Tom Graves

Tom Graves

In my Twitter profile I describe myself as “Enterprise architect, business-anarchist, confusionist”, and that’s probably an accurate-enough summary. (Consultant? Insultant? Exultant, perhaps? 🙂 )

Now in my early sixties, I’ve perhaps too-literally ‘careered’ around the globe, living in many different countries and working in many different industries. At present I’m based in Britain, but that could change at any moment: I go where I’m needed, and where the interest is, really.

I’m an author of sorts, with twenty or so books behind me, in around a dozen languages, over the past thirty years, and an eclectic range of interests.

You’ll find more details of the older books and other writings at – they’re described in the Writing section there, in some cases including the full book-content.

Most of my recent writing (since 2007) can be found at my publishing-imprint Tetradian Books – see There’s more detail on this in the ‘Books and presentations‘ page here.

My professional field is mainly in what’s known as ‘enterprise architecture’, but with an emphasis on strategy and futures, on complexity and sense-making, on relationships between organisation, extended-enterprise and market, and on integrating IT with the rest of the business. More details on this at website, and on the ‘More on‘ page here.