Tweets from Open Group conference, San Francisco (day 1)

A set of Tweets from the first day (30 Jan 2012) of the Open Group conference in San Francisco, collated via the #ogSFO hashtag.

Many thanks indeed to all those who Tweeted, to help us all get a better picture of the current Open Group view of enterprise-architectures.

I’ve stripped out most of the ‘#ogSFO’ hashtags in the text, and added occasional comments of my own in italics, but otherwise the following is as Tweeted by the respective participants.

There’s a lot of it, so best place a brief break here.

Miscellaneous before the start:

  • nickmalik: @theopengroup attending #ogsfo advanced TOGAF.  Fairly E-IT-A focused.  Good advice for EA pgms inside IT
  • Dana_Gardner: Heading over to The Open Group conference in San Francisco. Some great keynote speeches coming this am, we’ll be tweeting on them.
  • a_josey: New Open Group blog: FACE Consortium Publishes First Standard for Defense Avionics Systems
  • marclankhorst: RT @ArchiMate_r: @bizzdesign Please note the date change. The ArchiMate 2.0 launch is on Tuesday Jan 31
  • theopengroup: Allen Brown, CEO @theopengroup is taking the stage #ogSFO is officially kicking off!
  • Dana_Gardner: CEO Allen Brown kicking off The Open Group conference, FACE and Archimate 2.0 news to come

Keynote by Jeanne Ross:

