A week in Tweets: 28 Mar – 4 Apr 2010

Another week gone by, running late again, but we do have the usual collection os Tweets and links. More after the ‘Read more…’ link:

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture, strategy and structure:

  • SAlhir: The biggest waste is values and vision misalignment (that is, purpose misalignment) < #entarch #bizarch
  • SAlhir: ‘Kanban, Lean and Scrum Are Not Religions’ kanban is a tool, scrum a framework http://bit.ly/d1lNQi <same in #entarch #bizarch – very nice summary of the functional roles of each
  • davidcushman: cracking post from @jmacdonald http://tinyurl.com/ylcee8l <good article on the necessity of overload/disaster-recovery planning even for everyday businesses (restaurant in this example) – real-world chaotic flows mean that the far end of the statistics will always occur at some point, and we need to be ready for them
  • business_design: Guestpost by @HVerwayen on Business Models and Cultural Heritage: http://bit.ly/cGYHZ0 <great #bizarch & #entarch
  • Security-guru Bruce Schneier on ‘Security trade-offs and sacred values’ http://bit.ly/dxqJQN <values-architecture etc in #entarch
  • davidcushman: Publishers should abandon paid content AND ads to survive: http://bit.ly/9mHAEm #bizarch #bmgen <relates to Murdoch’s decision to put a paywall around all content on the [London] Times website
  • joyce_hostyn: RT @GrahamHill: RT @AmirKassaei: Meaning-Driven Brands: A List of Visionaries, Sensemakers, Disruptors, Game Changers, Contrarians: http://bit.ly/c2Qx0m <useful examples of implementations / instantiations of current trends #entarch #bizarch #bmgen
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @timkastelle Experiments – the Key to Innovation http://bit.ly/8XWRW5 < #entarch #bizarch #bmgen etc
  • CreatvEmergence: Passion + creativity + serving greater good + engagement + choice + voice + emergent surprises = new paradigm of work <agree – is also almost exact antithesis of Taylorism’s ‘check your brain at the door’ etc
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @innovate Blogging Innovation: The Four Currents of a Culture of Innovation http://bit.ly/buFmeR
  • business_design: CSR doesn’t need to exist when impact is untrained [embedded] in a company’s DNA! Business can bring change… <hence the value of #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: Latest ‘Creativity in Biz Thought Leader’ Interview: Business improv w/@bizprov http://bit.ly/a8cT2C <key trends #entarch #bizarch
  • simonbrown: RT @techreative: Photo: This is my favorite way to do software architecture. I want digital experiences to be like this [Post-Its on a whiteboard], not mouse-driven experiences on a screen http://tumblr.com/xdk7zrypq <agree – also cf upcoming BMGen iPad app
  • tebbo: Interesting piece by @drmcewan ‘Transaction costs, customers and continuity’ http://j.mp/bR7trK <biz-design, #entarch & #bizarch – insightful cross-reference to a talk by @jobsworth on a high-level re-think of how and why organisations actually work
  • JohnPolgreen: RT @richardveryard Mortimer: EA practice will be more like understanding bird’s wings in flight than using construction analogies.
  • JohnPolgreen: RT @richardveryard #msaic @davidsprott talks about architects shifting attention from the enterprise to the ecosystem. <this is thought of as new??? – that’s what #entarch is, for heaven’s sake…
  • thoughttrans: RT @HarvardBiz Mgmt Tip: 3 Questions ur Business Model Must Answer http://s.hbr.org/a6dAcK <same 4 why someone should hire you
  • joyce_hostyn: strategies for learning from failure “The Neuroscience of Screwing Up” http://icio.us/p5401y via @johnt
  • tebbo: RT @rdatta Innovator’s DNA – 5 crucial skills  that make innovative entrepreneurs http://bit.ly/7vW3A3 < #entarch #bizarch
  • process2go: When process has ‘management’ in the title, often isn’t process but a way of interfering in process. Mgmt is a function #BPM
  • hebsgaard: The Transition to Durable Relationships http://bit.ly/cXtws9 <important but often-ignored theme in #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @diego_s: “Design Thinking for Social Innovation” -> http://bit.ly/7M1k8E ( this is an excellent read; highly recommended ) <from one of the IDEO crew
  • via CreatvEmergence – IDEO’s justly-famous ‘Human-Centered Design Toolkit’ http://bit.ly/YigOW – for NGO’s, but useful for eg. #entarch etc
  • bartleeten: Gabriel Morgan : Positive and Negative behaviors to look out for in Enterprise Architects http://icio.us/krk1tr <a useful summary
  • CreatvEmergence: Another reason improv rocks! RT @bizprov worth reading: “The Error of Eliminating Error” – http://bit.ly/a9rvYs <and another useful summary
  • joyce_hostyn: RT @kkostuck: RT @stevefarber ask yourself: What “normal” constraint do I need to blatantly disregard in order to radically improve things around here? <another ‘business-anarchist’ theme
  • getstoried: “The bad news: There are no maps. The good news? U R the mapmaker.” – Shoshana Zuboff, former HBS professor  #quote #marketing #strategy
  • SAlhir: In the end, we are not loyal to a particular boss/company, but to a set of values we believe in. http://bit.ly/caNpBL @NikosOnline
  • tebbo: RT @rondon @berendjan @nraford @cshirky:  The Collapse of Complex Business Models: http://bit.ly/cwIwxq << Read it. Please. <important re #complexity #society #entarch etc
  • SAlhir: RT @jorgebarba: 10 Great Resources for Creating a Theory of Change « Philanthropy411 Blog http://ff.im/-iwybW <v.useful #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: Dynamic Tension and the Third Way (on my blog) – http://bit.ly/bBUBfJ <nice summary of how emergence works
  • hebsgaard: Toward a new hierarchy of norms in the workplace http://tinyurl.com/y8w6aug <@bduperrin on subsidiarity in #bizarch – see also pithy comments by @rotkapchen: “it’s the rules that create the ‘-archy'”
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @pmeyerphd: RT @fastcompany: How we’ll work in 2025, office design http://bit.ly/9yKZQO <literal biz-architecture! – free-form office-spaces in Macquarie Bank building in Sydney
  • SystemsWiki: New free self-paced interactive Systems Thinking learning program: http://sn.im/v3abr

