A kind of milestone

One thousand blog-posts. That’s quite a milestone, really.

Not quite there yet: this one’s number nine hundred and ninety-nine, to be precise. Though out of those so far, there were the hundred or so in the Twitter-extracts series – ‘A week in Tweets’ – that few people read and even fewer people valued; and also perhaps twenty or thirty posts or maybe a few more, on admin matters and other miscellaneous themes. So not really a thousand, you could argue. Not quite yet. But soon.

Yet whichever way we count it, that’s already well over eight hundred posts on enterprise-architecture and related themes – strategy, society, big-picture, stuff like that. More than three hundred distinct diagrams or drawings; and somewhere between one to two million words overall – much of it original research and explorations that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. That’s a lot.

No definite ideas as to where this will take us next, though I should have some few things to say about when I do reach number one thousand – tomorrow, maybe. Either way, thank you for accompanying me on this journey: I hope you’ve found at least something of value in what you’ve seen here as you’ve journeyed with me.

Here’s to the next thousand posts! 🙂

5 Comments on “A kind of milestone

  1. No matter how we do the math here… Let’s celebrate!

    Congratulations Tom and more than anything else, THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts with us.
    I must say that 1000 is quite impressive, even though I am a quite regular reader of your posts, I didn’t read them all “yet” – I know, I’m bad ;). But, for my defense, I think I bought most of your books on Leanpub 😉

    So, to conclude. Thank you Tom for the great work. Continue sharing and interacting, make us all think and grow!

    By the way, I liked the idea of the “a week in tweets”, I even tried to apply it myself, but it requested too much time spent, for very little feedback. I quit for a while a nowadays, since 10 days to be accurate, I try a new way: curation. I use scoop.it to do this, have a look if you wish – you are, of course, part of it! 😉 here is the link to my curation topics: http://www.scoop.it/u/emeric-nectoux

  2. Mike, Emeric, Ivo, Gene – many thanks indeed to all of you – very much appreciated! 🙂

    Ivo: re ‘A week in Tweets’, I do in fact still collect all of the links, it’s just I haven’t published them because I didn’t think anyone else was interested. At present they’re in .DOC files, one per month: would you like me to put them up on a public server somewhere, such as on Dropbox? or here?

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