  • Dana_Gardner: MIT’s Jeanne Ross up first, speaking to a full house at Open Group conference
  • Dana_Gardner: Stakes are high for enterprise architecture, needs to show success in the new digital economy, says Ross
  • togaf_r: Jeanne Ross: We have to make sure enterprise architecture delivers
  • nickmalik: Jeanne Ross keynote – role of the #entarch – To avoid application silos, we need to think in terms of capabilities
  • Dana_Gardner: Coming from the siloed past in IT, now moving to business service views on resources, says Ross; now need to juice use of services
  • Dana_Gardner: Enterprise architects also now need to help their organizations use services, instill a “value cycle”, says Ross
  • systemsflow: “Most companies grossly underuse their capabilities” (Jeane Ross) #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: Enterprise architects need to evangelize use of improved systems after they build them, and show recurring value ASAP, says Ross
  • mcrugo: Jeanne Ross from mit explains the move from value chains to value cycles in EA
  • systemsflow: Enabling enterprise capabilities only helps if you enable capabilities that the organization will actually use! #entarch
  • nickmalik: – J. Ross – Simply “build” the capabilities – not enough – #entarch  start with helping the business exploit current capabilities.
  • theopengroup: Listening to MIT’s Jeanne Ross talk Enterprise Transformation at #ogSFO!
  • nadsmat2diworld: Listening to @wharton alumna Jeanne Ross at Open Group Conference in San Francisco. “Architecting Business Success” @wharton_women
  • stevenunn: Standing room only for Jeanne Ross of MIT Center for Information Systems Research.
  • Dana_Gardner: Enterprise architects need to provide “single source of truth” to all business stakeholders, make the information flow well, say Ross
  • mcrugo: the different between success and failure in a digital economy is not ate technology, but the people.  Jeanne Ross MIT
  • Dana_Gardner: Quality of data, speed of data refresh as top priorities will help enterprise architects rise in performance appreciation, says Ross
  • theopengroup: “We live in a digital economy. In order to succeed, organizations need to excel in #entarch” – Jeanne Ross
  • Dana_Gardner: “Single source of truth” is at heart of making enterprise architecture valuable going forward, says Ross
  • Dana_Gardner: #USAA, as example, created enterprise strategy group aside IT, to organize transformation better (and IT loved it), says Ross
  • nickmalik: J. Ross provides a number of stories of companies that provided key value through #entarch – USAA built value by moving EA out of IT
  • theopengroup: .@USAA has an Enterprise Strategy & Planning group – partners with IT and sits on the business side working with senior executives
  • mcrugo: shorts version of first session: if you build it they will come only works in the movies.
  • stevenunn: Jeanne Ross: 5 great case study summaries of corporate EA success – Aetna, Protection 1, USAA, PepsiAmericas & Commonwealth Bank.
  • Dana_Gardner: “Customer data is the most important kind of data,” Commonwealth Bank found, relays MIT’s Ross. Works for me. #Scribe
  • brendabizz: Listening to Jeanne Ross at #ogSFO  lots of interesting insights, eg: USAA  created value by moving EA out of IT
  • nickmalik: Commonwealth Bank saw value in #entarch by focusing on master data mgmt and clean consistent interfaces, from J. Ross
  • stevenunn: Jeanne Ross: Commonwealth Bank started by improving access to its data, fixing data issues along the way, rather than in isolation
  • Dana_Gardner: Even most successful companies are just learning to do analytics well, and strong operations came first, says Ross.
  • stevenunn: Jeanne Ross: Enterprise architects role includes identifying capabilities to be exploited, and building capabilities incrementally
