A week in Tweets: 25 Apr – 01 May 2010

Finally caught up with the Tweet-week backlog: usual categories, usual ‘Read more…’ link:

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture, business-strategy and related business matters:

  • SAlhir: A Whole New Mind (@DanielPink) – 18th Century: Agriculture Age (farmers) // 19th Century: Industrial Age (factory workers) // 20th Century: Information Age (knowledge workers) // 21st Century: Conceptual Age (creators and empathizers) // Six Senses: Not just Function but also Design // Not just argument but also Story // Not just Focus but also Symphony // Not just Logic but also Empathy // Not just Seriousness but also Play // Not just Accumulation but also Meaning
  • SAlhir: Without purpose, what meaning is there? RT @jessefewell: Empowered Teams Are Dead – Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose http://bit.ly/aYVPaQ
  • business_design: Are you a five-forces disciple or a blue-ocean enthusiast (competition vs. innovation)? http://bit.ly/cAWVZ7 #bizarch <HBR discovers that both approaches work (!!)  and recommends ‘a blended strategy’ (!!!) (apparently it’s ground-breaking research to actually test something that is already known and long-proven in practice…???)
  • SAlhir: Blog: Superperformance & Agility Distilled http://bit.ly/ag2YYF #entarch #bizarch
  • jdevoo: RT @jowyang: Reading @lcecere’s blog on Supply Chain Innovation. http://bit.ly/c0nGew Think hard: it ties *very* close with social.
  • hebsgaard: Plato’s Cave 2.0 A New Myth for Adoption http://tinyurl.com/36jq343 <very useful org-change analogy by Rob Paterson #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @jletourneau: @VenessaMiemis P.S. Chaos doesn’t exist at system level, as constants consistently emerge. http://bit.ly/9N3tDH
  • SAlhir: Mine the intersection of Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Maneuver Warfare Theory (OODA)  http://oodafive.com/ < #entarch etc
  • SAlhir: RT @GrahamHill: RT @adfig: Last issue of ‘Service Science’ just out. http://bit.ly/cGIJv0 #servicedesign #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: Business Day article: “Portrait of the artist as a business science student” http://bit.ly/adjsy5 via @lindanaiman
  • CBAtInnovations: RT @jlindenreed: Nice summary article of the Lean Startup movement http://nyti.ms/cXkCML
  • CreatvEmergence: Thought provoking RT @CoCreatr – WSJ: the Coming Currency Revolution http://hub.vg/v4VPr / via @hubculture #bizarch <”A digital currency for Microsoft Outlook? Social Networks? WSJ’s Andy Jordan talks to currency renegades tired of big-government centralized cash, and desperate to make their own (legal) money systems.”
  • jdevoo: RT @charleneli: 325 review copies of Open Leadership book are left. Get your influencer’s copy http://bit.ly/99CZfY >> recommended
  • chrisdpotts: From the field:  working with EAs who act as a ‘node’ on their orgns EA value network, not as a ‘hub’.
  • kvistgaard: @chrisdpotts All non-IT technologies that business uses is missing like many business aspects not related to IT. TOGAF’s EA is still so IT. // @chrisdpotts And do you know any MBA curricula having EA along w/ Ecomonics and Accounting? Well, that’s how “business” is EA.
  • chrisdpotts: @kvistgaard  EA work I do with people uses definition of Enterprise from Economics, linked with investing in change.  Can’t speak for MBAs! // May be that MBAs are teaching EA – or at least some of it – by another name…
  • kvistgaard: EA was born & is still suffering from the ideas of ‘bridging’ & most of the effort is spent on structuring bridges, not on developing cities
  • bergmart: RT @mikerollings: EA as a profession: too broad of a designation. Current certification of someone as  EA demands the question “what kind?” #entarch #ogrome
  • business_design: Business Model Innovation cuts across an org – that’s why you need to work with multi-disciplinary teams to succeed with BMI
  • rlimbanda: Design w/o architecture is like contemplation w/o cause and intent w/o reason <agree #entarch #bizarch #itarch etc
