My ‘EA Masterclass’ coming to Australia

What’s the last stage of learning any skill? Answer: ya gotta teach it…

And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing down in Australia, starting late next month.

Some while ago I said that at last I’d Got Round To It and worked up a full set of material for a ‘whole-of-enterprise’ EA training-course. To no surprise from me, the first country to take it up in a big way has been Australia: and courtesy of Xpand and TitanVine (and with much help from Andrew Blades, Alexander Matthews, Peter Murchland, Kim Parker and Peter Tseglakof), we now have a series of two-day ‘EA masterclass’ courses in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, coming up in July and August.

Here’s a brief slidedeck introducing the course:

Course content

The course is primarily about practice – not theory. Okay, it does carry a fair chunk of theory, of course, but its mode and intent is as a practice-oriented ‘masterclass’, not a training-course – in fact it’ll work best for you if you bring a real current problem from your current EA work, to work on in practice as you go through the two days of the course.

The course itself is structured around the iterative Five Element cycle:

Part 1: Purpose

— Overall business-context, stakeholders, unifying story, vision and values

Part 2: People

— People in enterprise-architecture, stakeholder-engagement, the role of narrative and story, viewpoints, skills, power and responsibility, politics of enterprise-architecture

Part 3: Preparation

— Governance, tools and frameworks, trade-offs and uncertainties, everything-as-a-service, design for uncertainty (backbone and edge), viable services, service-context, architecting for change

Part 4: Process

— Complexity, tame-problems and wicked-problems, innovation and invention, sense making and decision-making, role and development of checklists

Part 5: Performance

— Meaningful metrics and benefits-realisation, continuous-improvement and the learning organisation

For illustration, here’s a chunk of course-material, from the section on how to use a narrative approach to EA, in the People segment of the course:

There’ll also be a course workbook, detailing all of the material but with extra space for your own notes, that will be an exclusive for course-participants.

How to book

Bookings are being managed via EventBrite:

Pricing: AUD$1,500 (earlybird $1,250)

For more details, see TitanVine, ‘Announcing: Enterprise Architecture Masterclass Series‘.

See you there!

Coming soon to a city near you?

Australia is just the first place where this is happening, but I do know that there’s been a fair bit of interest worldwide. So if you want this masterclass-type EA-course to come to your country and city, do let me know!

Over to you, anyway.

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