  • theopengroup: #Entarch role in business value: Help senior execs clarify biz goals; identify architectural capability that can be readily exploited // Present options and their implications for business goals; build capabilities incrementally #entarch #jeanneross
  • systemsflow: Ross:  Trend in 5 case studies.  Companies leverage #entarch to focus first on building great operations then analytic capabilities
  • Dana_Gardner: Enterprise architect role: help clarify biz goals, ID what can be done readily, present more options, build incrementally, says Ross
  • stevenunn: Jeanne Ross: in response to where do u find gr8 architects? “Mostly by growing them: taking smart people & giving them opportunities”
  • nickmalik: J. Ross – good #entarch is grown not made – we need to take smart people and give them opportunities to grow + good education
  • brendabizz: At #ogSFO Ross says u must grow talented people:training smart, passionate people,train them and use talented vendor resources
  • EAatTRM: Jeanne Ross talk emphasized enterprise architects must help their organizations to exploit what is already there.
  • theopengroup: “Some day CIOs will report to the architect – that’s the way it ought to be” #entarch
  • mikejwalker: One day the CIO will report to Enteprise Architecture Jeanne Ross #entarch
  • nickmalik: J. Ross – best PR for #entarch is a great CIO but EA needs to build good comm skills and focus on business value of capabilities
  • mcrugo: talent for EA projects will need to be grown with people with passion, smarts, and drive.  Jeanne Ross MIT q&a
  • AvolutionAbacus: Jeanne Ross presenting on one of our client’s journey @Commbank at #ogSFO
  • mikejwalker: Maybe we need to replace the term of EA with Capability #entarch Jeanne Ross >sure – as long it’s more than just IT!
  • stevenunn: Jeanne Ross: A great CIO is the best PR agency for enterprise architects. BUT, one day the CIO will report to the Chief Architect!
  • Dana_Gardner: “Someday CIOs will report to the enterprise architect, because that’s the way it should be,” says MIT’s Ross, to applause
  • mcrugo: capabilities cannot be delivered without a clear owner of the end to end process.
  • systemsflow: Perception is reality.  If #entarch adds value, but nobody hears it, did the tree fall?
  • nickmalik: J. Ross – #entarch must fight for lining up key aspects of ownership and governance to insure adoption of improved capabilities
  • stevenunn: Allen Brown, The Open Group CEO: “Enterprise Architects must not only deliver value, but BE SEEN to deliver value”.
  • IverPDX: Jeanne Ross of MIT advises enterprise architects to focus first on exploiting existing capabilities before adding new ones #entarch
  • pelujan: RT @mikejwalker: One day the CIO will report to Enteprise Architecture #ogsfo Jeanne Ross #entarch | Not a chance. #C’monNowReally
  • stevenunn: Jeanne Ross: Avoid strategic divergence by keeping an ongoing dialog with senior management. #entarch #AEA
  • stevenunn: Jeanne Ross: “Don’t worry about the tipping point between capability building and exploitation. You’ll know if ur delivering value”
  • ArtBourbon: Architects will do more work to identify which capabilities need to be created #entarch Jeanne Ross
  • Dana_Gardner: “If you have a lot of money, don’t worry about enterprise architecture,” says MIT’s Ross. #Entarch
  • nickmalik: companies with “too much money” have terrible #entarch and business process arch – J. Ross
  • theopengroup: “Investment banking is an example of the worst #entarch. Cannot impose discipline if your org has too much money.” #JeanneRoss
  • stevenunn: Jeanne Ross: Small organizations still need to focus on their capabilities and how to exploit them
  • mikejwalker: Traditional #entarch methods of Plan, Build, Operate are broken. Value Cycles are needed NOT Value Chains #JeanneRoss
  • industryleaders: RT @IverPDX: Jeanne Ross of MIT:  EAs add business value by coaching business executives on defining strategy #entarch

