More Tweets from Open Group conference, Boston

Another collection of Tweets from the Open Group Boston conference, mostly from Day 3 (21 July 2010), and variously on business-architecture, the EA profession, cloud-computing and a few miscellaneous themes. As before, a few additional comments from me in italics.) Thanks again to everyone who Tweeted, especially Aleks Buterman (@aleksb6) and @rsevero.

First, a brief follow-up discussion about the previous day’s presentation by Savi Sharma of Nike:

  • aleksb6: @MartijnVeldkamp @bmichelson Nike is operating within the assumption that #entarch must be a local FTE to be effective. Validity? #ogbos
  • tetradian: @aleksb6 re “#entarch must be local FTE” – yes for long-term ops/maintenance; setup/practice-refresh can (should?) be ext-consultant #ogbos
  • aleksb6: @tetradian why is it better in long-term? i’m questioning the validity of this assumption, since assumptions must be questioned #entarch
  • tetradian: @aleksb6 in AusPost etc we found that #entarch depends very much on know-who as much as know-how – needed long-term connections across org.. // ..we consultants had better knowledge of process, for setup etc, but didn’t have ‘insider’ knowledge needed for long-term maintenance

The first session in the morning track on ‘EA and Business Strategy’, Jack Calhoun from Accelare on “EA and Business Alignment: The Progress You Make, Depends on Where You Start’:

  • rsevero: Wednesday first session at #ogbos : EA and Business Alignment: The Progress You Make, Depends on Where You Start – Jack Calhoun Accelare CEO
  • aleksb6: Jack Calhoun: using value maps as a way to force executive team to make the important choices rather than chase after everything
  • aleksb6: Jack Calhoun at #ogbos on a Sample Enterprise Capability Model – lots of text, but multiple levels of capabilities. The rabbit hole is deep!
  • aleksb6: Jack Calhoun at #ogbos – build a multi-year financial model to hedge against annual budgeting short-term thinking challenges
  • rsevero: Mr. Calhoun on EA: Culture eats strategy for breakfast every day!
  • neilwd: RT @rsevero: Calhoun on EA: Culture eats strategy for breakfast every day! <Businesses aren’t machines, architecture can’t make em so
  • rsevero: @aleksb6 One of the best culture-aware strategy is to have the CEO supporting the EA initiative with a good communication plan.
  • aleksb6: Thanks to Jack Calhoun for giving me a deck of #capability poker cards (#agile and #capabilities together) for a good question at #ogbos

An assortment of tweets from the morning track on Cloud:

  • srog: Cloud initiative founded in a customer service perspective   – San Diego office of educ  #cloud
  • innovationerik: At Open Group event in Boston. First two cloud presentations today were sadly very lightweight. Hoping things will improve soon!
  • rtolido: watching “Building ROI from cloud computing” at Open Group conference Boston
  • rtolido: three new Cloud white papers available in The Open Group bookstore
  • rtolido: three steps described for buying cloud services: determine fit, establish business case, negotiate
  • lmelsted: 1Plug’s Penelope Gordon discusses framework for orgs to identify whether the cloud is right for them
  • rtolido: ah yes, cloud and RISK… I always tend to see reduction of risk as a reason to move to cloud…
  • stevenunn: @rtolido absolutely! That view was supported in our first Open Group run CloudCamp. Reduced risk was one of the top reasons for Cloud <kind of wondering if someone’s being either cynical or strangely naive here – I’ve always regarded Cloud as having huge unaddressed / unacknowledged risks, especially re transport-layer responsibilities, data-escrow, data-ownership, international-jurisdiction issues etc…
  • Technodad: Panel discussion on “Taking the Decision to use Cloud Computing at #ogbos
  • rtolido: Business case skills for cloud? Better use them to justify non-cloud strategies, as cloud very soon will be the market benchmark

The second session on ‘EA and Business Strategy’, this one by Paul Johnson of Pragmatica Innovations, on “EA for Decision Support: Connecting Data To Decisions”:

  • rsevero: Next session: Connecting Data to Decisions – CEO – Pragmatica
  • rsevero: Enterprise architects are the bridge between business and IT, and are expected to speak both languages.So lets do that!Talk is cheap!
  • aleksb6: @rsevero not sure that’s true in all organizational contexts. sometimes, a stealth #entarch approach is more culturally aware
  • rsevero: Yeap @aleksb6, the stealth has to be done with a good communication plan I’ve said. #entarch can be what you say to the teams to do

