A week in Tweets: 16-22 January 2011

Another week, another week’s worth of Tweets and links. Usual categories, of course.

Enterprise architecture, business-architecture, strategy, business models and manner of related themes:

  • bartleeten: RT @PeterKretzman: Great description in FT of the “quintessential tightly coupled system”: HT @mkrigsman: “ordinary accidents” & IT failure http://bit.ly/gAqVrC #CIO <comparing risk-mgmt in banking to risk-mgmt in nuclear-power industry
  • JosvanOosten: Nassim Taleb: Antifragility http://bit.ly/fQsVLT #Taleb #systems #entarch
  • SystemsWiki: Escalated Thinking | Systems Thinking Iceberg http://bit.ly/iewMfS <similar to Causal Layered Analysis http://bit.ly/bdrHAf
  • SAlhir: RT @AwesomelySimple: Five Principles of Sustainable Business Success http://bit.ly/hjZ74U via #constantcontact <also includes some strong hints of the ‘business anarchist’ themes #entarch
  • oscarberg: Outsourcing customer service isn’t a good idea if you think it is good to stay close to your customers #entarch #bizarch
  • oscarberg: RT @RobinGood: The Future is All About Reputation: The Internet Future Will Be Driven by User Reputation Scores http://tinyurl.com/ycas42o <already becoming key in #entarch #bizarch etc; likely to become so in #economics
  • tetradian: Sidewise [post]: The other iceberg-effect http://bit.ly/fo9TC7 #entarch #systems #economics #sustainability
  • tetradian: [post] On ‘Time=Money’ and other metaphors http://bit.ly/e5nvxM #entarch #bizarch #society #economics
  • aojensen: RT @SourcingIt: The Sourcing Initiative is certainly not only about IT. See the latest blog entry: http://bit.ly/dPE7IS #bmgen #entarch #sourcing
  • kvistgaard: Comparing #DODAF with DODAF-descendant #entarch frameworks http://snipurl.com/1v0voi <from the TRAK crew – v.useful
  • jdevoo: RT @JavierLivas: I uploaded “The Intelligent Organization” Part I http://youtu.be/7COX-b3HK50?a #VSM <Stafford Beer at Monterrey, Mexico, 1990 – 90mins audio + graphics
  • business_design: rough stress test of your business idea: #bmgen & #custdev http://post.ly/1Uy19
  • kvistgaard: Consultants, teachers and writers (mostly non-fiction ones) have the same value proposition type but use different business models #bmgen #bizarch
  • vernaallee: The Nature of Collaborative Work | ValueNetworks.com http://shar.es/XVTm9 #entarch #orgarch #collab
  • business_design: Methods for the Business Model Generation – how #bmgen and #custdev fit perfectly http://goo.gl/X8gji <useful how-to
  • kvistgaard: TOGAF9, DoDAF2 and ISO/IEC 42010 definitions of model, view and viewpoint differ significantly #entarch
  • BillIves: 10 Steps to Successful Organizational Change http://bit.ly/igEe6p <not so much 10 steps as 10 themes #entarch #orgarch #change
  • fer_ananda: RT @integralcity: individual emotions thoughts talents & spirituality impact behaviors cultures & social systems. http://ow.ly/3Az1p <kind of #entarch at city scale (promotes the flawed Wilber model of ‘integral’, unfortunately, so translation to more functional model probably required)
  • business_design: RT @xplane: #Gamestorming video w/low-tech GS tools: Paper, whiteboards, markers. YouTube http://bit.ly/dMGPeb | Vimeo: http://bit.ly/hJPZFv <promo for Gamestorming book – #visualthinking
  • kvistgaard: The wholePart pattern (although a rel. type) of IDEAS Group ontology http://bit.ly/g5w86A reminds me of Ken Wilber’s definition of ‘holon’ #entarch <I dislike most of Wilber’s work – the underlying ideas are fine, the cultural baggage is not – but it’s good to see that the IDEAS group has finally gotten somewhere useful
  • (via @kvistgaard) IDEAS: #entarch ontology for defence-industry http://www.ideasgroup.org/ – long time coming, but starting to be usable
  • jdevoo: The Leading Edge of Sustainability http://is.gd/ZtZQlt >> me: an opportunity for #entarch to shine and facilitate a complex transition
  • DavidGurteen: Howard Jarche: Social business on the edge of the chasm http://bit.ly/eMoI2b
  • davidcushman: Just been charged to call to book an appointment to complain in person to Lloyds TSB. Their addition of insult to injury knows no bounds. #csr #entarch // They were nice but couldn’t resolve my issue at Huntingdon branch of #Lloydstsb Silo’d approach killing a 27 year customer relationship <first-hand example of converting a client to a non-client and anti-client
  • taotwit: VPEC-T template for designing business change http://post.ly/1Ve7C <(read full post on Posterous) #entarch #vpect
  • davidcushman: RT @Sheldrake: If you don’t get “open” or appreciate why exactly the #Web is awesome, read Tim Berners-Lee: http://bit.ly/fH6E11 #openstandards #neutrality
  • oscarberg: RT @MartijnLinssen: Great IRL example of company 1.0 > RT @wimrampen: Posted: Destroying Customer Value http://bit.ly/fb1JrL <strong recommend #bizarch #entarch #economics
  • kvistgaard: [post] All-inclusive Enterprise Architecture http://strategicstructures.com/?p=4 #entarch #strategy <recommend: good summary of whole-of-enterprise EA
  • tetradian: [post] Currency, value and trust (for @oscarberg, @erikproper and others) http://bit.ly/ee4jHK #entarch #bizarch #economics
  • kvistgaard: RT @smartKPIs: Balanced Scorecard adoption among large corporations http://ht.ly/3HI6k #BSC #Scorecard #Dashboard
  • CreatvEmergence: “All objects, all phases of culture are alive. They have voices. They speak of their history & interrelatedness.” ~ Camille Paglia <agree – and useful to think of #entarch etc in this way, too: what would the organisation say once we acknowledge its own voice?
  • thoughttrans: luv this “EA needs strategy to direct its change and strategy needs EA to make things happen. And not only for that.” http://ow.ly/3HREA <pointer to great post by @kvistgaard mentioned above
  • SAlhir: Stronger cultures deliver 4 times higher revenue // 7 times more expanded work force // 12 times higher stock prices // 756% higher net income http://bit.ly/gtgaNM