Miscellaneous, between keynotes:

  • industryleaders: Colombia Mexico Costa Rica in Open Group San Francisco Conference AEA & Dux Diligens
  • togaf_r: TOGAF 9 Top 10 certifications by country: 1896 UK|1449 US|1434 NL|900 AUS|678 IN|561 ZA|526 CA|437 FI|381 FR|281 SE
  • theopengroup: Where do you find, how do you grow, and how do you keep good EAs? #entarch
  • togaf_r: The TOGAF 9.1 document set is now available in the Kindle Store at Amazon
  • a_josey: @nadsmat2diworld Presentations will be available in the online proceedings, posted on the wednesday after the conference

Someone else commenting on the persistent IT-centrism in enterprise-architecture:

  • Dave_van_Gelder: Why is EA constantly related to IT and CIO’s? >my point exactly, Dave…
  • industryleaders: @Dave_van_Gelder It is not only about IT its about a holistic approach its about business strategyand execution >would that that were true for TOGAF…
  • Dave_van_Gelder: @industryleaders  I don’t see a holistic approach. Jeanne talked about what IT had to deliver and now it is about an IT transform.
  • industryleaders: @Dave_van_Gelder Yes we are agree i am sharing that we must have a satellite vision instead a helicopter one ; )

Keynote by Celso Guiotoko:

  • stevenunn: Celso Guiotoko, Corporate VP & CIO, Nissan Motor Co talking on how EA is helping Nissan IT transformation
  • industryleaders: Listening Celso Guiotoko, Corporate VP & CIO, Nissan Motor Co talking on how EA is helping Nissan IT transformation
  • Dana_Gardner: Business value at top of IT principles for Nissan, information as asset comes next, then reduce complexity, says Guiotoko #entarch
  • lmelsted: Nissan’s IT based on BEST: Biz Alignment, Ent Arch, Selective Sourcing, Tech Simplification
  • Dana_Gardner: For Guiotoko here’s what works BEST=Business alignment, Enterprise architecture, Selective sourcing, Technology simplification
  • nadsmat2diworld: B.E.S.T. Business alignment, Enterprise Architecture, Selective Sourcing, Technological Simplification. Nissan. #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: BEST did this for Nissan: Cost per user went from 1.09 to 0.63 on their metrics scale. Wow. #entarch
  • mikejwalker: Using #entarch Nissan reduced cost per user from 1.09 to .63, 230k return, with 404 applications reduced
  • systemsflow: Nissan invested $1B in IT Transformation.  Can you think of anything you could fix in your shop with $1B? We’re happy to help. 🙂
  • stevenunn: Celso Guiotoko, Nissan CIO: Approach to alliance with Renault was to look at each org separately, and then take a view across both
  • systemsflow: At #ogsfo hearing many case studies of visionary executives investing in #entarch to great success… and its only hour 2!
  • stevenunn: Celso Guiotoko, Nissan CIO: Important to identify relationship between the business and data architectures
  • stevenunn: Celso Guiotoko, Nissan CIO: Vitesse program now underway in Nissan: Value Innovation Technology,  Simplification, Service Excellence
  • IverPDX: Nissan Motors CIO: Big IS improvements thru BEST program: Bus. alignment, EA, Selective sourcing, Tech simplification #entarch
  • stevenunn: Celso Guiotoko, Nissan CIO: IT organization now reports to corporate planning. Very helpful!
  • mikejwalker: Nissan’s EA team reports at the executive level within Corporate and Product Managment #entarch
  • mcrugo: Nissan and Renault accept the differences in corporate culture as permanent, but it does not stop IT from finding ways to integrate
  • stevenunn: Celso Guiotoko, Nissan CIO: important to converge the language if IT dept to that of the business. Using TOGAF(R) helps.

