Presentation ‘The enterprise is the story’ now online

The enterprise is the story‘ – my presentation from the recent Integrated-EA enterprise-architecture conference in London – is now online on Slideshare:

The slidedeck is just under 80 slides, split into five sequences:

  • “What’s the story?” – introducing the idea of story as a way of working within enterprise-architectures, using the example of Carnaval, in Rio de Janeiro
  • “A cast of thousands!” – describing the ‘sharedness’ of enterprises and the enterprise-story, again using Carnaval as its example
  • “The plot thickens…” – linking story to process and the practical details of the enterprise
  • “To be continued…” – exploring the structure of story, and strategic-structures that cause failure of the organisation’s story
  • “Every picture tells a story” – a plea for stronger support of story in our enterprise-architecture toolsets

For once, I did a slidedeck that’s more about visuals than words – and it certainly seemed to go down well with the audience, which is always good fun. 🙂

The conference is, for me, one of the highlights of the year, because they cover architectures with such an enormously varied scope: most of the attendees are from defence / security contexts or high-reliability areas such as rail-transport or air-traffic control. I put in a a few sort-of visual jokes that I put in specifically for them – which seemed to go down well, too.

I also did a audio-recording, but it’s a bit crackly. I’ll try to clean it up and, if so, attach it to the slidedeck to make a bit more of a standalone presentation.

Share and enjoy, anyway?

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