A week in Tweets: 29 August – 4 September 2010

A week that is not weak but might go sqweek if you tweeked it hard enough? Whichever way you take it, it’s another weeks’-worth of Tweets and links, in the usual categories and same-old ‘Read more…’ link:

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture, business-strategy, innovation and suchlike ‘big-picture’ matters:

  • SAlhir: RT @Annemcx @memeticbrand Fostering social capital in knowledge economy http://goo.gl/fb/euT65 #business (via @biznewshub) <insightful overview of different countries’ and cultures’ support for social-capital and innovation – book-review of ‘The Global Environment of Business: new paradigms for international management’ in Indian newspaper ‘The Hindu’
  • pallega: Largest misunderstanding is thinking that #bizarch is separate from #entarch. EA encompasses business architecture – they are entwined. <EA encompasses/interlinks all other archs for the org – the error Philip describes comes from IT-centric thinking, assuming that EA is solely/primarily about IT
  • SAlhir: “Marketing is about values” Steve Jobs [1997] (per @jack @carbonmade) http://youtu.be/vmG9jzCHtSQ <brilliant summary of key themes in #entarch/#bizarch (intro to Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign)
  • business_design: Can a company without lateral thinkers innovate their business model? How are you boosting the lateral thinkers in your org? <is key in #entarch/#bizarch too
  • simonbrown: RT @arnonrgo: RT @colin_jack: RT @alancfrancis: Desperately, desperately familiar http://www.halfarsedagilemanifesto.org/ <oh gawd… yes, a painfully-accurate description of ‘disaster-in-the-making’ – how to ensure that a project has all of the disadvantages of Agile and Waterfall with the advantages of neither
  • SAlhir: RT @Annemcx RT @Digitaltonto @petervan Value Network maps to understand how your organization works http://bit.ly/bwGChV <useful quick-overview – see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_network for more description and sources
  • SAlhir: A Social Vision for Value Co-creation in Design (2009) http://bit.ly/amM4qV <v.useful summary on value & co-creation #entarch
  • eatraining: Overview of the TOGAF 9 method and framework by Chief Architect, Craig Martin of Enterprise Architects http://bit.ly/bfrB96 <useful 1.5hr video introduction to TOGAF9 in practice #itarch #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @Gartner_inc: Simplicity Is Not Overrated – It’s Misunderstood – Brian Prentice, #Gartner http://bit.ly/b2HNvs <the key theme of simplicity is not absence of features, but relevance of features
  • SAlhir: RT @JenniferSertl @ideahive @johnt @VenessaMiemis: Biology of Business: 11 Simple Rules from Complex Adaptive Systems http://bit.ly/9qogbl <v.useful summary of complex-adaptive systems in the context of business #entarch
  • tetradian: [post] Next-generation toolsets for enterprise-architecture? [a call for community engagement] http://bit.ly/bDQhBC #entarch #in
  • business_design: Amazing: blind to business model innovation within org structures RT @davemcclure: RT @TechCrunch http://t.co/E1bKu7B by @apartovi <the missed-opportunities for monetising search: good example of how existing success can blind strategists to even better options
  • tebbo: I like this folding bike helmet story from the paper.li of @TomRaftery: http://bit.ly/dohLYV <note also biz-model issues #bizarch – a good business-model that works well elsewhere (bike-rental) falling foul of local laws (mandatory bike-helmets), forcing a rethink of the overall business-model
  • BillIves: RT @socialmedia2day: Social Media and Hurricane Katrina: What If? http://goo.gl/fb/ervVa <reality of what #entarch must be able to cover
  • tetradian: [post] An Enterprise Canvas update: ‘value-governance’ http://bit.ly/9LMbIl #entarch #bizarch #csm
  • josvanoosten: Andrew McAfee: We’re About to Find Out if Companies Mean What’s in Their Mission Statements http://bit.ly/bS9nRW #bizarch