More miscellaneous items:

  • Dana_Gardner: The Open Group releases SOA and cloud computing standards, updates OSIMM Recent news #entarch
  • nadsmat2diworld: Why is Intercontinental hotel vibrating? #ogSFO #entarch

Keynote by Andy Mulholland:

  • theopengroup:: Listening to Capgemini’s Andy Mulholland talk Enterprise Transformation at #ogSFO!
  • Dana_Gardner: Up next at Open Group conference: Andy Mulholland, Global Chief Technology Officer & Corporate Vice President at #Capgemini #entarch
  • stevenunn: Andy Mulholland, Global CTO, Capgemini starts his talk on “The Transformed Enterprise” #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: Capgemini’s Mulholland begins preso on “the transformed enterprise” and look at #cloud trends. #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: Corporations are purely metrics driven, and IT must advance to that reality, says Mulholland #entarch >sorry, but that’s just plain stupid, even if it is true…
  • lmelsted: Capgemini’s CTO Andy Mulholland now talking about enterprise transformation at #ogsfo
  • Dana_Gardner: Behaviors of workers and customers are causing huge change in markets, with 40M tablets and 70M smartphones, says Mulholland #entarch
  • stevenunn: Andy Mulholland, Global CTO, Capgemini: Enterprise IT transformation has been driven by people as workers and as customers
  • Dana_Gardner: Bring Your Own Device #BYOD also forcing change; Gartner says 35% of IT budgets going “outside” IT, says Mulholland #entarch
  • systemsflow: Home IT is becoming pervasive and challenging the enterprise IT model.
  • stevenunn: Andy Mulholland, Global CTO, Capgemini: Gartner predicts that up to 35% of IT expenditure will not be controlled by corporate IT
  • Dana_Gardner: Two IT environs developing now inside enterprises: “Inside” IT and “outside” IT, i.e. #cloud, says Mulholland #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: Going “outside” IT not necessarily bad if it’s managed properly, says Mulholland #entarc
  • stevenunn: Andy Mulholland, Global CTO, Capgemini: A transformed enterprise uses an external business model. Not a bad thing, if it’s controlled
  • Cybersal: Saw Andy Mulholland’s Transformed Enterprise talk at British Computer Society 2 weeks ago – very thought-provoking #entarch
  • systemsflow: The transformed enterprise will have two cooperating IT models – back office/traditional and front office/loosely coupled web.
  • lmelsted: Back office revolutions drive enterprise change–ignore at your own peril says Capgemini’s Andy Mulholland >yep…
  • Dana_Gardner: Business model innovation is new game because these are changing more rapidly, more dramatically, says Mulholland #entarch
  • IverPDX: Cap Gemini CTO Mulholland: A transformed organization uses an external business model #entarch #bmgen
  • nickmalik: Recommendation – “Seizing the Whitespace” by Johnson – for business model innovation #entarch #bmgen
  • stevenunn: Andy Mulholland, Global CTO, Capgemini: There’s a huge revolution occurring in enterprise IT. We must heed the lessons of the 80s/PCs
  • Dana_Gardner: To innovate on business models, also need to change how you communicate and use information (Conway’s Law), says Mulholland #entarch
  • IverPDX: Three ways to innovate: product, service or cost #entarch >only three???
  • theopengroup: Conway’s Law – Enterprises cannot change beyond the constraints of their communications #entarch #andymulholland
  • Dana_Gardner: Social networks work better in fast environs to share knowledge efficiently than email, as example, says Mulholland #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: #Cloud-based business processes uniquely allow for real-time adjustments and optimization, which is huge, says Mulholland #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: #Cloud plus #Mobile plus #BigData plus #social is the elixir to business transformation, says Mulholland #entarch
  • stevenunn: Andy Mulholland, Capgemini: Interesting cloud example: servicing aircraft – changed where & how we use technology #cloud #entarch
  • theopengroup: #cloud, #mobility and #bigdata – 3 core technology clusters and standards, but no business process standards #andymulholland
  • mikejwalker: IT is Inside Out focused, looking at the problems within the company only wheras the business looks at problems Outside In. #entarch >yep… that’s the core problem with most current ‘enterprise’-architecture…
  • mikejwalker: @Dana_Gardner: #Cloud + #Mobile + #BigData + #social elixir to business transformation #entarch <- Looks like the Gartner Nexus Model
  • systemsflow: Enable real time flexibility in front office operations using cloud services, device mobility, and “big data.”  Mulholland.
  • stevenunn: Andy Mulholland, Global CTO, Capgemini: it’s not just a revolution in technology, but in working practices too
  • Dana_Gardner: #Cloud is really the 4th generation of the Web, says Mulholland #entarch
  • IverPDX: Cap Gemini CTO Mulholland:  Services platforms broker in real time the services enabled by back-office IT #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: Transformed enterprise focuses on productivity of people and innovative business models; spells big change for IT, says Mulholland
  • Dana_Gardner: IT faces “huge re-integration project” to bring together the inside and outside services in a rational way, says Mulholland #entarch
  • stevenunn: Andy Mulholland, Global CTO, Capgemini: the business wants something radically different – don’t try to stop them! #entarch #AEA
  • mikejwalker: TOGAF EA Methods has to accept anew model  of traditional Inside Out to a TOGAF complemented by a Outside In model #entarch #TOGAF >yes yes YES!!!
  • Dana_Gardner: Governance models are the key to re-integration required of inside and outside services, says Mulholland #entarch
  • lmelsted: Transformed enterprises must be integrated and practice controlled change acc to Andy Mullholland of Capgemini

