A week in Tweets: 11-17 September 2011

Another week’s worth of Tweets and links, for once available almost straight away. Usual categories an’ all: make of it what you will?

Enterprise-architecture, strategy, innovation and all the ‘business big-picture’ themes:

  • gkathan: RT @simplicableanna: Why Enterprise Architects need to understand games http://bit.ly/pSg4eQ #entarch #cio >sorry, but I still can’t see past the hype to anything real… ‘gamification’ still feels more insulting than engaging…
  • Bebela239: RT @davos: Sustainability requires standardization, slowness and centralization – @jmskibsted http://wef.ch/7mqA >another example of the ‘backbone vs edge’ trade-off #entarch #bizarch #bmgen
  • business_design: RT @bill_fischer: Disruptive #innovation also hits parallel value-chain players: eBook displaces books & book shelves: http://econ.st/pWFSux // Business Model Innovation: Most book publishers are doomed because they don’t really understand their customers nor technology #bmgen
  • tetradian: [post] More on simplified Enterprise Canvas http://bit.ly/nb9pax #entarch #bizarch #bmgen #bpm
  • thoughttrans: Article I wrote right after 9/11/01 #sept11 being in the thick of Wall St connectivity issues http://ow.ly/6r8wQ does it still apply? // Follow up article #sept11 written 2002 http://ow.ly/6r8AH have you implemented processes yet? >a close colleague’s first-hand experience of (US) 9/11, and also first-hand business-continuity / disaster-recovery lessons-learned for #entarch #bizarch etc
  • joemckendrick: NYT Mag: ‘Bubble Boys’: If you have an idea for an app, do it now. Throw it up online. Find an audience. Worst-case, you try again. http://bit.ly/oSm5yJ #startup #bmgen
  • gkathan: RT @ductourer Excellent article on intersection of #marketing and #bpm http://bit.ly/qfWdXb One we all can learn from #entarch
  • vernaallee: RT @petervan: Kaliya Hamlin – @identityWoman: Importance of Public Legitimacy http://is.gd/NyqLmR < see also #Innotribe #sibos #identity > note use of mindmap as a good example of whole-enterprise scope #entarch
  • BillIves: RT @deb_lavoy: RT @HarvardBiz: The Myth of Performance Metrics http://s.hbr.org/nxFLkH < great points #orgarch #entarch
  • greefhorst: RT @krismeukens: “Vision = the picture of what you want your world to look like when you’ve arrived at the destination” http://bit.ly/pSbq8o by @LisaPetrilli >central requirement in real #entarch etc
  • marciamarcia: Just like every story has a beginning, middle & end, organizational stories have a past, present & future. -@getstoried >note that an organisational story doesn’t nave an ‘end’… #entarch #bizstory
  • ironick: best legal advice I’ve seen in a long time: F’ing Sue Me http://bit.ly/nwFhUA >v.useful ‘lawyer-free’ view of trust and risk… #entarch
  • Bebela239: RT @Jabaldaia: RT @jorgebarba: Bingo! RT @frogdesign: Unpredictability is the new consistency http://bit.ly/nbET0W >”debunking four marketing myths of strategy, control, consistency and data” #bmgen #marketing #bizarch, also #entarch etc
  • nickmalik: RT @jfcloutier: @bmichelson: No “Save as Architecture” in the File menu of PowerPoint? 🙂
  • business_design: 🙂 RT @alaindebotton: ‘Creative destruction’ such a nice theory till it happens to you. >too true… 🙁
  • business_design: prev. change RT @alaindebotton: Half the fear of failure is of the judgement of false friends we feel compelled to impress but don’t like >likewise also too true…
  • unorder: RT @clarityrules: RT @HarvardBiz – You Can’t Analyze Your Way to Growth – HBR – collaboration and innovation are key – the ‘soft’ stuff: http://s.hbr.org/mRFAMJ
  • davidcushman: Is being a social business really something today’s CEOs aspire to? Being an #openbusiness That’s something to galvanise. >useful distinction… #entarch
  • tetradian: [post] Enterprise Canvas as service-viability checklist http://bit.ly/p6sDw1 #entarch #bizarch #bmgen #bpm
  • business_design: Love it! RT @claychristensen: The digital reinvention of the textbook – and how to create a disruptive product http://bit.ly/qUHiUU #bmgen
  • business_design: Out of your comfort zone RT @MARTYneumeier: Innovation metric: The potential of a new idea is inversely proportional to its comfort factor. #bmgen