  • aojensen: RT @meneerharmsen: Interesting 2009 paper by John Seddon that will challenge your ideas on the application of Lean for Service Organizations — http://bit.ly/jIE4O
  • Cybersal: Guardian article about  human impact of Digital Taylorism http://bit.ly/akoBbl Could this be the dark side of EA? #entarch
  • aojensen: RT @SystemsThinker: Standardisation design strips our lives of interest & thinking http://bit.ly/bzWBdr comp to systems thinking freedom http://bit.ly/byVQkf <(first link points to same Guardian article as above)
  • thoughttrans: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: The corporate conscience http://bit.ly/btPdBI <responsibility (or lack of it) #entarch
  • eatraining: Six Attributes Every Business Architect Should Display http://bit.ly/c5q7MM <useful summary from Forrester’s Jeff Scott #bizarch #entarch
  • thoughttrans: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: Just launched: Linchpin on the Vook on the iPad http://bit.ly/dgKcwH <read this for the note on the AppStore’s current inappropriateness for ‘long tail’ distribution
  • aojensen: RT @jmraventos: John Seddon: Why Management Tools Don’t Work http://bit.ly/cjOcwl #systemthinking #bizarch #metrics
  • nickmalik: Ecosystem Quality Attributes: Bus Arch method provides clear direction to business change agents: http://bit.ly/cOvEZL #bizarch #entarch <recommend
  • pallega: @nickmalik This is already happening with various visualization, simulation and optimization approaches – Agent Based Modeling comes to mind
  • tonyrestell: RT @JoAnneBarrameda: Are #Tech Companies Buying Trouble with Recent M&A deals? http://bit.ly/cUSsEy #bizarch #entarch
  • (via @tonyrestell) Tackling the ‘People Problems’ of Integration http://bit.ly/aJQHGG <v.useful real example #bizarch #entarch
  • chrisdpotts: From @dealarchitect: “Burning question: time to Split IT?” http://bit.ly/9WvX8D | me: http://bit.ly/byzVJp + fruITion, etc <same theme as in #entarch: CIO as generalist (‘polymath’) reporting direct to CEO, IT splits off into its own specialist domains (but then who does the existing CIO role?)
  • pallega: RT @eTrends1 EA w/o BA is like a blind drunk with a shotgun; EA w/o business context is just technological gratification #EntArch
  • getstoried: “Drama comes from contrast, showing difference between “what was” & “what is.” The greater difference, greater the drama.” – @LouHoffman <part of the drama in #entarch is showing the difference between ‘what is’ and ‘what shall be’
  • joyce_hostyn: Social business about realigning whole company with customer satisfaction. To succeed, need HEROs via @fredzimny http://ping.fm/Is9pM <article by Bernard Duperrin: ‘HERO’ acronym is ‘Highly Empowered Resourceful Operative’
  • joyce_hostyn: RT @kencooperusa: How Millennials’ Sharing Habits Can Benefit Organizations – Andrew McAfee – Harvard Business Review http://bit.ly/bYED2h #millennials #e20
  • business_design: RT @hnshah: 20 Must-See Business TED Talks http://kiss.ly/cCCMHP #entrepreneur #bizarch #entarch
  • jdevoo: At last a documentary/fiction about Project Cyberstride (spanish) http://bit.ly/9Gz27v #VSM // SYNCO Teaser 2010 http://bit.ly/cAheQx <Stafford Beer’s masterpiece in Chile
  • pallega: Blog: John Zachman is Dead, Long Live John Zachman http://tinyurl.com/26z2o7r #entarch #bizarch <a sad soap-opera… oh well… – John A Zachman himself is a really nice guy in person, so it’s good to see that at least he seems to come out of this mess with his honour intact
  • business_design: RT @1080d: @business_design Made a Business Model Canvas template in Cacoo / useful for real time collaboration. http://bit.ly/bizmodcanvas #bmgen #bizarch
  • jdevoo: RT @skap5: My wife says I only blog about silos. No, this post is about interstitial spaces between them! http://bit.ly/ceMLSp >> Hyperion <architecture is about the balance between the silos and the spaces #entarch
