A week in Tweets: 7-13 August 2011

Oops… badly behind on this, definitely need to do some catch-up. Oh well. A somewhat-delayed collection of Tweets and links, anyway. Usual this-that-and-the-other, with first the usual ‘Read more…’ link:

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture and all the business-big-picture themes:

  • davidcushman: RT @OrenTodoros: Dude had to pay $250 for a stroller replacement part, so he 3D Printed it instead – http://bit.ly/qPteJP >shape of things to come (literally) – watch for interesting ‘intellectual-property’ games, though…
  • tetradian: [post] Enterprise-architecture? – it’s all about story http://bit.ly/omODZn #entarch #bizstory
  • gkathan: RT @mcgoverntheory: American corporations finally realizing that #outsourcing isn’t working… http://bit.ly/iKW560 #entarch
  • SAlhir: not enough 2B aware of domain you’re working in, you need to understand it. RT @ThisIsSethsBlog: Bypassing the leap http://bit.ly/nUZBy4 #bmgen #entarch #innovation
  • kvistgaard: RT @businessdays: Evaluations of Process Modeling Grammars http://bit.ly/puCq0h <- anybody read that? Is it worth it? #bpm #bpmn
  • jdevoo: RT @whiteafrican: “Disaster theory for techies” by my colleague @PatrickMeier http://bit.ly/q2YIjY >recommend #entarch – “there is no such thing as a ‘natural disaster'”
  • oscarberg: “Our process centric world no doubt solves 90% of issues by volume, but provides neither line employees…” http://tumblr.com/xba3yqn717 >v.important point on people within #entarch
  • ironick: “The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with.”-Tony Robbins // “The quality of your #entarch is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty it can comfortably deal with.” -Nick Gall
  • ArtBourbon: RT @pbmobi: The big lie of photography http://macw.us/pGMFam Excellent and thought provoking. Can we apply this to #entarch? // re http://macw.us/pGMFam and the lens blog could #entarch  be improved by replacing realism by impressionism?
  • chrisdpotts: RT @petersjolin: @MartinHowitt I have created group and forum for further development of Open Source EA http://goo.gl/VI1rR #entarch
  • kdierc: RT @MartinHowitt: Discuss open-source #entarch now on LinkedIn group “The Enterprise Architecture Network” http://bit.ly/qdIbpf
  • tetradian: [post] What is the enterprise in ‘the enterprise’? http://bit.ly/n5Z9il #entarch
  • ArtBourbon: @tetradian where should people start reading with your BMCanvas/Archimate mapping work? Which link should I give them?
  • tetradian: @ArtBourbon thanks! – try these: http://bit.ly/po5stI / http://bit.ly/noK0Cu / http://bit.ly/nzCH6b / http://bit.ly/n6sfr4 (long versions)
  • Cybersal: Buildings that are iconic on the outside not necessarily the best places to work. Secret life of buildings (Channel 4) http://bit.ly/ndSzBU >applies to #entarch also?
  • joemckendrick: RT @chr1sa In crazy times, put your head down & build something cool. Ignore the noise & follow your nose. If it matters to you, it matters. >that’s the enterprise that underlies ‘the enterprise’ #entarch
  • Bebela239: RT @Forrester_all: Welcome The Age Of The Customer — Look At Processes From the Outside In http://eqent.me/pf5glT #bizarch #entarch
  • greblhad: In architecture work the team description is more important than the individual role description. #entarch #orgarch
  • joyce_hostyn: skinner box mentality vs changing how businesses work “Gamification is Bullshit” by @timoreilly http://j.mp/qpNlW5 RT @JayGilmore >v.useful perspective to counter the over-hype
  • ArtBourbon: http://lnkd.in/5xt676 Virtual Enterprise is actually a concept dating back to the end of the last century (sounds like a long time ago,… >useful LinkedIn discussion #entarch