  • rlimbanda: If failure is not an option, then neither is progress and success.
  • davidcushman: No-Cost Innovation: Capitalize on Customer Ideas http://bit.ly/9CqHE1 Are you making an air or meaty sandwich? /via @SteveKoss
  • chrisdpotts: RT @TCagley: Remember – change is rarely a technical problem, it is a social problem. The techniques needed to “solve” it are very different.
  • CreatvEmergence: Conventional orgs: mechanistic, binary, either/or, static language. Creative orgs: holistic, organic, yes-and, iterative process language.
  • JohnPolgreen: LA #TOGAF cert course: #entarch function needs to report to biz, not IT if we are to ever end the IT focus of our profession.
  • JohnPolgreen: RT@ a_josey Getting started with TOGAF? Visit this site for white papers, templates, reference cards, slide decks. http://bit.ly/1GIbzR
  • bartleeten: Set Business Architecture Goals BEFORE You Start http://j.mp/bcN72e #entarch
  • thoughttrans: SBDi Tips Post: Customer Types Don’t Mean Much http://bit.ly/9z5fa4 <a question of value-propositions #bizarch #entarch // “Is the value we provide the customer what the customer perceives is valuable?”
  • ChristineArena: Dell CMO on how purpose + social media transform the brand http://3bl.me/s4gqg3 <v.important as a live example of use of vision for #entarch and business-transformation – incl. customer-centric, internal value etc
  • craighepburn: RT @deb_lavoy: 42: Why innovation is a hard sell. http://goo.gl/fb/8oQXq <problem-solving: goal, stakeholders, execution
  • basvg: <blogpost> On languages for enterprise architecture: http://bit.ly/b904jA . Comments welcome! <useful view on Archimate #entarch
  • SAlhir: Integration is necessary but not sufficient to achieve resilience. Appreciation and harmonization are necessary. // We should not confuse a Result with Value. Value is a function of a Result in a Context.
  • alphalo: RT @timkastelle RT @innovate: Six Factors in Emergent #Innovation by Hutch Carpenter http://su.pr/2yJN6p
  • theopengroup: RT @a_josey: Getting started with TOGAF? Information site: white papers, templates, reference cards, slide decks etc. http://bit.ly/1GIbzR <TOGAF website I hadn’t seen before: www.togaf.info
  • Bonifer: what to do when ‘buyers are liars’  http://bit.ly/94bYTo <“When buyers improvise, so must you… every selling scenario has potential for uniqueness” #bizarch (i.e. the Chaotic domain) – several important system-design points here
  • ChristineArena: Tin Shed is a great idea: http://3bl.me/rxtz23 @Patagonia rules. <layered visuals expressing enterprise vision #entarch – see especially the embedded ‘1% for the Planet’ video
  • CBAtInnovation: RT @theitskeptic: Aidan Lawes: When is a Process Not a Process? http://ow.ly/1F1eB #itil <about ITIL usage of terms ‘process’ and ‘function’ – relevant to #entarch also
  • SAlhir: RT @jchyip: “The goal of TPS is not zero inventory.The goal is to meet the company’s business needs.” J Liker http://theleanedge.org/?p=833 <some good points on balancing reduced inventory against increased risk of disruption
  • DavidGurteen: To be the best, learn from the rest http://bit.ly/9bjN0q <important New Scientist piece on collaboration #entarch #bizarch
  • CreatvEmergence: Age of Emergence – big yes! RT @VenessaMiemis A Different Universe: Reinventing Physics – http://bit.ly/9VoJHj via @mgusek555 <emergence (interactions of whole) before reductionism (internals of individual parts) – essential principle for #entarch #bizarch
  • thoughttrans: I Shipped! Parrotology is now up on the site! http://tinyurl.com/26ufkov <Pat’s new book on communication b/w biz & IT
  • SAlhir: The ends don’t merely justify the means, there must be balance relative to context and values. <another key concern in #entarch & #bizarch
  • business_design: Check out @Sundelin’s book review of “Getting to Plan B”, which I recently ordered http://bit.ly/drWGBb <business-plans – revenue model, gross margin model, operating model, working capital model and investment model #bizarch

