‘Tetradian on architectures’ videos

Yay! Today is the launch for my new Tetradian on architectures‘ video-channel on YouTube!

(Yes, I promised to get started on this about a year ago, but it’s taken me this long to work out how to do it…)

Each video on the playlist will provide a brief (typically 2-3mins) comment-and-answer session on questions relating to enterprise-architecture and beyond – particularly whole-enterprise architecture, ‘the architecture of the enterprise as enterprise’. The aim is that most of these will be based on your questions about the practice of architectures: please use the comments-section, either here or on YouTube, to let me know about any questions that you’d like me to explore.

If you want more detail on a video’s topic, the description-section on the YouTube page for that video will include links to various in-depth articles on this weblog and elsewhere.

Our aim is that each week, a new video will be added to the channel and playlist. On YouTube, click on the Subscribe button to get notified automatically about the latest release.

The current schedule is as follows:

  • Tetradian on architectures – Introduction (15 Jan 2018)
  • Episode 1: Core principles (01 Feb 2018 – today!)
  • Episode 2: Selling enterprise-architecture (08 Feb 2018)
  • Episode 3: What do enterprise-architects do? (15 Feb 2018)
  • Episode 4: An architects’ checklist (22 Feb 2018)
  • Episode 5: Can we outsource EA? (01 Mar 2018)
  • Episode 6: What is ‘the enterprise’? (08 Mar 2018)
  • Episode 7: What’s the career-path to EA? (15 Mar 2018)
  • Episode 8: Where did the term ‘tetradian’ come from? (22 Mar 2018)

We have another five episodes already in production, but we’re not sure of their release-sequence yet.

(Yes, I admit, these first few videos are necessarily somewhat basic, in terms of production – just talking-heads so far, really, with a few props and highlight-subtitles. But that’s just to get us started and get the ball rolling. Once we get more experienced at this, we’ll be able to add more variety: over-the-shoulder shots, animations, live-graphics, outside-locations and more.)

New videos are first released to our Patreon subscribers for private viewing, and then formally published on YouTube one month later. To support us in producing these videos, and to see the latest videos before everyone else, please join our Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/tetradian .

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