  • gkathan: RT @mitjamavsar: Great article: Customer Journey Maps, #ux, #servicedesign: UXmatters http://bit.ly/n6Kbc5 >v.useful for value-network mapping in #entarch #bizarch etc
  • gkathan: RT @WetterEdman: Service design: a conceptualization of an emerging practice. My licentiate thesis, downloadable @  http://lnkd.in/ri3uva #servicedesign
  • business_design: Blogpost 7 Questions to Assess Your Business Model Design http://bit.ly/r6KY6O >insightful #bmgen #bizarch
  • SAlhir: RT @customerthink: The missing piece of the customer experience puzzle http://bit.ly/n2Dd9G #bmgen #entarch >satisfaction with ‘end-product’ as the missing-piece:  useful reminder on “from strategy to execution” etc
  • pbmobi: Started a page to sketch some loose ideas about Enterprise Backbone Architecture at http://bit.ly/nMt5Oa #entarch inspired by @davegray >see also my Backbone articles, which came out just before and after Dave Gray’s – ‘Agility needs a backbone’ http://bit.ly/gLupH7 and ‘Architecting the enterprise backbone’ http://bit.ly/nk48mL
  • rettema: WHY #ENTARCH DOES NOT WORK: If a lawful mechanism that we think is necessary but is insufficient to provide explanations for … (1/2) // .. for social systems, it is because the received concept of law (#ENTARCH) is not applicable to social context (2/2)
  • tetradian: @rettema “Why #entarch does not work” – agree if EA tries to be ‘law’, but I use it more as a way to bring people together to set own rules
  • tetradian: [post] EA metamodel: two questions http://bit.ly/r4fkmJ (thx @adraffin) #entarch
  • IntegratedEA: Are you coming to Integrated EA 2012? http://linkd.in/pcXmaj #EA #Entarch >I strongly recommend this EA conference
  • joemckendrick: Publisher open-sources content, urges mash-ups of offerings http://smrt.io/ozIp63 #bmgen #socmedia #entarch
  • Bebela239: RT @laughingsquid: Sleepbox, a Tiny Sleeping Capsule http://owl.li/6vz9z >nice idea for tired travellers, also interesting #bmgen etc
  • bergmart: Taking first steps in redesigning Extended Enterprise module for Masters of Informatics at Hogeschool Utrecht >more detail? – esp. on defn of ‘Extended Enterprise’?
  • kvistgaard: The ostensible benefits of lanes (visualizing hand-offs and other… myths) is only making process modeling NOT process-centric #bpmn
  • jdevoo: RT @maxjpucher: “The new magic formula is pull by resonance.” – Peter Kruse #ACM #BPM #complexity #socbiz http://tinyurl.com/6yxa9kt
  • hebsgaard: Gartner: Sustainable Innovation Needs a New Breed of Innovators #gov20 http://bit.ly/opkqMI #innovation #entarch
  • business_design: Nice to see @jnickhughes talk about the #bmgen Canvas on @SAI http://goo.gl/fKjgV >useful view/advice on #startup #bmgen #bizarch etc
  • business_design: RT @HarvardBiz: How Entrepreneurs Find Opportunity http://s.hbr.org/nsagm8 >useful worked-example combining #bmgen and #sustainability
  • DavidGurteen: Johnnie Moore: Change happens at the edge http://bit.ly/oTOU0g >another useful reminder #innovation #creativity #entarch // (also from Jonnie Moore via @DavidGurteen: Play, seriousness and solemnity http://bit.ly/qSGdqk )
  • Cybersal: Guardian: “What is a Dutch anthropologist doing talking to bankers in the City of London?” Fascinating stuff – more to come http://bit.ly/qOdkJa #entarch #culture #deepmyth
  • gkathan: RT @HarvardBiz Does Your Company Have a Culture of Trust? http://s.hbr.org/rlwWdP #entarch #society #economics
  • SAlhir: RT @jaywilk: The Method Method Of Creating And Nurturing Amazing Corporate Culture http://awe.sm/5T22W #entarch #culture
  • Bebela239: RT @BernardMarr: Survey shows, the Balanced Scorecard is ranked among the top 10 most used management tools http://ow.ly/6vbB5 #entarch
  • Cybersal: RT @arusbridger: another guardian journalist told he’s behaved illegally ..writing down prices in #Tesco ! http://is.gd/VNFB8T <outrageous >really good example of how to create anti-clients… #bizarch #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @maverickwoman MIX: all too familiar story….corporate inertia, management “Big Brain” thinking and inability to innovate http://bit.ly/qZBvue >useful first-hand example (context is publishing) #entarch #culture
  • thoughttrans: On strategy and vision http://ow.ly/6xgC8 >nice, tho Big Hairy Audacious Goal must not be used as Vision! #entarch