  • DavidGurteen: Chris Brogan: Writing a Book – Finding Time http://bit.ly/mQcwIP
  • Bebela239: RT @TOGAF_SUPPORT: Mentorship is a critical community development activity …much need in #entarch. Great post by Leo de Sousa !! http://tinyurl.com/yfq8z4d
  • simonbrown: RT @WarrenMacey: Involve entire team in arch design, don’t allow “the architect” to design ivory tower architectures from upon their pedestal #Agile2011 #swarch #entarch
  • business_design: RT @frogdesign: How GM assembled its 15-person prototyping staff: http://goo.gl/Xb2QR >another example of large businesses adapting 3D-prototyping
  • hvaelama: Learnings from silicon valley; CEO’s role: create excitement with stakeholders, markets and employees #intohimottamo #passion >note: all stakeholders, not solely stockholders
  • basvg: RT @MarkPaauwe: Dragon1 EA Principle: By visually relating business goals to projects, management is left with some projects willing them to stop #entarch
  • bergmart: Why is it that the producers of change have more resistance to change than the consumers of change? >v.good point for #entarch etc
  • kdierc: +1 RT @StijnHanssens: Replacement Therapy – http://bit.ly/nNlFCS << enterprises should focus more on #sustainability #entarch
  • pedrosousaea: RT @fauzanmohd: EA: The silent competition between the Enterprise Architecture frameworks: An architect could be trusted to cons… http://bit.ly/pGyvxo >good critique by Adrian Grigriou #itarch #entarch
  • practicingEA: Anybody actually using Sketchnoting for #entarch? I can’t draw fast and legible but would love a tool to help.
  • jdevoo: RT @Competia: An inside look into Amazon.com warehouse http://ow.ly/5OhrN >literally: videos inside Amazon’s fulfillment centres#bizarch #procarch #bpm
  • SAlhir: RT @AwesomelySimple 3 + 1 reasons the world needs MORE business books!!! http://ow.ly/609Xd >nice comparison between #bmgen for an actual coffee-shop and a business book
  • practicingEA: Should EAs be innovators? Yes and no. http://bit.ly/qLVdvr @Forrester #itarch #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @business901 Business Processes as Value Networks http://business901.com/pl7 ppl banter abt the terms of Community, Collaboration & Co-Creation >useful 3min video #bpm #entarch
  • business_design: Nice “Business Model Brain Food” videos: http://goo.gl/wutAe #bmgen cc @marklittlewood
  • practicingEA: The facets of good architecture governance – the discussion goes on at http://bit.ly/qWihSG #entarch. What do you think?
  • ironick: RT @jonhusband: For you, which word best infers organizing around purpose in networks .. panarchy, holarchy, wirearchy or heterarchy ? >’none of the above’ – holarchy is closest, but still not right… #entarch
  • BillIves: RT @jonhusband: HBR’s Ron Ashkenas on ‘multiarchies’ .. http://bit.ly/bhA31k .. still prefer ‘wirearchies’  < me too #orgarch #entarch
  • thoughttrans: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: Can and should http://bit.ly/nOB2IO >easily-missed ‘obvious’ point for #entarch etc
  • SAlhir: RT @Jabaldaia Problems and unarticulated or hidden needs http://bit.ly/hBrzWZ
  • FlorianQuarre: Cafe-racer/Ducati: Motorcycle Form and Function: Why It’s Hard to Live With an Italian Supermodel: http://goo.gl/OMpQL via @frogdesign >now apply the same analysis to the ergonomics of the enterprise as a whole? #entarch
  • gkathan: RT @OndrejGalik: [Post] A cookbook for #entarch-1.lesson learned http://wp.me/p1kuQj-50
  • gkathan: RT @ebuise: RT @SysThinkReview: Advice UK: *** Short video *** Systems thinking in advice services. http://goo.gl/KiBn3 (cont) http://tl.gd/cbs4am
  • tetradian: via @richardveryard: Philip Boxer: With what is the enterprise identified? http://bit.ly/qLzi4H >conceptualisation of #entarch