And a few more miscellaneous items:

  • mikejwalker: Open Group Conference San Francisco Day 1 Keynotes – Pt1: #entarch
  • mikejwalker: Open Group Conference San Francisco Day 1 Keynotes – Full coverage #entarch
  • nadsmat2diworld: Way too cold in this room but only ~10 percent of participants female so likelihood of getting A/C temp turned up is low #entarch

Keynote by Lauren States:

  • Dana_Gardner: Up next at The Open Group conference: Lauren States, VP and CTO for Cloud Growth Initiatives at #IBM #entarch #cloud
  • lmelsted: Lauren States, VP & CTO, Cloud and Growth Initiatives from IBM at #ogsfo
  • Dana_Gardner: A new reality is roiling business around customers, employees, partners and competitors, says IBM’s States #entarch #cloud
  • stevenunn: Lauren States, IBM VP & CTO Cloud Computing & Growth Initiatives speaking on making business drive IT transformation through EA
  • Dana_Gardner: You have to move fast to succeed in the new environment, says IBM’s States #entarch #cloud
  • WGoedvriend: Interesting talks on enterprise architecture amd evolving business the struggle within companies worldwide
  • nadsmat2diworld: CIOs and CMOs are aligned that analytics, insight, client intimacy – critically important -Lauren States #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: Requirements mean a huge emphasis on analytics; and so need to integrate IT and analytics better, says IBM’s States #entarch #cloud
  • theopengroup: “CMOs are overwhelming underprepared for the data explosion and recognize need to invest in and integrate technology and analytics”
  • lmelsted: CMOs are underprepared for data explosion and need to invest in tech and analytics to help control branding says IBM’s States
  • stevenunn: Lauren States, IBM: CMOs are underprepared for data explosion & recognize need to invest in & integrate technology & analytics
  • mikejwalker: #IBM highlighting their C-Suite Study – Highlights the CIO survey #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: Business process excellence, values-based culture, IT-enablement form core of IBM’s transformation credo, says States #entarch #cloud
  • stevenunn: Lauren States, IBM: IBM’s transformation focus areas are enabling growth, productivity, and culture change #entarch
  • lmelsted: Culture, biz process excellence and IT enablement drive approach to transformation using #entarch at IBM says States
  • systemsflow: @lauren_states: Need to evolve IT beyond traditional business models to enable a new, social business model; echos Capgemini msg
  • theopengroup: IBM look at enterprise transformation and IT as one critical function reporting to the CEO – @Lauren_States >good to see that.
  • Dana_Gardner: Of course, #IBM has been transforming itself since 1994, and quite successfully #entarch #cloud
  • stevenunn: Lauren States, IBM: Transformation of IBM through EA has cut operating costs by about $1.5bn ! #entarch
  • RealLouw: Great to “sit in” on IBM thought leadership presentation in #ogsfo, while at the same time having a braai in South Africa – WebEx Rules
  • systemsflow: @lauren_states reports that IBM reduced from 128 CIO’s to one.  There’s a “how many CIO’s” joke in there somewhere…
  • stevenunn: Lauren States: IBM’s cloud strategy is committed to open standards #opengroup #cloud
  • mikejwalker: IBM reduces their application portfolio by 2/3 with cloud transformation #entarch
  • industryleaders: Listening IBM i just remember togaf tutorial Latin American Enterprise Transformation with TOGAF today 2pm
  • Dana_Gardner: #IBM using cloud extensively internally, with lots of big metrics on savings and benefits, says IBM’s States #entarch #cloud
  • systemsflow: @lauren_states: “Email-less man” at IBM loses 30lbs using social networking as a communication medium
  • Dana_Gardner: Cloud sweet-spot in near-term is exploiting it for marketing, sales and customer service, says IBM’s States #entarch #cloud
  • industryleaders: IBM is talking about lessons learned hey reduce their application portfolio by 2/3 with cloud transformation
  • lmelsted: Analytics a crucial theme during each morning keynote at The Open Group San Francisco Conference #entarch
  • systemsflow: @lauren_states: Email-less IBMer loses 30lb using social netw; apparently social netw is healthy for more than the enterprise!

Presentation by Madhav Naidu:

  • theopengroup:: Coffee break has ended. Listening to Madhav Naidu with @Ciena talk #Enterprise Transformation at #ogSFO!
  • systemsflow: Naidu reviewing how Ciena built out #entarch team from scratch in response to organizational change.

Presentation by Brian Cameron:

  • stevenunn: Brian Cameron, Center for EA, Penn State University presenting on ROI, value measurement & best practices for the enterprise #entarch
  • stevenunn: Brian Cameron, Center for EA, Penn State: 4 focus areas of EA Initiative – undergrad, masters, professional development & research
  • mikejwalker: Open Group certifies graduates from Penn State based on skills not competences. NOT TOGAF but framework agnostic. #entarch
  • mikejwalker: Penn State wants to create “Pre-Med” school for Enterprise Architects it doesn’t make you an EA, must go through residency #entarch
  • mikejwalker: Penn State launching Professional Masters in EA degree program in the Fall. Expansion Center for EA #entarch
  • mikejwalker: Penn State keeps it course “evergreen” through many members from public and private sector #entarch >same principle as in art-colleges
  • theopengroup: Penn State researching the application of #entarch to areas outside of IT >hooray! it’s about time someone did…
  • systemsflow: Brian Cameron, Penn State Center for #entarch doing research on an EA maturity framework that is not IT centric.  Publishing soon.
  • mikejwalker: Penn State research surfaces that Value Management is low. Stats – 41 do, 54 don’t measure, 5% don’t know #entarch
  • theopengroup: In Penn State study, ROI was the most popular financial metric used by EAs #entarch #EAvaluemeasurement
  • mikejwalker: Penn State research says ROI is most popular value measure BUT is the worst one to use. #entarch >yep…
  • systemsflow: Half the orgs surveyed in Penn State Center for #entarch study have no EA measurement practice in place.
  • mikejwalker: Penn State started independant Federation of Enterprise Architect Professional Organizations #entarch

Presentation by Mario Tokoro:

  • Technodad: Mario Tokoro, CEO Sony Computer Science Labs: growing complexity of netwk systems, new regulations need new approach to dependability
  • Technodad: Tokoro at #ogsfo: must treat dependability as open system problem. Needs iterative processes, dependability cases.
  • Technodad: Tokoro’s challenge: Can dependable engineering processes needed for dynamic open systems be mapped to TOGAF?