A useful back-and-forth around dynamics in enterprise-architecture:

  • pbmobi: @tetradian Is mapping the structure of the enterprise really worth the effort. Is it not more useful to focus on the dynamics // Like in nature where form follows function => structure is emerging from the activities // I was just wondering while reading your articles, but my question is related to most or perhaps even all #entarch methods
  • tetradian: @pbmobi “is it not more useful to focus on the dynamics?” – often, yes – which is why you can do both with Enterprise Canvas 🙂
  • pbmobi: @tetradian But that addresses the structure of the dynamics not the real dynamics
  • tetradian: @pbmobi “But that addresses the structure of the dynamics not the real dynamics” – good point… is important point, too… hmm…
  • pbmobi: @tetradian Maybe #entarch should work more like the whole nervous system instead of just the like brain
  • tetradian: @pbmobi more than just ‘the whole nervous system’ – there’s also the limbic system (feelings) etc – ie. all forms of information/drive
  • pbmobi: @tetradian But senses (working with data from lots of sensors/receptors etc.) and their influence on sensemaking are “easy” to mimic
  • ArtBourbon: RT @tetradian: @pbmobi “But that addresses the structure of the dynamics not the real dynamics” > this is an important discussion. Thanks.
  • ArtBourbon: @pbmobi @tetradian re Service: you might want to look at Open Group ontology http://bit.ly/nzK4Qg – v detailed but not techie @theopengroup

A back-and-forth on various ideas about a generic EA-metamodel:

  • adraffin: @tetradian Tom, the momentum that we (you) were building for your EA metamodel appears to have stopped. Have you concluded it won’t work?
  • pbmobi: @adraffin @tetradian I “concluded” that the ideas are realizable but for another, broader than EA alone, purpose (more BIM-like)
  • tetradian: @adraffin “have you concluded EA metamodel] won’t work?” – no, I just worked on other ideas for a few days – gimme a chance, guv’nor! 🙂 // I’m working on many ideas at once (eg. Enterprise Canvas, ‘business anarchist’ etc) – can’t do all of it at internet speed! 🙂 // still have work to do on Enterprise Canvas for now, will come back to metamodel soon – “do not adjust your set” etc? 🙂
  • pbmobi: @tetradian @adraffin CMDB should be part of BIM-like Meta-Model to support “facilities management”, see http://bit.ly/pd5Li1
  • tetradian: @pbmobi @adraffin metamodel: agree re “more BIM-like” at top end, also more CMDB-like at real-world end – yes, it _is_ a broad scope
  • adraffin: @tetradian @pbmobi I think the work on the Enterprise Canvas will offer some more immediate wins for a wider audience.
  • tetradian: @adraffin @pbmobi “ECanvas will offer more immediate wins” – yes – and also provide more context for why we need the EA-metamodel
  • adraffin: @tetradian @pbmobi Yes, the need will become more and more apparent. // I’m slowly incorporating some of your ideas into my everyday work. I instantiated a version of your shared enterprise model.

