Cross-reference to related posts

This is a follow-on to the earlier post ‘Helping others make sense of my work’.

One of the various suggestions that came up from that – many thanks, folks! – was for better cross-reference between posts.

I’ve now added a ‘Related posts’ section to the end of each post. (It’s shown only when the page is displayed in ‘single-post’ format – it won’t appear in post-lists, such as on the blog home-page.)

It’s automatically generated (by YARPP, if you’re interested in such things), so it’ll occasionally give somewhat strange results, and I haven’t yet found a way to stop it returning links to the ‘A week in Tweets’ posts. But it’s something, anyway. Hope it’s useful.

And thanks again – I know I kinda flood people with ideas and information, but I do want to give you the best service I can. 🙂

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