Narrative knowledge, knowledge-management, leadership, creativity and in-person collaboration:

  • SAlhir: RT @VenessaMiemis: The Genius in All of Us by David Shenk – review http://gu.com/p/2ma2n/tw via @guardian <‘nature vs nurture’ argument: the science seemingly shows that effort is more important than ‘natural’ talent
  • SAlhir: RT @JenniferSertl: Say anything, but say it the right way! Robin Domeniconi’s “MRI = most respectful interpretation” http://nyti.ms/hBmrvN <recommend #entarch #orgarch
  • thoughttrans: RT @brainzooming: Get a boost by downloading “Taking the NO Out of InNOvation” free Ebook! http://bit.ly/bxQEap #creativity #innovation
  • SAlhir: Tribal Leadership Distilled: Paradigm, Process, and Model http://bit.ly/gtgaNM
  • unorder: New post: Using Stories to Make Better Coffee http://bit.ly/fwi4jV #storytelling #bizstory
  • DavidGurteen: RT @timkastelle: Interesting – The power of networked workers http://bit.ly/ic8aPm #km #orgarch
  • vernaallee: Good post! RT@jaycross10 Rules for modern collaboration | Creativity_Unbound http://post.ly/1UzMH <recommend
  • bonifer: RT @clayforsberg: The real power lies in “Group Powering” … not crowdsourcing: http://bit.ly/gYpM4K new post from @nlw
  • unorder: Need for strategic stories HBR: Is Your Budgeting Process Killing Your Strategy? http://s.hbr.org/dXiu2j @kevinsbishop <certainly was doing so at one of my earlier clients…
  • SystemsWiki: The Appreciative Inquiry Commons http://lnkd.in/YrSipP #systems #change
  • SAlhir: RT @JenniferSertl 9 Signs of a Non-Learning Organization #learning #km http://bit.ly/hOh6xy RT @autumnp70 via @gregwilliams123
  • DavidGurteen: Can tacit knowledge be said to have a value when it is unavailable as a resource to the greater community? http://linkd.in/f3E6oJ <it’s ‘unavailable’ only when we try to treat the knowledge and the person as separate
  • unorder: New post: Five conditions that encourage stories http://bit.ly/hvetV2 #storytelling #zahmoo #bizstory
  • DavidGurteen: Attention to the speed of learning by @nickknoco http://bit.ly/hsqhRD #KM <lessons-learned must be visible, fast
  • tonyrestell: “The key to all great presentations is: what’s the story?” — a really GREAT read for anyone who has to give presentations http://bit.ly/dWvwxl #bizstory
  • oscarberg: RT @elsua: @olivermarks at ZD: Putting the Human Back in HR http://zd.net/dV7nid #E20 #morale #trust <recommend #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @innovate From Strategic Planning to Strategic Agility http://su.pr/3svKd4 Holly G Green #innovation #strategy #planning #success #mgmt
  • SAlhir: RT @bizshrink @CoCreatr – Post on Shame, Vulnerability, Power & Leadership w/ B. Brown video http://bit.ly/95vISu
  • gkathan: The Secret of the Great Workplace: What leader wouldn’t want to lead a “great workplace?” I’ve never run across … http://bit.ly/ej5w3q #orgarch #entarch #collab
  • Bonifer: enjoyed the http://www.transmediastoryteller.com presentation last night by Rob Pratten <interesting toolset… #bizstory
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @matthewemay: The Zen of Business: 7 Habits of the Highly Creative. Free manifesto on ChangeThis.com. http://is.gd/h2C456
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @DavidHolzmer: Selected Websites on Dialogue http://ow.ly/3Ig7E <‘dialogue’ in the Bohm sense – a process of collaborative discovery