Various notes/Tweets from an ‘EA Café’ gathering in Belgium:

  • kdierc: Attending EA Cafe 12: Architecture with tangible business benefits presented by SD Worx at Namahn http://bit.ly/pgo31g #BAEA #EA #entarch // Very visual presentation by @AbOrigineMundi on our 12th #like // “one single user interface”, however avoid designing for “rubber” user – @AbOrigineMundi // Now on the use of story telling within the design // Storytelling introduces time & point of view aspect into design // storytelling scenarios provided detailed description of how people worked in daily operations. Eyeopener for most people  // Use future state scenarios to explore the blue print // Start from a basic pattern to design the UI & wireframes of app. Using future state scenarios to refine it. // “Important to have as-is documented in detail” – @AbOrigineMundi #lessonslearned | me: don’t agree, not necessary in detail // “working towards realistic TO BE instead of an ideal TO BE” – @AbOrigineMundi // lots of interaction in this #entarch cafe #baea #like #+1 // Seems like Belgium has complicated payroll rules, why does that not come as a surprise … #baea #entarch /cc @AbOrigineMundi // No business process analysis done on case brought by @AbOrigineMundi , missed change …
  • itworks: 20% working efficiency improvement for SD Worx payroll consultants through the new customer-handling application but #wearenotthereyet // General question: how do you convince managers that things go wrong on the work floor ? @joannes suggests making a funny video // Serious questions for @AbOrigineMundi about why his payroll users still need 2 applications (while new app is not ready) // how do you keep a manager’s interest in process improvements ? @AbOrigineMundi suggests quick wins, others suggest clear milestones #baea

On the dire impact of ‘title-inflation’ from IT into the EA space:

  • thoughttrans: @kdierc if I’m told 1 more time I’m overqualified even for mgmt consulting ea/biz arch work I’ll SCREAM! >me too… 😐
  • kdierc: @thoughttrans how can you be overqualified to do that type of work ? 🙂
  • tetradian: @kdierc “how can you be overqualified” – because they still think EA or BizArch is just detail-layer IT… 🙁
  • kdierc: @tetradian i understand… i still get java developer type of requests…
  • tetradian: @kdierc I still get many requests from agencies for ‘EA’ work – they’re a bit shocked when I explain almost none of what I do is IT.. sigh..
  • kdierc: @tetradian i understand… i still get java developer type of requests…
  • tetradian: @kdierc “i still get java developer type of requests…” – yeah. hardest part is explaining what EA really _is_ – they still don’t get it 🙁
  • kdierc: @tetradian they see architect, and hey… looks like it someone who does technical design

Narrative, knowledge-themes, creativity, leadership, in-person collaboration:

  • SAlhir: RT @VenessaMiemis: The Downside of Passion – su.pr/2bSGYy via @innovate
  • CreatvEmergence: Facilitation lessons via Playback Theatre l @vivmcw’s blog: http://bit.ly/qi0qwB #collab
  • unorder: Just added the pdf version of the article on “Four story-based practices to foster insight” http://is.gd/BRmI95 #entarch #bizstory
  • unorder: Strategic story presentation went well at AHRI. Here is my paper [PDF] http://is.gd/C1UEFK #strategy #bizstory #entarch
  • rtolido: working a bit again on my homemade theory of psychology and IT roles: tell me what role you have in IT and I will tell you who you are.
  • DavidGurteen: Nick Milton: Roles – the KM blindspot? http://bit.ly/ozgYIn #KM >roles need accountabilities #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: 10 Core Assumptions for the Creative Workplace – http://bit.ly/fdDFO1 >useful reminders
  • joyce_hostyn: good post by @johnt on need to design for social gifting as part of building collaborative organizations http://bit.ly/p3LGAj
  • CreatvEmergence: I see the real transformative power of improv in the principles. The principles are the roots, the practices the branches // Conventional paradigm: “I don’t know” is uncomfortable, humbling, awkward. Creative paradigm: “I don’t know” is the invitation to the party! #bizimprov #agile #entarch
  • Bonifer: The work of the blade is not to sever, but to de-sever: http://bit.ly/rhL4Qh #gamechangers #boje #kungfu
  • jdevoo: RT @justmcook “@smarterplanet Video: Are you a systems thinker like Peter Senge http://fb.me/Y7gjAlGq” << Short video interview my team put together #systemsthinking
  • gkathan: RT @netmag: Why the doodle matters, by @sunnibrown. Doodling is a serious and useful tool: http://bit.ly/oXxvIx >nice: also ‘doodle’ defined here as “a marking that helps a person think”
  • business_design: Passion RT @hackmanagement: Initiative, creativity & passion: Gary Hamel on hierarchy of human capabilities at work http://bit.ly/nUSXrt >video: “Passion trumps intellect”
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @katemural 5 timeless insights on transcending fear in the creative process http://j.mp/prLiq5 via @brainpicker >useful: fear (esp. of failure) and self-doubt are occupational hazards in #entarch and related disciplines
  • rubber_duck6072: Inspiring strategic optimism in a maturing workforce – to inspire the courage to renew & harness talent – Tom Stewart: http://bigthink.com/ideas/2860 >interesting… recommend
  • DavidGurteen: Bill Ives: The Hidden Dangers of Overworking http://bit.ly/n4wUeT #orgarch #entarch
  • getstoried: Great post on #storytelling, culture and organizational mythology http://bit.ly/oayFpU >recommend #entarch #bizstory
  • SAlhir: RT @bizshrink MT @GinaAbudi: article on Vistage CEO blog: Virtual Workshops for #Executives #leadership #HR #smallbiz http://bit.ly/nzWEMr >brief how-to

