A week in Tweets: 18-24 July 2010

Another week gone by, hence another collection of Tweets and links, as usual. (There were also a whole stream of possibly-useful Tweets from the Open Group enterprise-architecture conference in Boston during the week – see here and here.) Usual categories, with extras as appropriate, as usual.

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture, business-strategy and related matters:

  • SAlhir: RT @ellenfweber: 25 Signs an Organizational Model is Broken http://twurl.nl/mdnygs
  • AG_Mag: RT @eacorg: bus. capability maps not only bridge the gap between business & IT in #entarch projects, also improve bus 2 bus. communication <yup: it’s the first item we develop in an #entarch assignment
  • basvg: useful image for #entarch : http://tinyurl.com/2vjfxkb <another set of ‘five forces’ for #bizarch #bmgen
  • eatraining: Is EA Effectiveness At The Mercy Of Process Standardization? http://bit.ly/9MC2oI <?? correlation does not equal causation..
  • business_design: A ‘business’ book I recommend as summer reading RT @davegray: Gamestorming, hot off the press! http://post.ly/ntMR
  • eatraining: Joe McKendrick: Enterprise Architects as Quantum Mechanics http://bit.ly/dsJ7Ni #entarch
  • kvistgaard: RT @ariscommunity: BPMN 2 examples for original 20 workflow patterns http://bit.ly/ddcsQV #bpmn2 <- nice and clear. And down-loadable 😉 #processarch
  • SAlhir: The Essential Vs & Ps: Values & Vision and Passion & Purpose <strongly agree – feels good to see someone else say it! 🙂
  • kvistgaard: RT @ariscommunity: Interesting post by @adrianrcampbell on combining VPEC-T and ArchiMate http://bit.ly/ch0MJo
  • kvistgaard: SOA would b more successful if applied as #entarch approach, not just app integr. etc but on infrastr. & business (non IT part of it incl.) // ..In theory it should (TOGAF Archimate DoDAF) but in practice EA & SOA guys go diff. directions although we use more HW & Biz s. than SW s.
  • toddbiske: @Kvistgaard only if the #entarch program is already successful. Putting SOA under a maturing #entarch program doesn’t guarantee success.
  • SAlhir: RT @umairh The central idea in strategy is sustainable competitive advantage. Many get the “competitive”. Few remember the “sustainable”. #bizarch
  • DavidGurteen: Towards a co-evolutionary praxis of value http://bit.ly/cwdUjO #KM <‘important new piece’ by Dave Snowden (but I must admit I’m having some difficulty with it, because part of his categorisation method seems identical to that which he so virulently attacked in my own supposedly ‘illegitimate approach’ to Cynefin…)
  • davidsprott: blogging on Cyberwarfare – a real threat or an over reaction? http://tinyurl.com/325axyt <recommend – an insightful if somewhat worrying piece
  • taotwit: @Cybersal  a Role/Actor is just a manifestation of a Value System which makes it  superordinate  & it is formalized in Policy : so VP covers <useful detail on translating standard Use Case models etc into VPEC-T terms
  • SAlhir: Culture eats Strategy — and Systems — for Breakfast … Systems trump Mission Statements; Culture trumps Systems http://bit.ly/dadZvK <points to article from Jan 2010, referencing Drucker quote “culture east strategy for breakfast”
  • taotwit: @Cybersal  @seabird20 the roots of my thoughts on Value Systems/Roles, Pirsig and EA summed up by Sam Lowe http://bit.ly/aOpCwT <insightful article (2007) on #vpect #entarch etc
  • tebbo: RT @rennew: Is #CSR bad for profitability? Fast Company says No: it’s the solution for profitability http://bit.ly/atGs2D #bizarch
  • nickmalik: Can your EA metamodel support the modeling of a Benefits Dependency Network?  If not, you may want to consider making the change. #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @pauljansen You cannot see architecture. What you actually see is only that which contains it, and through that reveals it. #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @JuneHolley – Lectures on self-organization – http://bit.ly/aXCzac – great source of videos on self-organizing <videos by key thought-leaders such as Lynn Margulis, Marvin Minsky, James Lovelock, Robert Axelrod, Ilya Prigogine…
  • toddbiske: New blog post: A Lesson in Service Management http://www.biske.com/blog/?p=786 <very good points – recommend #entarch #svcmgmt