Social media, ‘enterprise 2.0’, user-experience, interface design and other themes of online collaboration:

  • oscarberg: “Teeing it up: What’s in store for enterprise social in 2011” @SameerPatel http://ow.ly/3EISC #e20 #socbiz << I’m ready!
  • BillIves: great post by @rotkapchen Retro: What Happened to the User Revolution? http://bit.ly/eh8WPZ
  • jdevoo: RT @rossdawson: The 9 kinds of context that will define contextual search http://bit.ly/fw0c7y
  • SAlhir: RT @bizshrink How influence works in social networks. (Not a quick read) MIT via@emoticomma http://bit.ly/dFGRrT
  • DavidGurteen: Does the web change everything? by @euan http://bit.ly/hBPBtk <agree – deep-questioning required here…
  • BillIves: post – Do Your Employees Endorse Your Products? http://bit.ly/gYJTqD <focuses on #e20, but needs to extend across all aspects of #entarch
  • oscarberg: RT @jimworth: Nice post by @dpontefract Call it Collaboration, Not Enterprise 2.0 or Social Business http://bit.ly/gc5QdB #socbiz #e20
  • oscarberg: RT @mathewi: Shirky: “We have historically overestimated the value of access to information and underestimated the value of access to one another” #collab #e20
  • BillIves: US Army Social Media Handbook http://armylive.dodlive.mil/index.php/2011/01/u-s-army-social-media-handbook-is-here/ #socmedia #e20

IT-architecture, IT-development, IT-systems and other IT-related matters:

  • theopengroup: RT @jim_hietala: Blog: Are Outsiders your new Insider Threat? http://ow.ly/3F7GR #security #cybersecurity #itarch
  • davidsprott: at last, Gartner discovers “Capabilities”. http://tinyurl.com/6hwmfu6 About 5 years behind! The obvious way to manage app functionality. #entarch #bizarch #itarch
  • aojensen: SEI-CMMI for Architecture-Centric Engineering [PDF] http://j.mp/fk5KWl <incl. centrality of ‘non-functional’ (qualitative) requirements in #itarch etc
  • simonbrown: RT @tottinge: Tech debt is technical work not done or half done, and that includes design simplification, testing, refactoring, cleaning, reviewing. <context here is #itarch, but same applies to #entarch #bizarch and all other architecture/strategy-execution work
  • practicingEA: Practicing Enterprise Architecture: The ‘Order-Deliver’ IT Model is Broken http://amplify.com/u/bn9yv #itarch
  • oscarberg: RT @BobLarrivee: RT @dankeldsen: Traditional IT in Corporations need to watch this over & over: Eric Ries, “The Lean Startup” http://youtu.be/i65PaoTlVKg

Society, culture, economics, corporate social responsibility and suchlike big-picture concerns:

