A week in Tweets: 5-11 September 2010

Yes, it’s another week’s-worth of Tweets and links. Usual categories – with a trio of extra discussions this time – after the usual ‘Read more…’ link.

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture, business-strategy, business-innovation and such matters:

  • bartleeten: RT @longreads: RT @TheBrowser: http://b.rw/d6Itxo Internet’s Virtual Counter-Revolution, The Economist #longreads
  • kvistgaard: RT @bpmsystems: HBR: Does Your Company Suffer from Process Attention Deficit Disorder? http://s.hbr.org/9eVYuo #entarch
  • business_design: New update by @sundelin of his visual history of business model concepts http://bit.ly/9rcPiQ #bizarch #bmgen
  • eatraining: Strategy and Tactics using #Entarch: The on-going debate on UML as a #bizarch language http://bit.ly/9tU1L7 <recommend – good summary of practical experience, eg. mixing icons/images with formal (abstract) rigour
  • trevorsnaith: Use Value Network maps to understand how your organization works http://bit.ly/b9nyvb <useful introductory how-to #bizarch #entarch
  • kvistgaard: All talk a/t social BPM but nobody a/t social #entarch. Why? Because EA is social by nature: EA discussion is the most common EA artifact.
  • kvistgaard: You don’t need to know where you are to know where to be, you need it for the “how” #entarch #bpm
  • chrisdpotts: “What distinguishes a great architect from an ordinary architect is the use of space” http://bit.ly/a4bWdy #entarch
  • BillIves: post on Enterprise Collaboration Architecture from Cisco that Goes Beyond Technology http://bit.ly/9o5b9M <hooray! – a tech firm that ‘gets’ the need to extend far beyond IT alone #e20 #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: It’s not structure vs. flow…it’s about creating new structures that liberate, rather than inhibit, flow.
  • trevorsnaith: Janne Korhonen: The Future of Governance is Circular http://bit.ly/9D3MsZ <recommend #entarch #itarch etc
  • chrisdpotts: #CIO ‘s C-suite from last week’s summit:  Consumerization, Collaboration, Cloud, Capex-becomes-Opex, CIO, Contribution, Change // #CIO ‘s S-suite from last week’s summit: Sourcing, Supply Chain, Security, Suppliers, Shift-the-focus // #CIO ‘s I-suite from last week’s summit: Inspiration, Innovation, Investment, Information, IT department, Infrastructure
  • kvistgaard: RT @passion4process: helping customers build case to take BPM prgrm to next level.  Key missing ingredient for both: success metrics. #bpm
  • SAlhir: RT @lindegaard The Power of Co-Creation – interview with Ramaswamy http://bit.ly/actDpO via @ariegoldshlager < #entarch #collaboration
  • SAlhir: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: Marketing to the bottom of the pyramid http://bit.ly/cDCge4 <v.important #bizarch example
  • business_design: RT @patrickpijl: 10 tips for Business Model Innovation #bmgen, #innovation http://bit.ly/cYrQcK <recommend #bizarch
  • Cybersal: Nice post on difference between simple, complicated and complex by @jurgenappelo http://bit.ly/cggUdi <also recommend – takes the model beyond Cynefin etc
  • kvistgaard: Religious #entarch defintion: preferring destiny to destination (applies to #bpm etc)
  • SAlhir: RT @SemiraSK Our Job is to Invent the Future- simple, eh? by @timkastelle http://bit.ly/9a5Du2 #Innovation via @ralph_ohr
  • kvistgaard: Funny exercise: trying to make an #entarch model based on logical levels of Dilts (NLP) starting from business capabilities and environment <sounds interesting – some similarities to my own work on enterprise-vision etc – worth following up?
  • practicingea: RT @RSessions: Problem with #entarch isn’t lack of agility, it’s lack of value. Producing no value faster isn’t helpful. <strongly agree
  • jdevoo: Two great system thinking blogs: The Oil Drum http://bit.ly/9WFpRt and Question Everything http://bit.ly/aFRZTn #recommended
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @VenessaMiemis: trendwatching.com’s September 2010 Trend Briefing MATURIALISM http://t.co/ns4ajLx <always a good read 🙂 #futures #bizarch #bmgen
  • business_design: RT @davemcclure: RT @kkoym:  #leanstartup biz model framework ex. by @ashmaurya http://bit.ly/bqxRZw <important alternate view of #bmgen modelling for #bizarch etc (read the comments also)