  • Cybersal: Interesting to see Tesco piece tweeted alot  http://ow.ly/2ymlJ As a customer, I find their stores are complex and rather cluttered.#entarch <points to HBR article “A Simpler Way to Make It Simpler”, about Tesco’s approach to innovation: “three conditions: 1. must be in some way better for customers; 2. ultimately prove cheaper for Tesco; 3. must make things simpler for staff” – third item is usually the hard part
  • trevorsnaith: Now available on line is the recording of the Archimate webinar hosted by Craig Martin of Enterprise Architects http://lnkd.in/9D8dfH <introduction to Archimate #itarch #entarch
  • thoughttrans: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: Better than nothing (is harder than you think) http://bit.ly/c2LSdO <most of the time your real competitor is nothing-at-all – good point for #bizarch etc
  • aojensen: My thesis is now available for download here: http://bit.ly/bVVgsr #entarch #thesis #systemsthinking #sensemaking <two detailed case-studies of #entarch metamodelling in e-Government
  • joyce_hostyn: RT @adam_hartung: The End of Management – Wall Street Journal http://bit.ly/aAqK9t We must change how we manage #mgmt #leadership #management #strategy
  • taotwit: RT @pevansgreenwood: Planning should not require a Gantt chart http://bit.ly/dlwrmA <another insightful post from PEG #entarch #bizarch #change
  • taotwit: Exploring how far VPEC-T, Adoption Engineering , Viz Thinking et al go to helping solve messes (aka ‘Wicked Problems’)  http://bit.ly/9DgjGY
  • SAlhir: RT @lindegaard RT @innovate No Strategy – No Innovation http://bit.ly/cmafjG
  • tetradian: [post] Architecture: To-be is top-down, as-is is bottom-up http://bit.ly/cQidO1 #entarch #bizarch #itarch
  • adrianrcampbell: #entarch at board level in the future (US GAO – government EA maturity-model) http://tinyurl.com/248glhz
  • SAlhir: Seven Challenges to Combining Human and Automated Service [PDF] http://tinyurl.com/3xg65tr HT @GrahamHill @stevevargo @ireneclng
  • SAlhir: Design failure RT @Annemcx RT @Digitaltonto @IvanHernandez_: Redefining Failure – HBR Column by @SethGodin – http://tinyurl.com/2w6fg2d <important #bizarch / #entarch concerns
  • business_design: RT @ericries: If you’re getting something for free, you’re not the customer, you’re the product. Free = adv. You pay with your attention. <good point – I hadn’t thought of it that way before
  • SAlhir: RT @CoCreatr RT @jaycross: When Processes are Really Networks | ValueNetworks.com http://post.ly/vSER <for #processarch #bizarch (is mainly a marketing piece, but still useful)
  • SAlhir: RT @JenKuhnPR For individuals, character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny. @Zappos @dhbook @BLichtenwalner #leadchange #entarch #bizarch
  • taotwit: asked by friends last night: “So what exactly do you do?” .. my ans: “I design business change & fix messy problems” – my best yet! <similar answer for #entarch / #bizarch etc
  • eatraining: Measuring the Business Impacts of Effective Data http://bit.ly/dsoJkc <pointer to three-part University of Texas study
  • eatraining: How do you measure success and failure of projects? http://bit.ly/ckWABU <insightful #bpm #entarch #bizarch
  • thoughttrans: RT @babygorillas: Wondering how to protect your ideas in a digital world? You can’t. So why not spread your ideas instead? <healthy realism about the delusory notion of ‘intellectual property! 🙂
  • eatraining: How to succeed with integration http://bit.ly/bnY86R <technical integration is a primarily human issue, relying on two key attributes: good will, and hard work
  • thoughttrans: RT @sniukas How Booz & Company Develops and Markets Consulting Concepts http://bit.ly/9sIDXD via @AddToAny <<many truths and reality here
  • SAlhir: RT @ehooge Usership is the new ownership http://ow.ly/2zuAg (by @rentcycle) #collcons <responsibility-based economy #entarch – recommend
  • unorder: A long but interesting post about #complexity misunderstandings such as the butterfly’s wings and tornados in Texas http://bit.ly/dfEB6e <another brilliant piece by Cynthia Kurtz showing how scientific research on uncertainty becomes reframed – especially in business-books – as reassertions of the myth of certainty

