Interview on enterprise-architecture at AE-Rio 2011

I must admit I’m pleased with this brief interview, filmed by the AV crew at AE Rio 2011 (many thanks, guys!). It covers a lot of ground in barely four minutes: the importance of stories and culture in enterprise-architecture, key differences in the Latin America market compared to elsewhere, and much else besides.

(There’s supposed to be a YouTube embed above this line: if it doesn’t display, try the direct YouTube link instead.)

I’d actually forgotten I’d done the interview, and failed to notice when it was put up on AERio’s YouTube account – hence many thanks to Kevin Smith, Alberto Manuel, Pat Ferdinandi and Isabela Abreu, among others, who spotted it and were kind enough to remind me from various different directions! 🙂

Hope it’s useful, anyway, and perhaps let me know what other enterprise-architecture topics  you’d like me to cover on YouTube videos?

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