  • smbounds: Four strategies to handle uncertainty and complexity in systems – hedge, buffer, feedback or ignore http://bounds.net.au/node/56 <“To say that ‘[one party] will probably win’ before election day is, in fact, an unhelpful statement to make. There is only one election, so even if in 99 out of 100 hypothetical universes [the party] would win, it is the results in our universe that matter.” – key distinction between Complex (emergent from all-possible-universes) versus Chaotic (it is the results in this universe that matter)
  • taotwit: I was surprised to find this CIO.com article an interesting commentary on EA -> http://bit.ly/cOfHU6 #entarch <me: yes! 🙂 – a business-focussed view of #entarch and even of #itarch – recommend
  • Cybersal: RT @taotwit ….CIO.com article, an interesting commentary on EA -> http://bit.ly/cOfHU6 #entarch >CIO article is a must-read for ‘EAisDead’ mob
  • SAlhir: Co-Creation: Companies spent 20th century managing efficiencies. must spend 21st century managing experiences. http://bit.ly/dwNr4k <classic (2002) article by CK Prahalad and Venkatram Ramaswamy
  • CreatvEmergence: From Hierarchy to Panarchy: The unfolding of a global paradigm shift – http://bit.ly/9ZSzmH <relevant for #entarch
  • (via @cfkurtz): By @jurgenappelo: Long Live The Panarchy http://bit.ly/aQAVh6 <the ‘business anarchist’ theme in #entarch etc
  • CreatvEmergence: “Innovation communities” harness the creative energy of workers – WSJ – http://ht.ly/2uypG via @pmeyerphd @Bizprov
  • kvistgaard: RT @skemsley: In the BPMN debate, remember Drucker: “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” <also applies to #entarch etc – and most other things too, of course
  • thoughttrans: Ingredients Matter: http://EzineArticles.com/4996280 <good worked-example of vision etc for #entarch #bizarch
  • tonyrestell: Interesting new report includes 73% of Execs fear cost control is stopping them capitalising on opportunities http://bit.ly/cBAKY2 <the classic business-mistake: drive for ‘cost-efficiency’ kills capability and agility
  • thoughttrans: Leading With Why: http://EzineArticles.com/4996224 <why -> emotion -> motivation #entarch #bizarch #orgarch
  • getstoried: I love this video, Guy! RT @GuyKawasaki: The meaning of meaning http://om.ly/tyAf #storytelling #entarch #bizarch
  • mkrigsman: @bryanglick @chrisdpotts More on the NHS change in policy http://zd.net/8XbWZs <[UK] NHS abandons its multi-billion pound IT centralisation project #entarch #itarch #projectfail
  • basvg: <post> http://bit.ly/dfNU3s Explaining principles, and making them work #entarch .. comments welcome! <v.useful analogy with musical-performance
  • CreatvEmergence: HBR, by @umairh: The Power to Pull Prosperity http://bit.ly/b74z8Y via @VenessaMiemis @petervan <review and comment on ‘The Power of Pull’ #entarch #bizarch
  • kvistgaard: RT @MatthewEGreen: Apple loosens its chokehold on app development – Adobe is now OK  http://tinyurl.com/2a8ry7n <<arrogance curbed by market <note implications of said ‘arrogance’ for Apple’s #bmgen #bizarch #entarch etc
  • CreatvEmergence: “Analysis requires focused attention, whereas creativity is a synthetic process, letting an idea come forth in its wholeness” ~ Gary Kaplan <another aspect of the business-anarchist theme
  • CreatvEmergence: Conventional value: success/failure. Creativity value: evolutionary iterations
  • thoughttrans: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: Interpreting criticism http://bit.ly/bJJj8f <“what about the world as it is would have to change for your idea to be important?” – key theme in #bizarch #bmgen
  • thoughttrans: RT @TCagley Does having a fall back plan reduce your commitment to your plan? Is it too easy to bail out? #entarch #bizarch too
  • chrisdpotts: Goodbye Information Age, hello Relationship Age “People want to do business with other people again” http://bit.ly/ElNJ9 #CIO #entarch
  • chrisdpotts: The Economist muses on consultancies’ motives for giving away free research http://bit.ly/aWqKhl |me: everyone wins
  • kvistgaard: rEAd carefully #entarch <indeed! 🙂
  • tetradian: [post] Business Model Canvas – a version for non-profits http://bit.ly/dC8vjY (thx @unorder @business_design) #bmgen #bizarch
  • trevorsnaith: Manage risk up! http://bit.ly/bYT5NN <useful perspective on risk from Gartner’s Mark McDonald #itarch #entarch #bizarch

