Slidedeck: Introduction to SCORE

Finally got round to uploading to Slideshare my old (2006) slidedeck ‘Introduction to SCORE‘.

SCORE (Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, Responses, Effectiveness) is a kind of ‘upgrade’ to the good ol’ SWOT strategy-assessment framework.

I developed SCORE perhaps a decade ago when I got fed up of the limitations of SWOT, especially in enterprise-architecture assessment. There are a few minor-yet-significant changes to the language, but the main change is addition of a new focus on impacts on overall effectiveness, and the explicit search for usable metrics. I’ve also reworked the method so that it’s used in an iterative, re-entrant way rather than solely as a ‘one-shot’ checklist.

The slidedeck includes a worked-example, based on a real project that we did for a utilities company several years ago.

Here it is, anyway: Share and Enjoy?

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