Miscellaneous again:

  • Technodad: Yutaka Matsuno presents D-case methodology – dependability cases for complex open systems
  • Technodad: The Open Group publishes Future Air Capability Environment standard for open composeable defense avionics:

Presentation by Marc Walker:

  • togaf_r: Marc Walker: Using ontologies in business is still in its infancy
  • EricStephens: Marc walker : it’s about the meaning between #entarch elements

And more miscellaneous:

  • JWDijkstra: RT @stevenunn: Allen Brown, The Open Group CEO: “Enterprise Architects must not only deliver value, but BE SEEN to deliver value”.
  • theopengroup:: Now before lunch, listening to @theopengroup CTO Mike Lambert brief #TOGAF 9

Presentation presumably by someone from HP:

  • systemsflow: HP developed a Self-Service Architecture Resource Center to codify architecture basics and help junior architects build skills.
  • mikejwalker: HP built lightweight EA Process (LEAP) to help aspiring / junior architects. When more rigor needed a EA Fwk. used #entarch
  • systemsflow: #EntArch must provide good info UP to guide investment decision and strategic planning and DOWN to guide solution implementations.
  • systemsflow: A consistent set of methods and a common language is critical to bridge the enterprise/solution architecture gap.

And yet more miscellaneous:

  • togaf_r: The Open Group Architecture Forum TOGAF Next Working Group meets this afternoon >will this version finally break free of IT-centrism? – we have to hope…
  • AvolutionAbacus: Painfully obvious that some of the competition are on their last legs by the whole tone and body language of their presenters at #ogSFO. >what competition? – this doesn’t make sense…
  • joshuabrickman: High level weaseling seems to be a new standards development method

Presentation by Russ Gibfried:

  • systemsflow: Critical 1st steps in launching EA: a charter, principles, and a comm plan.  @rgibfried “Gaining/Retaining an Arch Practice.”
  • systemsflow: Starting EA is easy – who doesn’t like motherhood and apple pie?  Sustaining is where the rubber hits the road. @rgibfried
  • theopengroup: What are two ways to improve EA message? Have a clear line of sight linking business objectives to expected outcomes // Demonstrate balance between short-term value and long-term visioning #entarch @rgibfried
  • systemsflow: @rgibfried: ill-defined roles,too IT focused,poor communication,ivory tower,governance police,forgotten stakeholders = #EntArch #FAIL
  • systemsflow: Getting your EA charter signed by your CxO stakeholder gets you a seat at “the rest of the organization.” @rgibfried #entarch
  • theopengroup: “#Entarch is not a spectator sport” @rgibfried
  • systemsflow: @rgibfried losing me on sports analogy.  Wish he stuck with Star Wars. I think “in the zone” means the force is with me.

Presentation by Frank Chen:

  • EricStephens: Frank Chen emphasizing the vocabulary disconnect among #entarch folks. Important to define terms. >to agree on usage of defined terms – defining alone is not enough…
  • systemsflow: Build your #entarch  Capabilities as a core competency first then execute.  Frank Chen speaks to a common theme here at #ogsfo.