A discussion on enterprise-architecture and ‘shadow-IT’ that developed out of an HBR article:

  • chrisdpotts: RT @billpoly: HBR article shows how IT needs to change http://bit.ly/btwaLm |me: time for 3rd Gen #CIO <if we’re not darn careful, this will be the #entarch / #itarch nightmare of 1990s shadow-IT all over again…
  • chrisdpotts: @tetradian “Shadow IT” is so last year!
  • chrisdpotts: @thoughttrans It’s true there are IT depts that are separate legal entities, but 100% owned by the business they are part of. // In 3rd Gen corp strategy for IT, “IT” mean the exploitation of IT by business and its customers. Delivery of IT was Gen 2.
  • thoughttrans: @chrisdpotts @tetradian does biz really trust IT?
  • chrisdpotts: @thoughttrans Do you mean the Information Technologies or IT people (and if the latter, which ones)?
  • thoughttrans: @chrisdpotts within an industry yes. I see other industries (banking, oil, retail) using cloud appl and srvs and not having IT depts no need //  I see outsourcing not to build appl but to use appls owned by diff companies. // example: why hire security experts…leave that to the company that owns the sales software.
  • chrisdpotts: @thoughttrans First principle of sourcing: you can’t outsource your accountabilities and core competencies, but you can always try….
  • tetradian: @thoughttrans: “leave [security] to the company that owns the sales software” – yikes! – NO! – security is *everyone’s* responsibility… // @thoughttrans …you can perhaps outsource some technical aspects of security, but never security itself – that’s *your* security at risk!
  • thoughttrans: @chrisdpotts @tetradian why #entarch and #bizarch is so important now…think beyond the internal organization
  • thoughttrans: @chrisdpotts why cant your responsibility be to use a service? why does a realestate company need to develop listing software? //  oops meant accountabilities instead of responsibilities. You are accountable to have correct information…where stored/managed
  • tetradian: @thoughttrans “why does a realestate company need to develop listing software?” – ans: if the company’s #entarch says it needs it… // that’s what #entarch etc is for: help decide whether your need is better fit for SaaS (if it even exists) or for in-house etc // if you only use others’ services in the ways that they specify, your #bizarch is probably left with nothing unique to sell etc
  • thoughttrans: @tetradian yes, security is everyone’s responsibility … but the company that holds the information will be mechanically responsible // … yes…just saw 2nd note on the technical aspects which is what I was talking about.
  • thoughttrans: @tetradian #entarch doesn’t say that the company must build it…just use it. (unless your company is the one to develop it)
  • tetradian: @thoughttrans beware of cloud etc sales-pitch – often omits *huge* #entarch dangers of outsourcing, good for vendor, poss. lethal for orgs
  • thoughttrans: @tetradian which is why entarch and bizarch is a priority now … now, if orgs would realize this LOL
  • thoughttrans: @tetradian not necessarily … its not an all or nothing deal … your uniqueness may be in the way you interact with cust not the data of c
  • thoughttrans: @tetradian Agreed completely. Not condoning all of it. I do see this as a trend for biz’s. my job is to illustrates the risks
  • tetradian: @thoughttrans  use of SaaS, cloud etc may simplify #itarch but requires *more* attention to #entarch #bizarch security etc, not less
  • thoughttrans: @tetradian absolutely! thats why they need ppl like #entarch #bizarch … its NOT just #itarch at all!
  • thoughttrans: @tetradian and why #entarch is not #IT focused VBG (thought you would love that tweet)

Another conversation, this time on ‘left-brained’ versus ‘right-brained’ thinking in enterprise-architecture:

  • joemckendrick: Enterprise architecture needs more art along with the science http://zd.net/9Re8b1 #entarch #bizarch #itarch
  • tetradian: (via @joemckendrick) Chris Lockhart (@chrisonea): Is Enterprise Architecture Left or Right Brained? http://bit.ly/bUx9tU #entarch
  • taotwit: @tetradian seems to be quite an EA L/R brain theme developing today! Did you see my comment here? http://zd.net/9Re8b1 #entarch
  • Cybersal: @tetradian @taotwit Try this L/R brain/ visual/auditory test: http://bit.ly/aOM8aX #entarch
  • Cybersal: @tetradian @taotwit In that test I come out as visual and left-brained, apparently that’s an unusual combination……
  • taotwit: Given the L&R-Brain discussion following TEDx #entarch … EA should be focused on business behaviour before te -> http://bit.ly/yuKbQ
  • kdierc: @Cybersal @tetradian @taotwit 50-50 here and slightly more visual than auditory.. am i in perfect balance? 🙂 #yinyang
  • taotwit: @Cybersal Well,well – I just came out  as A:50% V:50% L:57% and R:42%  (Iwhat happened to the  lost 1% – maybe that’s  loss to beer % )
  • taotwit: @kdierc  me too – is it rigged 😀
  • tetradian: @taotwit @Cybersal @kdierc L/R-brain is overworked metaphor – key point (and need) in #entarch/design is to bridge and balance between them
  • taotwit: @tetradian  @Cybersal @kdierc  yes – the point Roger Martin makes about balancing ‘Validity’ with ‘Reliability’  #entarch
  • Cybersal: @taotwit I don’t think Martin’s validity/reliability distinction is the same as L/R brain thinking.
  • taotwit: @Cybersal Interesting, I expressed that connection here  http://bit.ly/yuKbQ –  I’d like to know why you see differently.
  • Cybersal: @tetradian Architects need to understand exec’s individual communication/thinking preferences when communicating with them.
  • Cybersal: @taotwit  I’m a counter-example (Y and left-brained). He doesn’t use left/right brain metaphor explicitly in his book. I see yr point tho.
  • taotwit: @Cybersal  Truth is we are neither all one dimension and one dimension doesn’t fit all situations – but practicing opposites helps
  • Cybersal: @taotwit Completely agree – it’s definitely not about labelling people but being aware of preferences (own and others) and using whole-brain
  • richardveryard: @tetradian Left/Right metaphor not only overworked but leads to false snobbery. “We right-brainers are so much more, you know, holistic.”
  • oscarberg: @richardveryard @tetradian anyway, most people are controlled by their lizard brain. It beats both left & right brain any day
  • mikerollings: @tetradian L/R brain ignores research of multiple intelligences – many different types of thinking and more than one way to learn

Narrative-knowledge, knowledge-management, creativity, leadership and in-person collaboration:

  • kvistgaard: RT @GeorgeDearing: “Objects With Back Stories” – human side of ‘the internet of things’ http://nyti.ms/dpIrTG [NYT] #entarch #narrative #socmedia
  • SAlhir: Why servant leadership is a bad idea http://bit.ly/a3iGqe <an interesting example of how to miss the point completely mixed in with some spectacularly dysfunctional notions of what ‘service’ is and whom it serves – but the comments are worth reading and show a lot more sense than the article… 😐
  • SAlhir: Weird Rules of Creativity – Think You Manage Creativity? Here’s Why You’re Wrong (per @SemiraSK @ralph_ohr) http://bit.ly/A6ZDm <excerpts from a classic (2001) HBR article by Bob Sutton
  • CreatvEmergence: Look to Nature for a Creative Breakthrough – http://bit.ly/ch1N42 <brief but useful how-to
  • SAlhir: 10 Keys to Healthy Community Change: Margaret Wheatley http://bit.ly/bNO0NX <set of brief videos – recommend for #e20 #orgarch #entarch #socmedia etc
  • SAlhir: RT @stevedenning: RT @jhagel: We speak on behalf of the creatives who are passionate about their work. http://bit.ly/crktOH <Labor Day 2009 ‘manifesto’ by one of the authors of ‘The Power of Pull’ – recommend
  • CreatvEmergence: Five Ways to Foster Your Creativity and Spark Innovation by @lindanaiman – http://bit.ly/cm2FMs
  • oscarberg: RT @lindegaard: GREAT READ Bob Sutton: Why The Best Bosses Are Confident But Not Really Sure http://bit.ly/dcuTQe <psychology and #leadership
  • oscarberg: RT @redutten: So true: “We spend a lot of time teaching our leaders what to do. We don’t spend enough time teaching them what to stop.” [P Drucker]
  • SAlhir: RT @JenniferSertl Looking for definition of meta-knowledge found this visual history of knowledge: http://bit.ly/cjS5gM #km
  • SAlhir: RT @davidrock101 A sense of autonomy is a primary reward (or threat) for the brain: http://bit.ly/4EvtGZ <a key to motivation
  • CreatvEmergence: What if we all just do only what is ours to do, no less & no more…stepping up as called, and letting go as called… // Just like in an improv scene…
  • Bonifer: @CreatvEmergence …as called for by the scene, and not someone or something disconnected from it ; )
  • CreatvEmergence: YES!! RT @Bonifer …as called for by the scene, and not someone or something disconnected from it ; ) // Yes @bonifer! Stepping up as called by the situation, and letting go as called by the situation…whatever best serves… <a practical implementation of what I call the ‘business anarchist’ theme
  • SAlhir: sensemaking, relating, visioning and inventing RT @jorgebarba: Four Capabilities Behind Great #Leadership – Forbes.com http://icio.us/bd5gys
  • CreatvEmergence: Mindful Leadership: When East Meets West – HBS Working Knowledge –  http://bit.ly/d9Hdv9 – RT @creativematters
  • SAlhir: RT @mjasmus New post. Let Them See You as Human http://k438d.th8.us <aka ‘being authentic’…
  • SAlhir: RT @MarkOOakes RT @mikemyatt: The truth about #leadership and #change – must read for all leaders: http://bit.ly/aDUUVs #CEO #innovation <another useful overview/how-to
  • thoughttrans: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: Loyalty http://bit.ly/cgjCdj <another good point from Seth Godin #entarch #bizarch
  • thoughttrans: OMG, The Network Is Down!: http://EzineArticles.com/4996342 <on how to use time effectively when the ‘standard procedure’ can’t be followed
  • thoughttrans: Kindness Opens Doors: http://EzineArticles.com/4996312 <“be kind – it is an important leadership skill”
  • SAlhir: RT @WorldsofGood: Kindness has converted more people than zeal, science or eloquence. Mother Teresa
  • joemckendrick: Does multi-tasking wear out innovation? James Mathewson says focusing on just couple of projects makes a diff. http://tinyurl.com/28vkylj
  • getstoried: NASA Story – RT @the99percent “Jay O’Callahan: The Power of #Storytelling” http://j.mp/bdAylA
  • unorder: Story banks are worthless unless they generate interest – T. Gargiulo #bizstory Watch this space for a new story bank from anecdote.com

Social-media, ‘enterprise 2.0’, user-experience and online-collaboration:

  • oscarberg: RT @bhc3: A World Without E-mail: One Man’s Vision of a Social Workplace http://t.co/JZuJi81 profiles @elsua’s no email crusade #e20
  • Cybersal: RT @weknowmore: Five steps to successful crisis management for airlines in the age of social media http://ow.ly/2zZWL <very useful #socmedia infographic
  • oscarberg: Blogged: Information (and knowledge) exists only in your head http://goo.gl/fb/Uzjze <v.useful ‘old’ posts on #e20 etc
  • oscarberg: RT @Avinio: The Five Levels of Communication in a Connected World http://bit.ly/bTkzhr
  • oscarberg: RT @masonqld: A social org has a culture that is contagious, transparent, authentic and content rich. This is used (in the main) for good and not evil. < #e20 #entarch
  • oscarberg: RT @seanrnicholson: Reading: about the Benefits of a Intranet Content Inventory http://bit.ly/9zhwYP <–Great Poster! #e20
  • oscarberg: RT @raesmaa: Different working styles of the generations: the balanced mixture will win! says @elsua http://bit.ly/au0ZJC <another great article by IBM’s Luis Suares on #collaboration and #e20
  • BillIves: post on Chief Listening Officers: key part of Social Media Growth http://bit.ly/amUBKc
  • Cybersal: Do you find technology frustrating or delightful? Blog by Andrew McAfee http://tinyurl.com/2c5pwoa.  (Clearly not a user of Office 2007) <as usual McAfee is over-hyping the tech over the social – but interesting, anyway (and I love Sally Bean’s irony there 🙂 )
  • davidcushman: The web and the silo of the self http://bit.ly/ax9JKy <about knowledge-sharing across the web #km #socmedia
  • SAlhir: RT @DavidHolzmer: Tribes Rule Hyper-Social Organization- http://bit.ly/cQObcs #socialmedia #scrm RT @NewCommGlobal @venessamiemis @jberkowitz
  • oscarberg: RT @webtechman: 8 Must-see UX Diagrams http://bit.ly/9jA0cp Its all about the user experience #ux <can also use for customer-centric #entarch #bizarch etc
  • oscarberg: In the end, #e20 is about bringing the right people & ideas together to create value. How good is your org at that?
  • getstoried: RT @mnemonicmark Great article on #transmedia #storytelling, missed it in Wired last month http://t.co/mCmpxfj #culture #socmedia
  • oscarberg: Social CRM: Ground zero for Enterprise 2.0 in 2010 http://zd.net/9Q3SIx by @dhinchcliffe via @kencooperusa @webtechman #e20  #scrm <recommend also for #entarch #bizarch

IT-architecture, systems-development and other IT-related matters:

  • kvistgaard: Google Wave open source next steps: “Wave in a Box” http://snipurl.com/11if8g #itarch #socmedia
  • practicingEA: Cloudsourcing – when Cloud and Outsourcing intersect. Impact on EA? http://tinyurl.com/2cszrl2 #entarch #cio #itarch
  • davidcushman: RT @fastcompany: Did Apple Just Open the Door to Adobe Flash on iPhone and iPad? http://bit.ly/9uFKh7 <perhaps not quite, but true cross-platform development looks more viable
  • joemckendrick: Enterprise IT’s new role:  coordinator, facilitator for both in-house and external technology services….  http://tinyurl.com/2vh3kfm #itarch #entarch

And another discussion on cloud and ‘shadow-IT’:

  • rtolido: 5 companies that thrive in the age of Shadow IT http://bit.ly/9YwTqa thx @jfurneaux
  • tetradian: cloud + mobile etc creates possibly-risky shadow-IT, much as with take-up of PCs 30-20yrs ago – #entarch is key to reduce risk
  • erikproper: #entarch EwitA may also be the cause of Shadow-IT. Depends on the EA style and governance style …
  • tetradian: “depends on the EA style and governance style” – agree – #entarch *as* governance/guidance is key here
  • erikproper: Well, “architecture governance” is key in realising any EA i think. To avoid shadow-IT one needs a fitting EA and AG.
  • tetradian: I presume ‘#entarch EwitA’ is classic IT-centric ‘the-world-revolves-around-IT’ version of EA? – if so, yes, agree // in classic IT-centric view, cloud makes EA (ie EWITA) redundant; but to make cloud work, need more/better EA, not less
  • erikproper: Something like that … but then there is “Frozen” Cloud and “Flex” Cloud. “Frozen” clouds lead to shadow-cloud-use …
  • tetradian: “Frozen clouds” – hence EA-as-governance again, as education about *personal* responsibility for mgmt of enterprise risk
  • chrisdpotts: @tetradian What happens when the ‘shadow’ meets the ‘cloud’?
  • tetradian: @chrisdpotts darkness falls… rain, thunder, lightning, all that sort of thing… or the business-equivalent thereof, anyway 🙂

Society, culture, sustainability and corporate social responsibility:

  • josvanoosten: RT @ComplexitySol We’re not too many, we’re just too stupid. We have to reorganise ourselves, we have a design problem http://bit.ly/cwkbHZ #society #sustainability
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @johnt Biological Altruism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) http://bit.ly/dj6uND <“Contrary to what is often thought, an evolutionary approach to human behaviour does not imply that humans are likely to be motivated by self-interest alone. One strategy by which ‘selfish genes’ may increase their future representation is by causing humans to be non-selfish, in the psychological sense” – hooray! – an American source that breaks out of the Darwinist deadlock and puts the lie to that most odious of American ‘philosophers’, the ‘high priestess of selfishness’, Ayn Rand…
  • CreatvEmergence: From Hierarchy to Panarchy: The unfolding of a global paradigm shift http://bit.ly/9ZSzmH <useful #futures articles – also #society #entarch #orgarch etc
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @livingarchitect – Earth 2.0 – Blog: Earth V2 – Living Architecture – http://bit.ly/cx30W3 <“Earth 2.0 – it’s time to upgrade” – the ‘upgrade’ being a change to nature-sensitive technologies and social models – a rather bizarre metaphor to describe human/socioeconomic rather than natural-world change…?
  • ChristineArena: New post on CSMonitor: Corporate Disgrace and the Magic of Candor http://bit.ly/9GRIlP #csr #transparency <also #entarch – what processes/metrics/lead-by-example etc are needed to support candour throughout the organisation and enterprise?
  • tebbo: Follow the IBM-sponsored ‘summit’ of knowledgeable people on business and sustainability: www.ibm.com/uk/start Via @green_goddess #ibmstart // I tried to set up a newspaper for the IBM Start Summit using the #ibmstart tag. Seems it already exists: http://paper.li/tag/ibmstart
  • SAlhir: RT @technoshaman @EnlightenNext: New blog post: Cultural Evolution, Gypsy-Punk Style http://bit.ly/9t6zHM <on ‘failure’, “lack of failure is probably a sign of lack of talent” – interesting, challenging, and, uhh, perhaps a trifle coarse for some tastes, but reminds one of Frank Zappa?
  • SAlhir: RT @umairh Prosperity isn’t consuming more trinkets, cheaper. It’s producing more of what’s priceless: passion, purpose, care, love, beauty, trust. <okay, so how do we build that into #entarch #bizarch #bmgen etc?
  • davidcushman: RT @ianbissell: The media world today is a shifted space | Great lecture by @jayrosen_nyu  on the new balance of power http://ow.ly/2AIVb #society #culture #journalism #media
  • josvanoosten: RT @odemagazine: Less money means more compassion http://bit.ly/drXBdk <individual commitment to sharing as a collective survival-strategy
  • Eclectopedic: ‘The Science of Cooperation’: Elinor Ostrom on when Commons work – and when they don’t http://bit.ly/8Z4xS4 “No panaceas!” #culture #economics #property
  • SAlhir: RT @technoshaman RT @AlanRosenblith: Commonism vs Communism http://bit.ly/cETQWk via @mbauwens #commons #society #economics

And, of course, the unmortified, unmitigated miscellany:

  • Eclectopedic: RT @TheSocialBrain Having sister makes you happier, more optimistic, better able to cope. http://alturl.com/kug53 <my own experience is exact opposite… oh well… 🙁
  • thoughttrans: RT @j4ngis: “You will have to stop making suggestions like that. You are in danger of reducing the size of someone’s empire.”
  • CreatvEmergence: Positive Psychology: The Scientific Study Of Well-Being – http://ow.ly/1mIM1b – via @NeuralCorrelate <- and creativity
  • kvistgaard: http://mnmlist.com/undistracted-reading/ <nice advice… keeping it minimalist… 🙂
  • kvistgaard: I found out about Readability (http://bit.ly/sNTvG) from @zen_habits . It takes the web clutter out. Great tool though a bit slow.
  • taotwit: RT @theitskeptic:  Wow, puts it all in perspective.  Top Five Regrets of the Dying—a must read: http://bit.ly/90fBWC >>  good reminder! <posted this a couple of months back, but worth stating again:
    1. “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”;
    2. “I wish I didn’t work so hard” [this from every male patient, less so for females];
    3. “I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings”;
    4. “I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends”;
    5. “I wish that I had let myself be happier”
  • hebsgaard: How to Write a Blog Series – good advice from Chris Brogan http://bit.ly/byHvHF
  • davidcushman: RT @stoweboyd: Cognitive Science Upends Conventional Wisdom About Studying http://sto.ly/bjyWx6 what other dogma will turn out to b baloney?
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