On the ‘Business Architecture’ track, Tony Mungham of Canadian Border Services Agency on “Using Business Architecture to Understand the End-to-End Value Proposition in a Public Sector Organization”:

  • aleksb6: listening to Tony Mungham from Canada Border Services Agency at #ogbos on using #bizarch to understand the end-to-end value proposition
  • aleksb6: Hooray for Tony Mungham of CBSA!  First focus on linkage between #entarch and #pfmo at #ogbos today in #bizarch track

Followed by Aleks Buterman’s workshop on “Capability Based Architecture”:

  • aleksb6: next up… oh wait, I have to speak?! this should be interesting…
  • bmichelson: hey @aleksb6 how’d your #ogbos Capability Based Business Architecture session go?
  • aleksb6: @bmichelson using my metric for success (the higher the number of hard questions during/after preso, the better) it was great!
  • aleksb6: thanks to the #TOG for having me on the #bizarch menu at #ogbos. lots of talk about #capabilities, value, #entarch during the track

Some tweets about the Archimate track:

  • aleksb6: sitting in on the #archimate track at #ogbos ; not as abfab as #bizarch but it is a key standards-based component of #TIMM
  • rsevero: Archimate – A language for describing architectures covering business, app. and tech. Free stencils for Visio, SA, +others
  • rsevero: Archimate – better than UML, because have not only IT perspective, but also Business.
  • aleksb6: as with all, there is appropriate use for #archimate -> technology representations, as #uml is for req’s and #bpmn for processes

I don’t know which session this relates to, but it certainly hammers home the reason why cross-system integration with enterprise-architecture is so important:

  • rsevero: great session opening: I’ve discovered what EA really is, when my father was diagnosed with pancreas cancer. Wow! Direct to the point.

A couple of notes on Henry Peyret’s presentation on “How Much of Your Future Will Be In The Cloud? Strategies For Embracing Cloud Computing Services”:

  • lmelsted: Forrester’s Henry Peyret says smart computing is the next big thing, not cloud
  • bmichelson: RT @lmelsted: Forrester’s Henry Peyret says smart computing is the next big thing, not cloud <– I prefer smart-enough computing 😉

The lead-in to the popular CloudCamp, another ‘unconference’ that’s become a staple part of the Open Group conferences:

  • rsevero: Tonight we’ll have #CloudCamp with Dave Nielsen… Looking forward…
  • rtolido: giving a brief introduction to The Open Group at #cloudcamp about to start here in Boston in collaboration with #ogbos
  • rsevero: People registering for #cloudcamp Boston at #ogbos
  • rsevero: PizzaCamp before the cloud! #ogbos
  • rsevero: Shrimp pizza? Only in #cloudcamp at  #ogbos . Great taste!
  • rsevero: Mr. Dave “cloud” Nielsen is giving some explanation on cloud camp at #ogbos
  • rsevero: Lightning Speech! 5 minutes for the guys who pay the bill, flight tickets, shrimp pizza and everything else at #ogbos Thanks you!
  • smattoon: @johnsheehan explains @twilio: “Turns a phone into web browser” #cloudcamp
  • rsevero: Let’s go to the unpanel thing! Anyone can ask anything on cloud computing! I think those questions will become the breakdown session

And finally, a few miscellaneous items that didn’t fit anywhere else:

  • lmelsted: #ogbos: The Open Group Launches FACE Consortium to Develop Open Standards for U.S. Army, Navy and Avionics Industry –
  • rsevero: AOGEA presentation – Birgit Hartje – AOGEA. AOGEA stands for Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects.
  • rsevero: Great opportunity to become a #AOGEA Chapter Chair in Brazil. Birgit is already considering that… I think it would be great!
  • bmichelson: 6+1 Secrets of Successful SOA <– my deck from #ogbos now available on slideshare
  • aleksb6: leaving #ogbos behind and heading for home. follow @rsevero for further updates; meanwhile come on #united, get those planes flying on time!
  • rsevero: @aleksb6 thanks for your great tweets… Have a nice trip back! <will echo “thanks for the great tweets” – much appreciated by this ‘outsider’
  • oltranscendence: RT @Dana_Gardner: Enterprise architecture goes agile? << Summing up EA chats at #ogbos, thx @ppossej for noting

Hope this has been useful, anyway – best wishes, and thanks to all!

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