Enterprise-architecture on purpose

Here’s the slidedeck for “Enterprise-architecture on purpose”, my presentation to the Open Group conference in Rome, April 2010. It’s a slight departure from my usual slidedecks in that there’s no embedded script in the ‘Notes’ view; instead, I’ve used more slides in a more visual way and tried to make it more self-explanatory.

As one wag put it on Twitter, “Better than EA by accident”, but actually the “on purpose” bit in the title was more about the importance of purpose and vision in resolving executive-level problems in a whole-of-enterprise architecture. It includes two brief real-world examples (mildly modified for confidentiality-reasons): a social-services data-quality problem, and a bank’s problem of lost trust and respect.

See my other presentations on Slideshare for other aspects of whole-of-enterprise architecture practice.

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