Anything around the general theme of online-collaboration:

  • DavidGurteen: The difference between social networks and communities of practice http://linkd.in/qPgtu1 #KM >useful discussion on LinkedIn
  • getstoried: ATTN #transmedia folks: Interesting new book by @JoePine & @kimkorn on Multiverse of Experience Design – http://bit.ly/qHxhG4 #storytelling
  • BillIves: RT @dhinchcliffe: The Enterprise Social Landscape Enters Teen Years by @rkoplowitz http://ow.ly/6st6j via @ITSinsider #e20 #socmedia #socbiz
  • BillIves: via @rhappe By @jonhusband: Why E2.0 and Social Business Initiatives Are Likely to Remain Difficult http://bit.ly/q5OdY1 >recommend #e20 #socbiz #entarch
  • getstoried: RT @Niemanstory Story, interrupted – why we need new approaches to digital #storytelling http://bit.ly/pfgKej #bizstory
  • DavidCushman: RT @timoreilly: Important post from @zephoria: Guilt by algorithmic association http://bit.ly/pUgcFX I hope google and facebook are thinking hard about this >ouch… a really serious problem here… #society #culture #socmedia

IT-stuff, and, well, other IT-related stuff:

  • greefhorst: RT @alcedocoenen: TOGAF Deliverables life cycle http://wp.me/p11teM-1q #itarch
  • ironick: Is It Time to Rethink Your Enterprise Application Portfolio Strategy? http://bit.ly/n7gBBI #itarch #entarch
  • kdierc: interesting, but which EA tool can simulate? RT @ZachmanIntl: Cloud Computing and #entarch by: John A. Zachman: http://bit.ly/nx3IF3 #itarch #cloud
  • rtolido: Gartner: SAP, what about BPM…? http://goo.gl/BnCvS Fully agree, as SAP should be ‘process champions’ but are not pushing BPM. #bpm #itarch
  • jdevoo: RT @nsjacob: What Matters: Talking back to your intelligent city http://bit.ly/ii9haT via @CivComs >> concerns over sensor vs censor
  • jdevoo: RT @Openenergymon: Interesting post on dangerous prototypes about grid connected solar inverters: http://bit.ly/p9YcBe >’Dangerous Prototypes’ is (mostly) not about risk, but a website for open-source tinkerers and ‘makers’
  • Bebela239: RT @marceloneves: InfoQ: Is Technical Debt Still a Useful Metaphor?: http://bit.ly/qFZ7Ke via @AddThis >short answer: “sometimes…” #itarch #entarch

Some of the many pointers to Open Group’s new business-oriented book on Cloud:

  • theopengroup: Introducing our new book: Cloud Computing For Business http://nblo.gs/mU74G // Establish your enterprise’s #Cloud vision, understand risks & build ROI with newly published book by The Open Group http://wp.me/p1cB5i-gZ #itarch #entarch
  • mskilton: Read The Open Group Blog announce new cloud computing book by @ArtBourbon  http://bit.ly/naZlk4 #ogcloud
  • theopengroup: Excellent review by analyst David Norfolk of The Open Group’s “Cloud Computing for Business” book: http://ow.ly/6s4xf