Some fairly deep philosophical stuff about the nature of enterprise-architectures:

  • rene041068: @tetradian EA is about knowing why and how a company exists (IST). Knowing this, the (digital)Architect will construct the Soll #entarch
  • pbmobi: @rene041068 @tetradian How can you define an IST & SOLL when the enterprise and its context are always in flux? #entarch
  • rene041068: @pbmobi @tetradian Ik think thats about Trias Politica, the who and how question? #entarch
  • pbmobi: @rene041068 @tetradian I don’t think there is such a thing as the Trias Politica in enterprises, it is more like the Wild West 🙂 #entarch
  • rene041068: @pbmobi @tetradian thats Information Architecture….though #entarch
  • tetradian: @rene041068 @pbmobi IST? SOLL? Trias Politica? – uh, I’m out of my depth here, sorry… 🙁 (agree about ‘always in flux’, though)
  • pbmobi: @tetradian @rene041068 IST = current state, SOLL=Future State (under design), Trias Politica = legislative, judicial and executive powers

Some responses to my suggestions for a new approach to EA toolsets:

  • tetradian: [post] Guess I could do with some help here… http://bit.ly/pKzAQu #entarch
  • ArtBourbon: @tetradian posted a comment (for what it’s worth) on “Guess I could do with some help here…” http://bit.ly/pKzAQu #entarch
  • tetradian: @ArtBourbon a backup-reply to your comment: re suggestions on what a toolset _shouldn’t_ do, or bother to do – yes please!
  • lonnekedikmans: @tetradian that’ s interesting. How can we talk a little about that? (more than 40 chars, maybe email?)  We have ux, bpm and IT
  • MartinHowitt: RT @tetradian [post] Guess I could do with some help here… http://bit.ly/pKzAQu #entarch < more than anything, needs project mgmt IMO!?
  • MartinHowitt: re: last tweet. @tetradian’s stuff really important to #entarch IMHO. He could probably use a developer as well as PM. hope someone has time
  • tetradian: @MartinHowitt many thanks, Martin – you’re right, I should have mentioned need for a PM… open-source kind of collaboration wld be best?
  • MartinHowitt: @tetradian up to you really. But suspect your brain is better occupied with the concepts than with Gantt charts? 🙂
  • tetradian: @MartinHowitt uh… my brain is definitely _not_ good at gantt-charts (can do it if i have to, but tend to get sidetracked… 🙂 )
  • pbmobi: @tetradian Maybe my tubemapping idea can be of some help to visualize your storylines? [explanation sketch in comment] http://bit.ly/nbw6D8
  • carlhaggerty: RT @tetradian [post] Guess I could do with some help here… http://bit.ly/pKzAQu #entarch < this would add huge value, wish I could help…
  • ArtBourbon: @tetradian Posted some thoughts http://bit.ly/o8qMRJ

Another brief discussion on the nature of ‘enterprises’ and enterprise-architectures:

  • adrianrcampbell: RT @chrisdpotts: @petersjolin Open Source #entarch:  make it more about the actual design of an enterprise, rather than ‘frameworks’.
  • Cybersal: @chrisdpotts @petersjolin Some form of framework is crucial if you are trying to share architecture across enterprises. >agree
  • chrisdpotts: @Cybersal @petersjolin Interesting. Sharing architecture across structures needs defined characteristics. Eg: http://bit.ly/oldYVl // Corporation = a shared architecture of many enterprises, with defined characteristics http://bit.ly/bmgfqH #entarch
  • tetradian: @chrisdpotts isn’t “shared architecture of many enterprises” what I’d described in my ‘enterprise of enterprise’ post? http://bit.ly/n5Z9il

Anything to do with people-stuff in a person-to-person sense:

  • CreatvEmergence: The Never-Ending Story | design mind http://bit.ly/ptztP9 via @jhagel @frogdesign #storytelling #bizstory
  • SAlhir: RT @the99percent When Bad Things Happen to Productive People.. and how to deal with it: http://bit.ly/joZR4y #99classics >useful reminders about how to handle what is (for me) not so much ‘bad things’ as a routine occupational hazard…
  • MBoskovic: What’s interface for instant knowledge? Eyes & ears for now. That’s why visual modeling and design are important. >but note: not just eyes, but ears also (and touch too)…
  • unorder: Imagine if we learned to tell our business stories like we tell stories over a casual lunch. Instead we are taught to present our stories #bizstory
  • SAlhir: RT @Jabaldaia One day, rather than leaving a better world, we should leave better people http://bit.ly/oCTNiD #creativity
  • unorder: RT @Reannabrowne: “Why some leaders inspire action while others are mostly forgetable” (‘Art of story telling’, by the Anecdote crew) [PDF] http://bit.ly/mOK4KW #bizstory
  • CreatvEmergence: How great it is when our complaints about the system are used as motivation to do our part in transforming it // It’s easier to complain about what is than create something new. All the more reason cultivating creativity’s a top priority // Within every complaint lies the seed of potential to create something better.
  • CreatvEmergence: In Praise Of Vagueness | Wired Science| Wired.com http://bit.ly/qLFabA
  • CreatvEmergence: “Create org culture in wh/a community works together to nurture emerging ideas” – HBR: http://ow.ly/5XIxj via @bizprov
  • getstoried: RT @HassJrFund Nice Interview w David Eggers on first-person #storytelling and social change – http://bit.ly/pqDkHh
  • CreatvEmergence: My interview w/@PeggyHolman on Innovation Tools RT @chuckfrey The future of creativity is relational http://ht.ly/5ZCv5
  • CreatvEmergence: The Power of Play: Improvisation As A Catalyst – by Meghan Duffy http://bit.ly/ouVGnd #entarch #bizprov
  • getstoried: RT @thenakedredhead: “Maybe stories are just data with a soul.” Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability http://ow.ly/5ZT2L >great classic TED video on #storytelling
  • getstoried: Zappos Insights: The Link Between Culture and #Storytelling http://bit.ly/paa44X >insightful video-interview #entarch #bizarch #orgarch
  • jdevoo: RT @6boxmodel: HBR: Changes to the Manager’s New Role http://ow.ly/5ZUnN via @vineetnayar #management #customers
  • vernaallee: RT @timkastelle: A creativity post with Brownian motion & Kant? Excellent! 5 Principles of Creativity by @Digitaltonto http://bit.ly/qUN6Dk
  • SAlhir: RT @DrMelanieG @intentionalcomm My latest post on the Intentional Workplace: Collaboration: The Essential Emotions http://wp.me/pxJUg-v9 #collab
  • CreatvEmergence: Soft skills (incl. improv ways of being) more important than traditional hard skills http://bit.ly/qNijz0 via @davidahood @jharche
  • BillIves: RT @outstart: Lessons in Co-Creativity  http://bit.ly/ojRFb4
  • SAlhir: RT @bizshrink RT @twilli2861 Corporate Silo Busters or How to Get Peers to Stop Undermining You – http://bit.ly/p9WpPW by @bizshrink
  • SAlhir: RT @JenniferSertl Many are talking about “collaboration” but not necessarily looking at the conditions that allow it http://bit.ly/rv1v5f

And then anything to do with people-stuff in an online sense:

  • Bebela239: RT @guardiantech: Storytelling: digital technology allows us to tell tales in innovative new ways http://bit.ly/mRFuEg #bizstory #transmedia
  • jdevoo: RT @orgnet: How Social Network Analysis Solves Real World Problems http://bit.ly/nloi4V
  • Bebela239: RT @Forrester_all: Attention Tech Vendors: You Can’t Sell A Box Of Customer Experience Management http://eqent.me/nWO1eK
  • vernaallee: RT @mitchanthony  @rossdawson Apply social network analysis to push organizational value creation to the next level http://bit.ly/q2JWcU
  • BillIves: RT @elsua: “@bduperrin: New post [eng] : The risk of an internal social bubble http://bit.ly/pLrPCi” // Excellent read!! 🙂 +1 #e20 #socbiz
  • SAlhir: RT @jhagel Capability ladder of social business by @dhinchcliffe maps nicely to trajectory for ecosystem evolution http://bit.ly/qJSCEF #entarch
  • livsystems: ‘Sensor clip’ on this looks like good HMI: http://bit.ly/o8tzZm #ux >typical of some of the great #ux innovation happening in the music space
  • toddbiske: New blog: The End of Apps? Not. http://biske.com/blog/?p=837 #mobile #ios #android >the real key is user-experience, not the delivery-model #ux
  • oscarberg: RT @jacobm: RT @sahana2802: Improving Enterprise Collaboration: What Do Social Business Approaches Offer? – @DHinchcliffe http://bit.ly/kbHQhn #socbiz
  • SAlhir: RT @MarionChapsal: Merci  @WorkSurvival for RT of “How To Sell a Book with a few Slides”  http://geronimocoachingnow.com/?p=3212

Anything to do with IT in its own right:

  • Bebela239: RT @TheEconomist: The “NextGen” air-traffic control system will use GPS to pin-point every plane’s position in the sky once a second http://econ.st/mXELS0
  • basvg: interesting read for #entarch professionals http://sgp.cm/819e10 >on certification, for IT-architecture only…
  • aojensen: RT @DavidLinthicum: It’s official: ‘Cloud computing’ is now meaningless http://lnkd.in/UwwaQ4 #itarch #entarch
  • chrisdpotts: RT @connect2speed: Embracing and Empowering the Consumerization of IT http://bit.ly/niJhxJ #itg #tech #toronto
  • greefhorst: RT @krismeukens: Architecting Service-Oriented Systems http://bit.ly/oiEj1H #sei #itarch
  • thoughttrans: Putting a skill in between Enterprise & Architect means you want an IT Architect for a company solution … not an Enterprise Architect!
  • toddbiske: RT @atmanes: Potential REST API metadata standard from @wordnik – supports XML and JSON and many languages via @pragkirk  http://swagger.wordnik.com/ #itarch
  • theopengroup: RT @chrisjharding: A4 Competition can be painful but improves quality. This is true for standards too. // A4 customers should look for good standards first, worry about who produced them second // A3 good standards are simple – but this is easier said than done // A1 Standards enable things to scale. Scale is a major cloud benefit that would be lost without standards. // A1 Interoperability and scalability deliver customer benefits and bigger markets // A1 following standards can decrease risk // A2 Vendors must look to make the cake bigger, not take a bigger share // A2 Good standards take time – and experience // A3 We are still gaining experience of Cloud – standards groups are helping to distill this // A3 Need to listen to what customers need before trying to standardize #cloudchat >Open Group doing great work on what it does best: IT standards, for #cloud in this case
  • BillIves: via @gsiemens: big data, gamification, activity feeds added to Gardner hype cycle http://bit.ly/qSjmMJ #itarch #entarch
  • kvistgaard: RT @adraffin: @ndunlavey This is a #BPMN specific article (PDF), the absence of state is discussed http://bit.ly/osq5nQ #baot

A rather bigger ‘big-picture’, in the social context:

  • ironick: RT @ilawton: Nothing lasts, nothing ends, and nothing is perfect, an article on wabi sabi http://tinyurl.com/3cugfva
  • CreatvEmergence: Beyond space-time: Welcome to phase space l NewScientist – http://bit.ly/nlqvTa
  • SAlhir: RT @nickdemey Amazing new movie concept: “In the late 21st century, time has replaced money as the unit of currency…” http://bit.ly/pzrDnp >perhaps unintentionally, illustrates both the utter absurdity of time as ‘currency’, and the basis of the current model as institutionalised ‘life-theft’ on an almost unimaginable scale…
  • ironick: RT @catagenesis: “it’s v. difficult to grasp that the biggest threat to the American way of life is the American way of life.” – Hagens (http://bit.ly/oEocl0) >”we’re not facing a shortage of energy, but a longage of expectations” #society #culture #economics
  • ironick: Even the Economist agrees US #patent system is fundamentally broken, it “actively impedes innovation” http://econ.st/ncTPb9 #economics #society
  • jdevoo: RT @VenessaMiemis: 13 Books on the Future of Money & New Economy http://bit.ly/nmwOlh >useful list for ‘big-picture’ #entarch (but still no awareness that there is no viable future for money, or any other artefact of a possession-economy)
  • DavidGurteen: RT @Yunus_Centre: #Socialbusiness is missing link between businessworld  + fight against #poverty  +  social problems http://j.mp/bjewbJ #socbiz
  • CreatvEmergence: Great creative concept. Very touching. http://bit.ly/kLjae1 via @umairh @BT >layered stories through time…
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @frankspencer New post: “The 7 Shifts in Our Chaotic World.” http://bit.ly/qXNQTv #entarch #society
  • greblhad: RT @dtapscott Cool. 11 countries in 44 days. 3 1-minute videos showing what life is like around the world http://gizmo.do/mOqzQ0 < Way cool!
  • hvaelama: The old academic model: Knowledge is power. It grows on the knowledge trees and all we have to do is find and pick the fruit of truth. // The new model of knowledge: Combining Human&natural sciences with  Arts/Technology for human transformation (Aalto University 2.0)
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @hyperlocavore HBR: The Unselfish Gene http://ow.ly/60qdp < & why improv principles work for co-creativity >must-read! #economics #society #entarch etc
  • DavidGurteen: RT @Yunus_Centre: ‘Social Business’: Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad #Yunus Promotes New Way To Fight #Poverty http://j.mp/oerSF4 #socbiz #bizarch #bmgen
  • ironick: score 1 for #extropianism over #collapsonomics 🙂 : Almost everything is getting better http://bit.ly/oJv8mO #society #culture #economics
  • JosvanOosten: RT @dtapscott: CSR is dead, long live social enterprise http://bit.ly/oBl99y #csr #socbiz #entarch #society
  • tetradian: via @kvistgaard: two views on patents: ‘system Is broken’ http://t.co/yFC5Q5T and ‘isn’t broken’ http://bit.ly/oDmUje #society >my own view: it’s not the patent system as such that’s broken, but the entire concept of property-as-possession behind it