A brief discussion on the role of business-architecture, triggered by a post by Gartner’s Philip Allega:

  • pallega: Blog: #bizarch is part of #entarch http://tinyurl.com/35j5amm will certainly raise a little controversy <breaking free of IT-centrism
  • chrisdpotts: RT @pallega: Blog: #bizarch is part of #entarch http://tinyurl.com/35j5amm will raise a little controversy | me: http://bit.ly/2WU0Lf <points to PDF from 2008 – another key player for whom this is not ‘controversial’
  • aleksb6: @tetradian certainly not controversial in our book; we positioned #bizarch into #entarch #capability map a year ago this week! #cio #ceo
  • pallega: @chrisdpotts http://tinyurl.com/269v6hf [Gartner video, 2009] recognizing that EA has been out of IT for some time, even if many #entarch & #bizarch don’t see it <good overview of the business role of enterprise-architecture and enterprise-architects
  • chrisdpotts: @pallega much #entarch is heavily focused on various forms of Capital a business uses, rather than its Enterprise to exploit that Capital
  • pallega: @chrisdpotts Strong #entarch mirror their business focus – if it’s on Capital use rather than exploitation, biz leaders must shift focus

Narrative-knowledge, knowledge-management, creativity, leadership and in-person collaboration:

  • unorder: A little thanks goes a long way. Excellent post by Bob Sutton (@work_matters) http://bit.ly/bOCyWy
  • SAlhir: Tribal Leadership – Free Audio Book http://bit.ly/atiUgF and Summary http://bit.ly/cdAzM8 #entarch #orgarch
  • oscarberg: RT @EskoKilpi: A new blog post on the paradox of conformity and deviance http://bit.ly/7M3K2J <decision-making within groups – the ‘business-anarchist’ theme again
  • SAlhir: there is no safety in conformism RT @ArnoldBeekes: Leadership and Change Don’t Match – What do you think? http://t.co/USjwUp3
  • business_design: Confirmed (hopefully 😉 RT @alaindebotton: The symptoms of hatching a good idea: despair, insomnia, irritability, mania…
  • CreatvEmergence: Breakthroughs at Every Turn – http://t.co/sFtyjvj
  • SAlhir: RT @rachelbotsman: Sharing, collaboration, community –> brave new paradigm.Nice post & thanks @rightbrainjane http://bit.ly/9sMRNZ #CollCons
  • SAlhir: “Every responsible and aware adult should understand that they do nothing in isolation” http://youtu.be/jS5BpO6l8mo by @JenniferSertl <nice intro-video to ‘transleadership’ in organisations
  • SAlhir: Shape Serendipity, Understand Stress, Reignite Passion http://bit.ly/ccdG91 (via @futurescape @wimrampen @SemiraSK) #entarch <by John Hagel and John Seely Brown (‘Power of Pull’) – strong recommend
  • getstoried: Well done! RT @pierrepradal: Narrative vs Interactivity – Why Interactive media are not the future of #storytelling – http://ow.ly/2xPDU
  • getstoried: Well said! RT @thaler: “Everyone Wants to Be a Hero” [Choose the right hero] http://j.mp/axPTf5 (via @greggvm) #storytelling <includes quote from Robert McKee re story: “Empathy is necessary. Sympathy is optional.”
  • SAlhir: Tribal Leadership – Free Webinar Part 1of3: Tribes and Leaders http://bit.ly/bo0T3h // Webinar Part 2of3: Leadership and Strategy http://bit.ly/9OmYV3 // Webinar Part 3of3: Transformation http://bit.ly/aBhXUU // Workshop http://bit.ly/cexSUN and Free Audio Book http://bit.ly/atiUgF
  • oscarberg: RT @rasneil: Get Ready for Chaos at Work, Warns Gartner – The Connected Web http://bit.ly/99Q52P – It’s all about fostering those moments of serendipity <Gartner’s post is more about non-repeatability rather than serendipity – dealing with overstress and inherent-uncertainty rather than deliberate use of ‘chaotic’ elements
  • billives: via @robpatrob: By @joemckendrick: Enter the ‘Chief Listening Officer’… or Shouldn’t We All be CLOs? http://bit.ly/d2KTV4 #socmedia #e20 #narrative #bizarch
  • getstoried: “Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.” – Hannah Arendt, German Political Philosopher #narrative #socmedia
  • getstoried: “Australian Aborigines say that the big stories – the stories worth telling and retelling, the ones in which you may find the meaning of your life – are forever stalking the right teller, sniffing and tracking their tellers like predators hunting their prey in the bush” – Robert Moss, author, Dreamgates <key quote re #entarch story
  • CreatvEmergence: Emergent creativity, like any new birth, is messy. If it’s not messy, chances are it’s re-packaging.
  • Bonifer: Los Mineros, Part 3.  Emotional heightening.  http://bit.ly/ckehJE #gamechangers
  • CreatvEmergence: 52 traits of highly creative people – http://bit.ly/b4FBRf – by @wanderingalan
  • CreatvEmergence: Better Business Through Improv [on Brand Autopsy blog] http://bit.ly/akamwQ <I bought the book because of this… 🙂
  • getstoried: Brilliant! RT @robinsloan: What’s a cyborg, anyway? Very fun, readable pictorial run-down @doingitwrong: http://t.co/SsTMQwD #storytelling <thought-provoking indeed – strong recommend
  • getstoried: RT @Bizprov “You can’t be creative if you refuse to be confused” http://ow.ly/2zfep <an interesting read with echoes of the ‘business anarchist’ theme
  • getstoried: Huge insight! Choose the right story “moment” RT: @torbenb David vs. Goliath and the Art of #Storytelling http://bit.ly/cJslVH