Narrative-knowledge, knowledge-management and in-person collaboration:

  • DavidGurteen: The Value of Conversation http://bit.ly/9nGBx9 #km #entarch
  • getstoried: storyboarding customer experiences RT @sniggy: great article on #storytelling at the #dmi [PDF] http://bit.ly/cYaqLT #branding #design #cX
  • DavidGurteen: Blog posts of talks from HKKMS conference in HK from Kim Sbarcea #hkkms10 #KM http://bit.ly/aK1KHq #km <includes David Gurteen and Dave Snowden, among others
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @storytellin: Storytelling in business: storytelling in organizations http://bit.ly/buX3zc <old (2001) but v.valuable resource – include John Seely Brown et al.
  • thoughttrans: Article: #in Four ways to be friendly…even on April Fool’s Day http://sbdi-consulting.com/RoE040110.shtml <nice – useful
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @Bizprov: Have you tried improv yet? “How Improv Can Help You Improve”: http://bit.ly/aNDk6n
  • thoughttrans: Good new blog on how to be creative in a corporate environment: http://grootship.com/
  • CreatvEmergence: Right on! TED talk: Adora Svitak: What adults can learn frm kids, incl. wild creativity & optimism http://on.ted.com/8Eci
  • oscarberg: Blogged: Avoid bureaucracy and create a culture of discipline http://goo.gl/fb/LVBeK <nice quote from Jim Collins’ ‘Good to Great’

Social-media, ‘enterprise 2.0’ and online collaboration:

  • craighepburn: RT @absolutesubzero: RT @20Community: A Small Attempt to Model Organizational Evolution by Thierry de Baillon #e2adoption http://su.pr/2UdeJe <a nice use of a Cynefin-like frame in an organisational context
  • joyce_hostyn: Designing for a holistic customer experience – thinking outside the product [new post] http://bit.ly/cNvUty
  • joyce_hostyn: love this treasure map of ux deliverables put together last year by @morville http://bit.ly/d0pcjB

IT-architecture and related matters:

  • rtolido: excellent repository of KPI’s – including many for IT organizations – on http://www.mirror42.com. And a cloud-based platform too.

Society, culture and social business-responsibility:

  • SAlhir: “more communitarian and less libertarian” RT @kingofla: The Broken Society http://nyti.ms/cewH3D. <politics: interesting.. hmm.. a US conservative just-about able to understand why the dread word ‘socialism’ might actually have some valid meaning…
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @Unbanverse – good idea. RT @bruces: http://bit.ly/bkCXnu “Human-Future Interaction.”
  • enterprisearchs: RT @HarvardBiz: Alienation of Capital http://s.hbr.org/ckhtyH <insightful and important #economics
  • DavidGurteen: Creationism teaching guidance in UK schools http://bit.ly/daSduy <is sound re creationism, weaker re IntelDesign? hmm… may need a blog-post
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @Alphalo Gift economies & levels of social systems http://bit.ly/9OixXI <live example – #economics #entarch etc
  • CreatvEmergence: NPR: Jobs Of Yesteryear: Obsolete Occupations http://bit.ly/bGbWQF (link via @limedsgn) <I trained as a typesetter… guess that makes me obsolete? 🙁 🙂
  • CreatvEmergence: Looks fantastic, Jeff! RT @babajeff Intensely focused on designing the C3 Summit. http://consciouscapitalism.com <another new development to watch, this time from the C-level perspective
  • alphalo: A gift economy creates community, community creates a gift economy – a positive feedback loop http://bit.ly/dmYifA < #economics – mutual trust and serendipity as foundations of disciplined community etc (I used to live in this town 20yrs ago 🙂 )
  • alphalo: The 13th step of transition-town steps should be start a network of gift circles http://bit.ly/5sCCbi <good point #economics
  • getstoried: RT @clementyeung: We do not have a money problem in America. We have a values and priorities problem ~Ecelman /@dahara <same in just about every other country that the possession/money-economy touches

And the maddening minutiae of the miscellaneous:

  • SAlhir: Writing a book … for passion, trust, referrals, speaking, consulting, change-making, tenure, connections or joy http://bit.ly/cv34V2 <another succinct, pithy Seth Godin piece
  • CreatvEmergence: 60 writing tips from 6 alltime great writers – bighow news: http://bit.ly/beV1kh
  • business_design: ‘A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people’ Thomas Mann <yeah, know that one first-hand at the moment…

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