Presentation by Alan Hakimi:

  • mikejwalker: Watching the Alan Hakimi talk about EA and Zen #entarch
  • stevenunn: Listening to Alan Hakimi, Senior EA, Enterprise Strategy Services, Microsoft on “Zen & The Art of Modern EA – Rethinking the Mess”
  • stevenunn: Alan Hakimi, Microsoft: ‘Stafford Beer was one of the first Enterprise Architects. How did we lose all that knowledge?” #entarch >hooray, someone acknowledges Beer!
  • Cybersal: @tetradian re @stevenunn: #ogsfo mention of Stafford Beer…the knowledge lives on here #scio  #entarch
  • stevenunn: Alan Hakimi, Microsoft recommending Peter Senge’s book “The Fifth Discipline: The art and practice of the learning organization”
  • mikejwalker: Alan Hakimi -Don’t build your own meta-models use Archimate #entarch >would be fine if it wasn’t so incomplete…
  • stevenunn: Alan Hakimi, Microsoft: Using ArchiMate(R) meta-model can avoid having to worry about all the proprietary meta-models. #entarch
  • stevenunn: Alan Hakimi, Microsoft: Example of airport lounges in Dubai: Imposing governance in a way that the end user doesn’t realize! #entarch
  • stevenunn: Alan Hakimi,, Microsoft talking of using systems dynamics to evolve EA #entarch
  • mrevoir: Alan Hakimi at #ogsfo appreciate the beauty of gray

Presentation by Henry Franken:

  • brendabizz: Henry Franken CEOBiZZdesign speaking at #ogSFO Successfully Implementing EA w TOGAF & ArchiMate good eg’s showing transition architectures
  • ArchiMate_r: Henry Franken: ArchiMate:Adding value to TOGAF: ArchiSurance case study to be made available w/ ArchiMate 2.0 tomorrow
  • ArchiMate_r: Franken: ArchiMate closes the gap between free-format strategy models and detailed solutions architecture models
  • ArchiMate_r: Franken: ArchiMate : Easy to use, step by step to move to advanced use. Designed specifically for EA

Presentation by Stuart Boardman:

  • systemsflow: Stuart Boardman: “#entarch is more effective if it is outside of IT.” >yes yes yes! (b/c IT is only one part of EA)

Presentation by Nicholas Hill and Musharaf Mughal:

  • stevenunn: Nicholas Hill, Infosys & Musharaf Mughal, Manulife Financial begin their talk on the virtual EA team (VEAT)
  • stevenunn: Musharaf Mughal, Manulife Financial: We engaged consultants (Infosys) to get a lot of our EA work done #entarch
  • stevenunn: Musharaf Mughal, Manulife: The virtual EA team comprises industry-credentialed individuals – in TOGAF(R) & other certifications
  • stevenunn: Musharaf Mughal, Manulife Financial: Cultural challenges have been mostly intra-company, not inter-company #entarch
  • stevenunn: Musharaf Mughal, Manulife Financial: We are not “outsourcing architecture”, we are “outsourcing some of the mechanics of the EA work”
  • stevenunn: Nicholas Hill, Infosys: Manulife Financial have adopted the TOGAF (R) framework
  • stevenunn: Musharaf Mughal, Manulife Financial: I have added 2 “trained business architects”, but I’m not certain what that means #entarch
  • stevenunn: Nicholas Hill, Infosys: As required, Manulife adds specialized architects to the Infosys architect pool #entarch
  • stevenunn: Musharaf Mughal, Manulife Financial: We are portraying the EA team as the guys who help you get what you need #entarch #aea
  • stevenunn: Hill: VEAT value prop: Improve quality, enhance development cycle, systematically manage risk, drive standardization & reduce TCO
  • stevenunn: Musharaf Mughal, Manulife: We are already reaping the rewards of using EA standards and re-useable building blocks per TOGAF(R)
  • stevenunn: Mughal: CSFs – ease of doing business, broad acceptance & adoption by line of business, near-term success, & keeping up with demand
  • stevenunn: Musharaf Mughal, Manulife: The EA thought-leadership is still in-house – we out-sourced some of the “getting stuff done” #entarch

And finally, a few more assorted items that I can’t connect to anything else:

  • EricStephens: Rise of the (business) machines by Mans Bhuller. Are IT depts doomed?
  • industryleaders: i get lost  i feel suddenly in a SUN Prepackaged HW Sales Bundle : (
  • industryleaders: people from audience also told do not forget governance, risks , business readiness before an IT proposal

That’s it for now: more tomorrow. Hope it’s been of some use to someone, anyways. 🙂

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