Slidedeck for BCS-EA 2012 now online

I had a great time at the BCS-EA 2012 conference in London yesterday. I’ll write up a proper summary later today, but for now, here are the slidedeck and accompanying worksheet that I uploaded to Slideshare.


And accompanying worksheet:

I’d been asked to do something with a bit more practical and interactive content, so I did the whole presentation as a kind of ‘mini-workshop’. It’s split into eight six-minute chunks, each with two minutes intro (the more visual sections of the slidedeck), then four minutes pair-discussion (indicated by the ‘Practice’ summary-slides). It worked really well, so it’s a format I’d recommend others might like to try at other conferences.

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4 Comments on “Slidedeck for BCS-EA 2012 now online

  1. Dear Tom,

    I was one of the persons attending the BCS-EA conference. I really enjoyed both your presentation and the practical session. I have also found very interesting your responses to the panel questions many of which will change my way of thinking when dealing with EA from now on.

    Many thanks!

    Kind regards,


  2. Glad you found it useful, George – as you can see from my comments above, I had a lot of fun doing it!

    Do keep in touch, anyway.

    Best regards – tom g.

    • Maybe: not that I got to see much of South America other than through a hotel-room window… 🙁 – and what little I did see tended to be more of the ‘organisation’ picture rather than the ‘enterprise’… 😐

      Oh well, next time, perhaps? (tho’ perhaps I’s gettin’ just a leeeetle bit old for that kind of partyin’…? Not enough stamina an’ all that? :sniff: :tears-roll-quietly-down-cheeks: 😐 🙂 )

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