The societal-scale big-picture, including economics, sustainability and the like:

  • BillIves: NYT: Is Manufacturing Falling Off the Radar? http://nyti.ms/mR2GYh what happen to made in USA? >much the same applies in UK: ‘making money’ in a non-sustainable way has far greater priority than making anything useful… #entarch #bizarch #economics
  • thoughttrans: RT @thisissethsblog: Seth’s Blog: It’s different here http://bit.ly/rqBDpS >someone who thinks a fair bit deeper about the nature of place: a good read…
  • jdevoo: The Future of Government – World Economic Forum http://bit.ly/qDkovg via @IBMcidades >so a bunch of notoriously self-centred business-folk want to define the future of government? – right, yeah, sure… 😐
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @RitaJKing Thrilled to see creativity and imagination at the forefront of the new global economy and culture: http://bit.ly/5zBIG
  • SystemsWiki: #stwg Article: Everyone loses in a ‘winner takes all’ society http://bit.ly/qURMqR >good example of well-meant analysis that doesn’t go anything like deep enough: in particular, failing to question the assumed primacy of ‘ownership’ over everything else…
  • BillIves: RT @darwineco: Tech and tragedy: Imagining 9/11 in the age of Twitter http://bit.ly/n2aSw4 >recommend #society #tech #socmedia
  • rettema: RT @tim_weber: Interesting fact of the day: India’s Tata is the UK’s biggest industrial employer (according to @economist) >interesting inversion of industrial-colonialism: “how are the mighty fallen” etc…?
  • rettema: “@robertmeyer9: Only social system of capitalism (free enterprise) offers freedom to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” #doubtthat >yes, I greatly doubt that too…
  • jdevoo: Sustainability and the Sociology of Civil Unrest http://j.mp/nZOZt2 >no apparent link to sustainability, but interesting on causes of and responses to civil unrest #society #culture
  • oscarberg: The Flipped Classroom #infographic http://flpbd.it/7n19 via @rtkrum >v.interesting: learning online, ‘homework’ in the classroom – apply to other contexts?
  • SAlhir: RT @VenessaMiemis: BBC News – Italian town Filettino declares independence http://bbc.in/o1o851v #futureofmoney #economics #culture
  • Bebela239: RT @Tech_Law: Net Neutrality Regulations Will Soon Be In Effect http://bit.ly/n1rF86 (by @DWTLaw) #Media #Law >yet more insanity about the absurd concept of ‘intellectual property’…
  • Eclectopedic: RT @went1955: “The purpose of studying economics is … to learn how to avoid being deceived by economists” — Economist Joan Robinson (via @TimHarford) >much the same has been said of lawyers… #culture #economics
  • jdevoo: RT @EndOvershoot: When does humanity bust its nature budget for the year? http://ht.ly/6vR3k >> calculating #EarthOvershootDay #sustainability #economics
  • SAlhir: RT @umairh The deeper issue: our institutions empower Machiavellian narcissistic sociopaths. http://bit.ly/nulyMR #entarch #society #culture

And those delightful oddities that – like me, I guess? – don’t quite fit into any comfortable category:

  • unorder: The secret to overcoming jet lag http://is.gd/DdPISv >useful how-to…
  • davidcushman: When they ask for your boarding pass at airport WH Smiths, u can refuse. Zero legal or tax need. They are just gathering product data.
  • thoughttrans: RT @dockane: Lovin’ @gapingvoid ‘s cartoon for today! “You’re not insane…” http://eepurl.com/fLYiw +1
  • Bebela239: RT @HuffingtonPost: A sight few have seen before…  http://huff.to/nuX047 NASA composite-photo of Moon’s north pole
  • eatraining: 20 Hidden LinkedIn Tricks by Pamela Vaughan [PDF] http://lnkd.in/vJdWBW >useful…
  • getstoried: A fascinating way of publishing a manifesto/telling a story online (in mini-blog chapters) – http://creatingthefuturetoday.com/
  • thoughttrans: Oh No! What to do when you forgot to turn on your audio recorder! http://ow.ly/6urqw >practical stuff for video #bizstory
  • jdevoo: RT @TomTague: Great collection of early 1940’s color Kodachrome photos of NYC  http://is.gd/0dkIsR

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