Narrative-knowledge, knowledge-management and in-person collaboration:

  • DavidGurteen: Designing law offices that stimulate casual and informal interaction … http://bit.ly/cf2jrQ #km <also good as #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @rachelbotsman: RT @VenessaMiemis Agree pattern recognition, dot joining, idea arch is essential skill 4 21stC http://bit.ly/aMOgBA
  • oscarberg: RT @cecildijoux: “The winning companies focused on making sure employees feel engaged by their work.” http://ow.ly/1DeZR > must-read
  • DavidGurteen: We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint http://nyti.ms/dC6ucB <NY Times article: nice irony, and painfully accurate..
  • rettema: RT @richardveryard: Visualizing Complexity http://bit.ly/9dWFxl -> Nice example of Fifth Discipline Senge
  • CreatvEmergence: How to Create a Thrilling Life w/a Story Imagination: Tools 4 Creative Practice by Juliet Bruce, PhD: http://bit.ly/cjmN5U
  • DavidGurteen: A slow mind may nurture more creative ideas http://bit.ly/94R8Qp <interesting New Scientist article on structure of ‘white-matter’ in the brain
  • CBAtInnovation: RT @DanSchawbel: RT @jonathanfields How Storytelling Can Transform Your Business or Brand http://bit.ly/b5Pfiw
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @bizprov – Follow the Follower: What Improv Tells Us About Leadership – my new blog post: http://bit.ly/b2VAJl
  • DavidGurteen: A Call for Mindful Leadership http://bit.ly/bMTE0t <quiet, thoughtful, useful – from the HBR blogs
  • nickmalik: Ran across great paper on making excellent technical diagrams… http://bit.ly/9Qt7T6 <references the infamous ‘Afghanistan war diagram’ – which I actually regard as a perfectly normal systems-dependencies diagram that makes perfect sense if you know how to read it, but that’s another story…
  • unorder: RT @davidzinger: The Employee Engagement Network has 745 blog posts on engagement. Start reading today. http://bit.ly/1jUqbN

‘Enterprise 2.0’, social-media and on-line collaboration:

  • oscarberg: Second Wave People http://bit.ly/cflyeA by @collabguy /via @IntraTeam > great post! <user-adoption strategies for collaboration technology
  • joyce_hostyn: “Wait! Don’t leave. You haven’t visited all 25 of my content silos!”   http://bit.ly/diJXbB #contentstrategy <<great presentation <web-design and content-strategy

Technology-architecture and other IT-related items:

  • SAlhir: Getting Real – 37signals http://bit.ly/UGrPs <“A smaller, faster, better way to build software”
  • iyigun: <post>Business Entity Definition Language from IBM http://goo.gl/ew0q #mda #bpm #itarch <language is still an IT-oriented view of the business world, but slowly becoming more real
  • JohnPolgreen: LA #TOGAF cert course: governing agile SW development problematic in ADM Ph G – no preset milestones. Use weekly reviews within sprints?
  • blomr: Architecting for the Cloud: Best Practices http://slidesha.re/9lCpjo (via @madgreek65)<<Nice & different perspective from IBM talk on Monday <good example of well-thought-out technical architecture for cloud – ‘design for failure’ etc
  • 5Di: recommends  http://bit.ly/aq0QWS < a place to go for those interested in event-processing <…by which they mean ‘automatable events’, of course, not end-to-end or substitutable events – but relevant if/when you’re only interested in the #itarch side of the events context

Culture, society, business social responsibility and the like:

  • oscarberg: Internet enhancing, not diminishing, the public square. http://bit.ly/da2dY0 <important on #culture #demographics etc
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @EmergentCulture: Alice and the Rabbit Holographic Universe – http://bit.ly/beZxoW @aazzure < #culture (long – still haven’t read this in full, but seems to be a must-read)
  • alphalo: my thoughts on how trust networks can have important socio-economic-political functions http://bit.ly/a4JmiT #junto
  • alphalo: RT @frankspencer: RT @Urbanverse: Design Thinking: What If We Built Cities As Prototypes?  http://post.ly/dfpV
  • alphalo: RT @gfriend: RT @AlexSteffen: How to think about the city as software: http://bit.ly/dwtEhe http://bit.ly/cL8Gi5 Brilliance from @agpublic
  • alphalo: How economic sys. work in a city is intimately tied to the design&culture of a city. Diff. urban design&cult, diff econ behavior.
  • DavidGurteen: Open Education and the Future http://bit.ly/adY6s7 <v.important on education, digital-‘rights’ and a 2-yr-old yelling ‘Mine!!’
  • rlimbanda: The Atomic Bombs and Khmer Rouge: It is easier to re-build a nation when you destroy its infrastructure than when you destroy its soul. // Two ways to deal with slavery, colonialism, apartheid: re-engineer immediate restitution or architect lives to overcome adversity.
  • davidcushman: Politicians are the wrong people to plan  the future. They can rarely imagine a scenario without them in power at the centre <yup… hence “don’t vote, it only encourages them”…

