“I die inside…”

I come alive watching children play, learn, explore, share, grow into new possibilities.

I die inside watching so many adults – including myself, at times – so often and so assiduously avoid doing any of those things…

What is it that causes adults to become so adulterated that they/we lose contact with that childlike soul?

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  1. Tom, your comment is poignant. My wife and I are blessed with a six year old girl, so we get to see the delight in play. You might be intrigued to know the following, however. I’m a software sales person. And being informed about software technology “at the edge” is my idea of play. Fortunately this activity informs my ‘day job’. Although to date, I have no direct sales application of anything I have learned about ontology, having attended FOIS ’01 and FOIS ’10 (Int’l Conference on Ontology in Information Systems). I also have an ambition to read some of your books, starting with Enterprise Canvas. It will be a while until I get there! So, keep up the good work! Hey, maybe if you need a break, you might find sales to be “play” . . . I can always set you up. : )


    • Thanks, John! (In case anyone is wondering, I wrote the above after seeing a really wonderful kids-playground in Darling Harbour in Sydney last month – just seemed kind of a contrast to reading the mainstream business-press, that’s all. :wry-grin: )

  2. Child playing has a purpose to learn. Then we become adults and are no longer protected by our parents. So we have to look out for danger.

    But since the world is becoming more and more safe. No lions after every tree :-), we have time and trust to play more. I think that is why sports and gaming are so popular.

    Game theory principles are encoded into everyday life now. See for example this site:

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