Updated 'Everyday Enterprise Architecture' is now available

At Dave Snowden’s request, I’ve re-edited my new book Everyday Enterprise Architecture: sensemaking, strategy, structures and solutions to clarify the differences between the Cynefin framework and my own work as described here. That update is now complete, and the amended master-files went off to Lightning Source early this afternoon, so that printed copies should be available via Amazon and the like by somewhen next week (around May 12, I think).

Apologies all round for this unfortunate glitch in the book-launch, but I hope you’ll be pleased with the end-result.

You can download the updated PDF from:

At the moment the link on that page points to the full e-book, not the sample version. I’ll replace it with the sample when I deliver the commercial master-copy to the retailers, but the full version will probably be up there for the next week or so – nominally until 22 May 2010 – so  grab the full version while you can! 🙂

And the updated version is also available, with the others in the series, in the private ‘Review’ section at:

For more on the book itself:

Everyday Enterprise-Architecture

Main theme of this book is the actual details of what we do in enterprise-architecture work, particularly the thinking-processes, the review and reflection, and the practicalities of dealing with clients and other stakeholders in live real-time real-world practice. I’ve structured the book around a realistic ten-day architecture-project, based on real assignments over the past few years.

(Note for various folks at TOGAF Rome: the working-title of this book was Enterprise-architecture in real-time, so that’s what you’ll see in the notes for the conference, and in the sample PDF file if you took a copy.)

Comments and reviews would be much appreciated!

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  1. This book should be required reading on a ‘How to do management consulting’ course. Even rereading it, I find things that I’d missed before. An absolutely excellent book.

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