Review-interview on ‘Changes’

It’s been good to see another review of my book ‘Changes – a business novel:

(There’s a sizeable free-sample of the book on Leanpub: go to the home-page for the book, and then click on the ‘Read free sample’ button on the left-hand side of the page, just below the book-blurb.)

This time the review was in an article in EAPJ (Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal) – ‘Book Review: Changes – a business novel by Tom Graves‘, by Darryl Carr. There’s a brief overview by Darryl, and then the remainder of the article is a mildly-edited email-interview/discussion between Darryl and myself. We covered quite a lot of ground:

  • reasons for using fiction to describe the processes of change and enterprise-architecture
  • creating fictional characters that are realistic and relatable
  • how to cope with real-world ‘sinister actors’
  • the current status of business-management and business-education
  • the impacts of automation in the workplace
  • whether there’ll be more from this specific set of fictional characters
  • how to use the book as a learning-guide
  • further reading and study, beyond the book itself
  • where I’m taking this into the future, in my own work

Take a look, perhaps?

Oh, one further question. At present the book is only available in ebook format. I could also produce it as a printed book, but given the production-costs and the huge markup that retailers take, it would have to be priced closer to a business-book rather than a typical dime-store novel – probably at least £15 / US$20, maybe a bit more. Would anyone be interested in that? If so, please do let me know.

Over to you, anyway – and thanks again to all.

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  1. Hi Tom, how are you? Well i’m very interested about put CHANGES on my bookshelf (and read it of course!!) so if you decide to make the paper book, let me know! Thanks.

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