Sinan Si Alhir on antifragility

Sinan Si Alhir is one of the more prolific tweeters that I follow, and has a perhaps-unfortunate habit of sending out sudden Twitterstreams of valuable insight that really should not be lost to the evanescence of the internet. So, in the interests of, if not immortality, then at least a somewhat-longer lifetime for these ideas, here’s a burst that Si sent out today on Nassim Taleb’s concept of ‘antifragility‘:

  • “The secret of life is antifragility.” @nntaleb #antifragile
  • Being Fragile involves being harmed by disorder. Being #Antifragile involves gaining from disorder.
  • #Agility/#Agile involves unplanned adaptation to the unexpected. Flexibility involves planned adaptation to the expected.
  • #Fragile #Agility/#Agile involves unplanned adaptation and being harmed by disorder.
  • #Fragile Flexibility involves planned adaptation and being harmed by disorder.
  • #Antifragile #Flexibility involves planned adaptation and gaining from disorder.
  • #Antifragile #Agility/#Agile involves unplanned adaptation and gaining from disorder.
  • The opposite of fragile/fragility is #antifragile/#antifragility…
  • …the opposite of flexible/flexibility is inflexible/inflexibility…
  • …and the opposite of agility/agile is inagility/inagile or antiagility/antiagile.
  • Inflexibility involves inadaptability confronting the expected.
  • Inagility/Inagile or antiagility/antiagile involves inadaptability confronting the unexpected.
  • Pondering!

Nothing more to add: just thought it was worth capturing for others to find, is all. 🙂

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  1. Thank you very much for this, Tom, your energy and contributions are deeply appreciated.

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