Series of tweets from @alphalo on ‘How to design a gift-economy:

  • Design element #1 allow people to see what people need
  • #2: design sys that allows people to see the many gifts happening and how they contribute to the economic flow
  • #3: Create community. More community means more likelihood of gifting
  • #4: Make it easy for people to gift to help someone’s needs.
  • #5 : Allow self-expression in gifting. Create possibilities for many types of gifts
  • [@RayGallon] #6: learn to accept the gift graciously. Or at all.
  • #7 Facilitate the formation of semi-autonomous groups that interact with each other largely thru gifting.
  • #8 Scratch our own itches thru gifting. D.I.O. ( Do It Ourselves.)
  • #9 : Create platform where people can express thanks.
  • #10: Create spaces where people listen to each other’s needs. Coach/facilitate/guide people to learn to listen
  • #11: Have honeybees/scouts whose role is to bring gifts and needs that match together.
  • #12 : Design a fractal autonomy structure. Each size scale gifting structure has a certain autonomy
  • #13 : A diversity of gifts allows a group to become more self-sufficient and resilient
  • I luv to hear what u think are gift economy design principles… we can open source the design of a gift economy // Any got a good idea of how to set up an open source way to bring different design ideas of how to do a gift economy?
  • In open collaboration projects, one becomes more of a coach&facilitator than a taskmaster.

Various tweets/retweets by @SAlhir and others from the #wisdom2conf hashtag:

  • VenessaMiemis: qlty of enggmnt->wisdom in universe;yes,all change agents around world should link up&unite < Very well said
  • fivedirections: @sKAISERg internet as opportunity for humility,patience,generosity,interconnection, if used w/skillful means
  • SAlhir: “What is the essence of Community?” is the key question RT @NurtureGirl: Is there such a thing as online community?
  • SAlhir: Community is not about mere connectedness but basis for connectedness.
  • amoration: The tools we have today have the potential to touch people in such a profound way….what is your purpose?
  • SAlhir: Values, Vision, and ultimately Purpose is a profound basis for connectedness and community <is also foundational for #entarch
  • SAlhir: Community emerges from many-to-many connectedness
  • VenessaMiemis: we are mirrors into each others souls – @kanter @salhir @NurtureGirl << Beautiful way 2 describe communities
  • alphalo: How can u use the web to train people to become telepathic (so u dont need web) // Theres already a global consciousness field we can all up/download from thru psychic means (aborigines use to do it)
  • meimeifox: RT @kanter: love the question http://twitpic.com/1k167x <“can the soul learn to tweet”
  • susantrabucchi: RT @ShambhalaPubs: Zappos interview question: On scale of 1To 10, how lucky are you in life?
  • NurtureGirl: …which shifted me really deeply, reached out via email 2 someone met thru twitter.<< Yes, more than Twitter
  • alphalo: neural+immune+endocrine sys intimately interlinked. (see psychoneuroimmunology) so are social networks+econ+eco+political syst.
  • SAlhir: The journeys of our souls intertwine over time, & twitter helps us find points of intersection. What we do with those points is beyond twitter.
  • nadineweil: “How we use technology can be a mirror for what is going on inside us” says Tami Simon
  • alphalo: how will #junto intertwine with econ+political syst +social justice networks+eco movements+spirit?
  • SAlhir: Every interaction is a reification of identity and opportunity for meaning.
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @MariSmith: Tweetstream about Wisdom 2.0 Conference + links, pics, video – http://bit.ly/958TFd /via @tweebus [Wow!]

And the multifaceted miscellanea:

  • SAlhir: Mindmap, Conceptmap, Prezi @CoCreatr http://bit.ly/9oASWB -and- purpose of intelligence is prediction @venessamiemis http://bit.ly/cOblRP
  • oscarberg: Video: Think different: “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs…” http://tumblr.com/xba959fau <great 1-min. overview – strong recommend! – also the ‘business-anarchist’ theme
  • hebsgaard: RT @WebBasedApps: 35 Online Photo Editors To Help You Editing Photo Online … http://bit.ly/clkpNS

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