q <also via @oscarberg @raesmaa
  • joyce_hostyn: visualizing the customer experience through customer experience journey maps http://bit.ly/bmYVo0 <important for #entarch
  • oscarberg: RT @driessen: Who Owns Information Architecture? All Of Us. | Forrester Blogs http://bit.ly/diYRjC via @driessen < #entarch #km
  • joyce_hostyn: 10 new business models for this decade http://bit.ly/daErqJ <good worked examples of BusinessModelCanvas #bmgen #bizarch (also: the knowledge game to brainstorm your own http://bit.ly/9WHxKg)
  • CBAtInnovation: RT @jamet123: Blog post: Business rules are king #gartnerbpm http://bit.ly/cGq0n7 <hmm..needs a proper blog-response #entarch – watch this space?
  • tetradian: <post> ‘On business-rules’ (response to Gartner’s ‘Business rules are king’) http://bit.ly/bM4hhY #entarch #itarch #in
  • You_Me_Us: Customer Experience Lessons From Marks And Spencer http://bit.ly/9874EA <useful live case-study #entarch #bizarch
  • SAlhir: “Responsiveness, emergence and self-organization” RT @EskoKilpi: Complexity and the Internet  http://bit.ly/7M3K2J and http://bit.ly/a2xDUF
  • SAlhir: RT @zenext: We don’t create vision to better see inevitabilities in the future, but to better to see possibilities in the present. <also applies to ‘vision’ in the enterprise-Vision sense
  • tetradian: Kevin Smith (PEAF): ‘The Pragmatic Gardener’ http://bit.ly/9mkGTZ <nice metaphor on #entarch frameworks
  • CreatvEmergence: When creativity & imagination are infused into knowledge & information-based structures, a system becomes generative & alive. // In addition to being agile and adaptive, organizations need to become generative.
  • Tomoye: The Economist: The open society, Governments are letting in the light http://bit.ly/clN5tr <implications for #itarch #entarch?
  • Mule_Kick: Blockbuster Business Model Update – Can the #businessmodel be fixed http://bit.ly/b7iGPX <probably too late now (killed by complacency): hence businesses need to constantly re-question all assumptions in business-model – the ‘business-anarchist’ theme
  • davidcushman: http://www.stoweboyd.com/message/umair-haque-is-another-new-spatialist.html > epic stuff from @stoweboyd < #e20 #entarch – brilliant expansion on a previous slidedeck, using an urban-planning motif to re-assess different approaches to social-media etc
  • Cybersal: Attended John Kay’s talk on Obliquity at RSA and bought the book. “The most profitable companies are not the most profit-oriented” #rsakay <I did the same too 🙂 – a very valuable talk, looking forward to having the time to read the book…
  • SAlhir: “Leader & followers R both following the invisible leader — the common purpose.” http://bit.ly/aNolzx #tlcc <interesting history of business-theory connections between Peter Drucker, Gary Hamel and Mary Parker Follett, between Frerick Taylor and Lillian Moller Gilbreth, and also Follett linking Taylor and W Edwards Deming
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @frankspencer via @VenessaMiemis, @rotkapchen: Thinking in the 21st Century Organization – http://bit.ly/bdYBri <very comprehensive visioning framework – have only skimmed so far, need to do a more comprehensive review
  • hebsgaard: HBR: The Delicate Art of Unauthorized #Innovation http://bit.ly/dui4od <getting the balance right in stealth-innovation
  • chrisdpotts: Susan Cramm writing for HBR on “IT Leaders, it’s Time to Give It Up” http://bit.ly/diKW8p – vital step in 3rd-Generation CIO strategies <real need (again) is for trust/respect-relationships between business and IT
  • (via @hebsgaard) Mike Brown: Innovation Metrics: a ‘whole-brain’ strategy http://bit.ly/8ZIyjX <useful overview/examples of culture-metrics, process metrics and return-based metrics
  • joyce_hostyn: “Most companies are corporate iguanas.” Reptilian brain to act. Neocortex to think. But no limbic system (empathy, courage) – Wired to Care // Deeply unfortunate, because companies are made up of people, not iguanas. And people, not iguanas, buy products and services.- Wired to Care // Solution? Open channel of empathy between org & customer. Show employees link between what they create & people who use. <agree – v.important
  • toddbiske: New blog post: Enterprise Architect: Advisor versus Gatekeeper http://www.biske.com/blog/?p=768
  • DavidGurteen: Dave Snowden: Origins of Cynefin (pt.1) http://j.mp/dmkeqx <important, tho’ I must not read this until I finish writing my current book!
  • SAlhir: RT @jorgebarba: Chaos by design http://ff.im/-icTOu <CNN Business article on design-for-chaos at Google