Social-media, ‘enterprise 2.0’, user-experience and online-collaboration:

  • jdevoo: RT @ipols: Future of social as seen by @stoweboyd http://bit.ly/9nCVWn >> insightful view on social networks today and tomorrow
  • BillIves: RT @lehawes: 15 Free Enterprise #Collaboration Tools http://is.gd/eM3HM.  Good list, but, as always, there are some missing.
  • thoughttrans: with all the noise on the Internet…great content is getting lost <yeah… the classic problem of signal-to-noise ratio… and I’d agree that it seems it’s getting harder to find usable signal… 🙁
  • BillIves: RT @socialmedia2day: 4 Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Posts http://goo.gl/fb/LtNxD #sm
  • oscarberg: Blogged: Why transparency is key to Enterprise 2.0 http://t.co/OYFZJR1 #AIIM #e20 <and (self-)responsibility too #entarch
  • joemckendrick: Hyper-Social Enterprise: What it Takes to Lead One: Enterprise 2.0 Blog: Ne.. http://bit.ly/cAveIl
  • joyce_hostyn: “fastest path to building a Social Frankenstein is to think technology first”  http://ping.fm/aPu3L #ux via @fredzimny #20 #socialmedia
  • oscarberg: RT @ScepticGeek: New Blog Post: The Filtering For Relevance Matrix http://j.mp/aAVhIo <recommend #socmedia #e20
  • oscarberg: RT @JoachimNiemeier: Mitigating enterprise collaboration risks [PDF] http://bit.ly/a4Hfq7 #e20 <useful one-page how-to from StepTwo Designs
  • oscarberg: RT @MartijnLinssen: RT @jowyang How to tell if your Company is Advanced: 10 Criteria Of Social Business Maturity: http://bit.ly/ayKUxZ <useful list of maturity-criteria – also applicable to any #socmedia / #e20 aspects of #bizarch #entarch etc
  • getstoried: Some great beginner’s advice #mediajedi RT @copyblogger 20 Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks http://bit.ly/9DTEDv // More great advice #mediajedi RT @copyblogger 5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post With a Bang http://bit.ly/WCHuj #narrative
  • getstoried: Solid gold! #socent #npo RT @franswaa: 5 (#nptech) Things I’d do if I Started Today – http://bit.ly/9dwb9X <useful  #socmedia summary/how-to for nonprofits (and us ordinary folks too)
  • getstoried: For #mediajedi RT @JasonFalls: Timely advice for two of my clients! How to start a website redesign: http://ar.gy/1hM
  • joyce_hostyn: 1.1 thinking stops marketers from delivering marketing 2.0 “from Social Media to Social Business” by @tdebaillon http://slidesha.re/9x1Vai <another useful #socmedia summary, this time from Thierry de Baillon
  • BillIves: Twitter-Based Customer Service: How Best Buy Gets It Right http://bit.ly/bTfkmL via @SBoSM <too-skimpy overview of Best Buy’s use of Twitter – need more info than this, but it’s a relevant start

IT-architecture, software-systems and IT-related matters in general:

  • jdevoo: RT @whiteafrican: In an age of information abundance, curating meaning is key. http://bit.ly/buzYQy >> in @smallrivers spirit <part of the #ushahidi project/software-ecosystem for emergency-management #itarch #disasterrecovery
  • craighepburn: RT @Nseries: Wi-fi detector t-shirt, anyone? http://bit.ly/bN8C9I
  • hebsgaard: RT @GuyKawasaki: Silicon oxide chips could push limits of small http://idek.net/2~ja #technology
  • bartleeten: RT @krismeukens: Relating Business Goals to Architecturally Significant Requirements for Software Systems #itarch #entarch http://icio.us/tco0ut