  • jdevoo: Could climate science become open source? http://is.gd/3cdwE4 via @ourworld20 >> forks, flames and new licenses ahead // More on open source climate science: Open Questions about Open Source for Open Science http://is.gd/2W9pvX <reversing the trend from science becoming proprietary ‘intellectual property’?
  • jdevoo: RT @SustainBTH: Worth a repost: “What’s blocking sustainability?” http://bit.ly/fOlVE0 >> beyond ecotechno
  • davidriveroll: A visual guide to net neutrality: http://www.theopeninter.net << The internet HAS to stay OPEN
  • DavidGurteen: How School Screws Things Up For “Real Life” http://bit.ly/i9qEfx <strong recommend #entarch #orgarch
  • Cybersal: Some neighbours want to turn our estate into a gated community but we’re not keen. Any evidence to counter their view it cuts crime? <no evidence that it cuts crime, but my Guatemala experience is that it creates a situation where ‘security’-firms have a large vested interest in maintaining fear of crime, whether valid or not…
  • fer_ananda: Beautiful video with Michael Linton about open money. http://ow.ly/3Hh0z <part 3 of a well-constructed series on how to rethink a money-economy in a community setting (yet still does not question the core underlying-assumptions of a money-economy, that make it impossible for any possession-economy to be sustainable…)
  • hvaelama: Society has to enable people to reach their full potential. What  is the boundary condition? Ecology or economy? In which order?
  • kvistgaard: RT: @brainpicker Need To Want Less – visual modern philosophy, brill http://j.mp/gBqGnc

And, of course, the majestic miscellany:

4 Comments on “A week in Tweets: 16-22 January 2011

  1. Re:

    kvistgaard: Comparing #DODAF with DODAF-descendant #entarch frameworks http://snipurl.com/1v0voi <from the TRAK crew – v.useful

    – Glad someone finds it useful!

    It isn't, however, 'a crew' – set-up, designed and doing this site single-handed in addition to the TRAK definition, implementation in Sparx EA etc – all spare time activity.

    If therefore anyone can help keep things up to date on the wiki (468 pages is a large size to spot mistakes and keep current), add new content or indeed wants to publish an article or comment on things relating to the DODAF-descendent frameworks or of interest to those in this area then this would be good. As a community site it's supposed to be of use to all and not a single mouthpiece!

    • Hi Nic – I’m well aware of how much work you’ve put into TRAK, and how much of it still depends on you alone – a fact which both deserves real recognition of your very hard work, yet also real concern for the future.

      The ‘crew’ comment was really in relation to the fact that it was Duncan Kemp (and, in illustration of practical use, Mike Brownsword and Joe Silmon) rather than you who presented at the Integrated EA conference – and certainly not to belittle the amount of work that you personally have done on this.

      And yes, also well aware that TRAK does need a true ‘crew’ around it to maintain the momentum. If there’s anything else I can do to help on that, please let me know?

  2. I wasn’t concerned about personal status/reward – just that any help/sanity checking/empirical testing of ideas etc. is always welcome – the comparison of AFs and the wiki is something I started as I thought it might be useful and as a way to prime the pump wrt content as it were.

    We could always use help in things such as:-
    – mapping ADLs (UML, ArchiMate, or OWL to the TRAK metamodel to assess what TRAK viewpoints can be represented using these ADLs and therefore help users choose an ADL that best suits them, their tools and the concerns that need to be addressed by TRAK views for the task)

    I’m keen on these mapping between ADL – architecture framework, architecture framework to ISO/IEC 42010 and also modelling tool – ADL so that any limitations or artefacts are declared at the right points so that users of each are fully aware.

    I could always do with help on:
    – wiki pages on tools, their features and how they work with any of the DODAF-descendents
    – spotting / helping correct errors

    and if anyone has anything of interest to those who are involved with DODAF-descendent frameworks or modelling and fancies posting an article of any length let me know.

  3. Well aware about “wasn’t concerned about personal status/reward” – if you were, you’d be working on something ‘easier’ (and less useful) than TRAK! 🙂

    Have posted a Tweet about this: “TRAK http://trak.sf.net adapts DoDAF/MoDAF to general/civil systems (rail, manuf., people etc) – join in at http://bit.ly/hPCmAG #entarch” – hope it brings in some interest and practical support for you on TRAK?

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