Narrative knowledge, knowledge-management and in-person collaboration:

  • oscarberg: Knowledge = the things you have already understood & can use to take the proper action (or avoid taking action) // Information = the things you need to understand to take the proper action (or avoid action) but don’t yet have received or understood // Your knowledge can only be evaluated from your actions or non-actions – exceptional performance = wisdom
  • oscarberg: RT @lindegaard: Recognition and Respect: How to Earn It | 15inno.com http://tinyurl.com/y87njju <useful advice for experts needing to gain more visibility
  • DavidGurteen: PKM in a nutshell (by @hjarche) http://bit.ly/aZNWQ2 #km <also for KM aspects of #entarch #bizarch
  • business_design: Nice infographic on dialogue by @prugelmeister http://post.ly/Uf3L (via @davegray) http://post.ly/Ufl4 <nice visual description of Bohm-style dialogue
  • DavidGurteen: Knowledge management and technology http://bit.ly/dhWyjv #KM <points to a useful 4-minute video with Chris Collison, co-author of ‘Learning to Fly’
  • EnterprisingA: Thought for today: Knowledge is not wisdom. Experience is not ability. Volume is not value. Perspiration is not productivity.
  • oscarberg: It’s not trust. It’s social capital. http://bit.ly/d1885E #e20 <interesting, but the article has a huge howler in that it talks about ‘spending’ trust as if it’s money – which does not work…
  • CBAtInnovations: RT: @jens_coldewey: An old but great article by @jerryweinberg: Why we never run out of reasons: http://bit.ly/b8Vpk2
  • davidcushman: FasterFuture: Plug collaboration into your business http://bit.ly/9WaE77 <slidedeck by David Cushman describing his work with the 90/10 Group
  • thoughttrans: RT @presentationzen: The secret to great work is great play http://snipurl.com/v2zhs (new pz post)
  • joyce_hostyn: RT @rossdawson: How to build participative strategy in large organizations http://bit.ly/aWOzQb <useful how-to from Ross Dawson
  • hebsgaard: Why People Fail http://tinyurl.com/ye6vhg6
  • bartleeten: John Hagel: Passion and Reason http://icio.us/vaxhxn

Social-media, ‘Enterprise 2.0’ and in-person collaboration:

  • oscarberg: Nestle: Don’t be Human, Even with Social Media. We will hate you for that http://dlvr.it/L2Ns /via @rickmans <brands and social media – beyond ‘corporate control’
  • Cybersal: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Enterprise 2.0 ROI http://bit.ly/a7t36O&gt;&gt;nice expression of trade-off: measurability v impact (via @pevansgreenwood) <hierarchy shown is [from base upward] cost-savings : revenue-generation : customer-satisfaction : employee-satisfaction : cross-org collaboration : innovation culture : organisational agility
  • oscarberg: Enterprise 2.0 and our tendency to think and talk in terms of efficiency http://goo.gl/fb/H2qk <also for #entarch #bizarch – very useful summary of efficiency vs effectiveness
  • CreatvEmergence: @VenessaMiemis Junto: Discussing Ideas Worth Spreading @ http://bit.ly/aRhPFp <v.important – ‘TED for the people’? (also via @oscarberg: “The web is not a destination. It is an interface between people.”)
  • oscarberg: With social software, other people help you find, organize & refind your digital stuff – it’s Social Information Management // I used to be an Information Architect – now I help customers so they can do the organizing & findability stuff themselves
  • You_Me_Us: Does Nielsen’s 90-9-1 still add up in 2010? Help us find out http://is.gd/aTTyV <good question about whether the ratios of lurkers, commenters and creators have changed with the new social-network platforms, and if so, by how much
  • ChristineArena: RT @TomOB: RT @chrisbrogan The end of the social media? I’ll keep working, thx. http://bit.ly/b3pUlL (and they are selectively approving comments!) <points to Umair Haque HBR article on ‘thin relationships and the (supposed) failure of social-networks
  • DavidGurteen: Enterprise 2.0 is not a game anymore, it’s serious business http://bit.ly/cP1rOG <same focus on culture needed in #entarch
  • oscarberg: RT @ceciiil: New post #e20 evangelists: the revolutionaries and the evolutionaries http://wp.me/p58hh-AE feat. @oscarberg Vs @bduperrin
  • craighepburn: Driven by distraction, the value of social networks! http://post.ly/VN7t <using social-media as a source of serendipity
  • DavidGurteen: By @jonhusband: 10 General Principles For Leading and Managing in the Networked Knowledge Workplace http://bit.ly/bIk22Z

Technical-architectures and technical matters in general:

  • taotwit: IBM on Event Processing here http://bit.ly/aUfY3x – interesting defs of Simple, Complex and Business  Events #sbep #entarch <somewhat IT-oriented, but adaptable to also to human- and/or machine-events
  • toddbiske: it continues to amaze me how little shared #entarch doc templates are available on the internet. // Example: Technical architecture questionnaire for due diligence. All big companies (should do) it, nothing proprietary about it. #entarch
  • eatraining: Does Microsoft have an EA Framework like TOGAF ? http://www.mikethearchitect.com/eatk/ <for #itarch yes, #entarch #bizarch no – still promoting Hammer/Champy ‘business process re-engineering’ as a good idea…

Society, culture, business social-responsibility and suchlike matters:

  • DavidGurteen: RT @neridahart: fascinating view of our world from Dave Pollard http://bit.ly/8ZOHIl <‘Manifesto – how to save the world’ – “I am not a consumer” etc
  • joyce_hostyn: cultivating insights through the culture networks that shape us – excellent presentation by Tim Stock http://bit.ly/96snE3 <insightful slidedeck illustrating current cultural drivers
  • oscarberg: If we had a different def of making a career than climbing up hierarchy, we would already have other ways of organizing work
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @simonmainwaring: IDEO magazine launches monthly column. Super cool. I think it’ll be worth checking out. http://bit.ly/cl3FG6

And, of course, the meritoriously magnificent miscellany:

  • SAlhir: RT @chrisbrogan: Thousands of blogs give commentary. Hundreds give how-to. How many give you “why?” <- Fundamental question…
  • oscarberg: RT @euan: powerful, powerful water image http://bit.ly/aoklGE > Wow! <another striking set of images from Big Picture, for World Water Day
  • thoughttrans: Article: Memory Isn’t Consistent http://short.to/14fpq <for business-contacts, “write the small personal stuff down” – useful reminder, with real case-examples
  • CreatvEmergence: Childish Creativity @scienceblogs – http://bit.ly/b0xTsV <reports experiment on deliberately ‘returning to childhood’ to revive creativity
  • CreatvEmergence: Nature by Numbers video (worth seeing in its entirety): http://youtu.be/kkGeOWYOFoA (via @SheriHerndon) <nice 4min visualisation of real-world Fibonacci sequence etc
  • unorder: RT @hnauheimer: Wow! The best and simplest demonstration of complexity I have seen: http://bit.ly/10NIEw (via @reverand) <actually chaos, not complexity, but a nice Dynamic Geomag demonstration / simulation anyway
  • CBAtInnovations: RT: @NigePaulDavis,@GuyKawasaki: Sneak peek at the new Photoshop http://tinyurl.com/yg96ow3 >Wow, timesaving Content-Aware Fill. Can´t wait. <absolutely stunning – watch for some serious image-faking once this is released…

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