Society, culture, corporate social responsibility and similar social-context themes:

  • smbounds: Roman Jakobson: “Languages differ essentially in what they must convey and not in what they may convey” http://nyti.ms/9mcMv4 HT @ChasLicc <insightful NY Times article on the way language impacts on and shapes thought and experience
  • SAlhir: RT @rachelbotsman: revolution in way we think about ownership? WIRED article by brilliant @pomeranian99 PDF http://bit.ly/aXCAX7 #CollCons <‘collaborative consumption’ – in other words, the perfectly-ordinary old idea of sharing, but now via the Net and with money attached…
  • ChristineArena: RT @sapymes How do you measure #sustainability? New blog entry by @ElaineCohen http://bit.ly/9eIP88 #csr #bizarch
  • ChristineArena: RT @sparkUp_inc The corporate cultural divide: some grow more secretive http://bit.ly/baRvg7 others more open http://huff.to/buIVEj #csr #bizarch #entarch
  • jdevoo: From technoscience to technoethics – Michel Puech in Tokyo at the Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science http://bit.ly/dquSxr
  • Eclectopedic: RT @TEDchris: Pakistan floods: the stories we’re not being told http://bit.ly/9RI2Jm <real issues, constructive response – importance of direct narrative
  • ChristineArena: RT @ethicsblogger: The Business Ethics Blog: BP and Corporate Social Responsibility http://bit.ly/cBlCcg #CSR #oilspill <for once, not just crude BP-bashing – also illustrates the huge gulf between the John Browne era (when BP was committed to responsibility) and the Tony Hayward era (a ‘shareholder revolution’ that refocussed to company on short-term gain above all else)
  • tebbo: Are we “chickens in a cage disputing over a few seeds of grain, unaware that in a few hours they will all be killed”? http://bit.ly/csTWA5 <“How Buddhism could be a way out of the environmental mess we are in”: thoughtful Guardian piece on Buddhist writer/teacher Thich Nhat Hanh
  • SAlhir: RT @umairh Still thinking in terms of return on investment? Yawn.Try thinking returns on attention, participation, wellness, meaning instead. <each of which are themselves forms of investment, of course
  • SAlhir: RT @umairh crisis is about a bankruptcy. But not superficial financial one. The real insolvency is one of care, love, passion, meaning, truth. <strongly agree
  • ironick: Sublimely ironic. Winning “1st person shooter” w/o shooting anyone. Gamer plays Modern Warfare 2 w/o killing anyone! http://bit.ly/awPwgt <a bleakly yet beautifully ironic twist: in this game’s virtual world, killing is so ‘easy’ that playing the game without killing is a much harder and much more worthwhile challenge
  • kdierc: RT @ceoSteveJobs: Forget ‘People of WalMart.’ Now we’ve got ‘People of Apple.’ http://peopleofapple.wordpress.com/ <oh dear… 🙂 – when culture is, uh, a little too much off-the-wall..

And that magically-marvellous miscellany:

  • thoughttrans: RT @bmichelson  Swimming in an idea torrent. <<like that phrase
  • josvanoosten: The Google Docs Drawing Tool Makes Collaborative Drawing Easier http://bit.ly/bix6jG <useful how-to from the ‘Make Use Of…’ website
  • via @josvanoosten: How To Shoot Your Own Promotional Marketing Video From Start To Finish http://bit.ly/9KwBvJ <another useful how-to from the Make Use Of site
  • tebbo: My short review of paper.li is here: http://bit.ly/alAhZe And here’s a nice ‘how to use it’ post: http://bit.ly/9mnGcm by Kristi Hines
  • AussiMike: Hmmm…I think I am becoming a subscriber to the mantra “Life is all about entropy…everything is in the process of falling apart”
  • Cybersal: RT @tquinlan From @davidhepworth “Wor(l)d War One as a pub fight” http://bit.ly/c3c4XS Just fab >>Friday Fun:Comments are very funny too.
  • MerlinChauffeur: Merlin barks about his latest road trip- #Marin labyrinths. http://bit.ly/ceFrEM <photographer and long-time friend Cindy Pavlinac takes a visitor on a wander around some of the labyrinths created in recent decades in the region just north of San Francisco
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  2. Tom G says:

    Many thanks for the comment, Pat. I do sometimes wonder whether these weekly round-ups are of any use to anyone: glad to know that they are, if only for trend-analysis! 🙂

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