Some discussions on the social context and causes of the London riots of early-August 2011:

  • Bebela239: RT @GOOD: A tough lady’s amazing plea for peace in London. Wisdom in the face of violence. (NSFW) http://su.pr/31JEqk #society #culture
  • davidcushman: How riots spread – expressed through the medium of dance http://bit.ly/qbmofm >recommend #socmedia #society
  • philreaysmith: If you need faith in humanity to be restored this morning, look at the impromptu clean ups being organised here: @Riotcleanup
  • craighepburn: RT @simonpegg: Visit www.riotcleanup.co.uk for info on how and where to help if you can. #riotcleanup
  • bergmart: RT @dtapscott: London. Sadly my April 6 article on coming youth explosion is looking prophetic. http://huff.to/eNgnSQ Spot on!
  • craighepburn: 3 troublemakers today causing anxiety,anguish&antagonising public with presence.They have been named as Boris,Cameron&Milliband #LondonRiots >for non-UK folks, that’s Boris Johnson (Mayor of London), David Cameron (Conservative leader and current Prime Minister) and Ed Miliband (leader of Labour Party [former government, now opposition])
  • davidcushman: RT @stuartbruce: Shame that the community peace march in Chapeltown, Leeds, hasn’t made national news, come on BBC show it
  • davidcushman: RT @dgwbirch: Rioting correlates with male unemployment, ethnic heterogenity and democracy, essentially RT @edmundo economics of riots http://j.mp/qETfW9
  • DavidGurteen: Responding to the apparent collapse of an old world under its own weight. http://bit.ly/nICl1D /by @euan >strong recommend #society culture
  • jdevoo: RT @afromusing: London riot locations plotted over deprivation data: http://bit.ly/pxl1uf (via @dubber @duncangeere)
  • tetradian: [post] Anti-clients, kurtosis-risks and public riots http://bit.ly/mRuq7y #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @Annemcx RT @umairh The Great Splintering: http://bit.ly/ordKd2. There’s not much more to be said about the riots than this. superb.
  • BillIves: RT @DearingGroup: It’s a Pattern: London Rioters Are Leaving Bookstores Untouched http://bit.ly/oVZAcj
  • davidcushman: RT @tanyagoodin: £200mill damage, 10 buildings torched, 58 shops looted ->  #ukriots by the numbers [INFOGRAPHIC] http://bit.ly/oVErwG
  • oscarberg: RT @cweckstrom David Cameron’s counterproductive attack on social media http://bit.ly/oZP4ZR < Hmmm… >oops… going even further down the dictatorship path?
  • aojensen: RT @carlbildt: Well, I fear David Cameron got it somewhat wrong on netfreedom. Applause from Beijing is hardly flattering. http://bit.ly/p0wNLg
  • davidcushman: RT @Mazi: U.K. police reject proposal to shut social networking sites http://bit.ly/nMbr68 >police have considerably more sense than politicians, it seems…
  • Cybersal: RT @j_freedland This was the piece I was referring to – written ten days before the #riots. http://bit.ly/qJF1Gl >>riots predictable >riots etc as identifiable kurtosis-risk
  • davidcushman: RT @GenesisElijah: A special riot Question Time is on BBC One right now. WHY ARE THERE NO YOUNG PEOPLE ON THE PANEL? HAVE YOU LEARNT NOTHING? >v.good point… #society #culture

Various folks commenting on the passing of business-sustainability pioneer Ray Anderson:

  • ChristineArena: Ray Anderson’s passing a huge loss for our industry. He was a hero, pioneer and a true gentleman. Thank you, Ray, for everything.
  • Bebela239: RT @TEDNews: Remembering Ray Anderson, pioneer of sustainability in business. Here, he makes the case: http://on.ted.com/RayAnderson #TED
  • jdevoo: RT @makower: Ray Anderson: An Appreciation http://grn.bz/plzPC7 >> founder Interface Inc. #circulareconomy
  • ChristineArena: RT @susanmcp1: Beautiful RT @davidcoethica:  My tribute to the late, great Ray Anderson, http://bit.ly/pF9qGF via @volansjohn

And, of course, anything that we might describe as ‘none of the above’:

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