  • kvistgaard: Problems sometimes are very cozy to live in. Like old shoes. The comfort in complaining is much nicer compared to breaking into new ones.
  • BillIves: Useful Guidelines and Metrics for Speeding Up Your Organization from @theforumcorp http://bit.ly/cuSjhp
  • CreatvEmergence: Newness occurs not in the plan/control/manage machine, but in the deep well of the untamed, ever-generating creative unknown
  • CreatvEmergence: Old org: control life out of the system. New org: structure life within the system…& it generates more life
  • rlimbanda: RT @chrisfinlay: Designing Systems at Scale – IDEO http://bit.ly/9Pr26E RT @IATV <v.strong recommend #entarch
  • DavidGurteen: Johnnie Moore: The danger of safety http://bit.ly/9fIPsq #KM #entarch #bizarch
  • thoughttrans: RT @sniukas Innovation doesn’t have to be expensive http://ow.ly/2eZKb <brilliant examples!
  • bartleeten: Enterprise architecture goes agile? http://bit.ly/9UadLg <summary of #ogbos presos by Jeanne Ross, @bmichelson, Len Fehskens
  • oscarberg: RT @rhappe: RT @elsua: [Blog] Forget Social Strategy, Think Social Philosophy: Hippie 2.0 > http://bit.ly/8XXeOp [nice…] <note that is from the very real, very thoughtful (and very funny) IBMer Luis Suarez #e20 #entarch
  • taotwit: @Cybersal  Tweets with @seabird20 on VNA >> #vpect maps nicely http://bit.ly/9pfMuN >> WRT our chat with your VNA contact a while ago <VNA=Value Net Analysis [PDF]
  • kvistgaard: The best source for KPIs for your customer perspective (Balanced #scorecard) is the purchasing KPI’s of your customers, Watson. #kpi <good point… #entarch #bizarch
  • basvg: Fiddling with TIBCO Business Studio. Impressive tool by the looks of it // created proces simulation with a few clicks in the tibco suite. Impressive http://twitpic.com/27tvv8 <useful-looking tool for #processarch #itarch
  • AussiMike: Avoiding Business Architecture Paralysis http://ff.im/-o8JWY <practical advice from @nickmalik #bizarch #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @goonth Timely —> The Evolution of Commitment http://bit.ly/aG7sVV /via @db <marketing – drivers to create/support a shift from free to paid, esp. on web
  • CreatvEmergence: Fractal Adaptive Cycles in Natural and Human Systems – http://ow.ly/2fpLJ – via @VenessaMiemis <useful reference-piece, with crossrefs to financial markets
  • thoughttrans: RT @pauljansen @KnowledgeBishop:The business that finds value IN its customers will outlast the 1 that extracts value FROM them.<4 IT 2 biz <symbiotic vs parasitic
  • business_design: RT @sgblank: latest SlideShare upload: Business plans vs Business models http://slidesha.re/cztfFE
  • SAlhir: Kanban described as a “softer” Scrum; and #Scrum described as a “more rigid” #Kanban; and #Agile described as more generic. <implementation of #entarch #bizarch etc
  • CreatvEmergence: CNN: Why using improvisation to teach business skills is no joke – http://bit.ly/d0mlhe #cnn <support for real-time response – includes practical ‘5 rules’ summary
  • adrianrcampbell: SOCITM KPI’s  at  http://tinyurl.com/367gt6f also good for #entarch
  • mikejwalker: IEEE 1471 adopted as ISO/IEC 42010:2007 http://bit.ly/dbcLCw <reference to a classic standard for #itarch, #entarch and other architectures in general

An item that lead to one of my more embarrassing blunders, that I ought to record for posterity…:

  • adrianrcampbell: Useful for #entarch and #bizarch – IBM’s Business Component Models  http://tinyurl.com/3767ana
  • tetradian: [post] ‘On IBM’s Component Business Model’ http://bit.ly/bU6tGY #entarch #bizarch
  • miket0181: @tetradian IBM’s CBM isn’t new. I think it’s at least 5 years old…
  • tetradian: @miket0181 re IBM’s CBM – in which case I apologise: I was sent a tweet the other day which purported it was new – no dates on their site
  • operninha: @tetradian aqui na empresa contratamos a IBM e eles usaram o CBM
  • seabird20: @tetradian I have seen CBM in RFPs for at least 5 years. Original work 10+ yrs. ago. Takes a while to get to rank and file though
  • richardveryard: @miket0181 @tetradian … IBM’s CBM came sometime after my 2001 book on Component-Based Business http://tinyurl.com/23gelj7
  • gotze: @tetradian Also note that IBM holds several patents on CBM. <how?? it’s just a model, isn’t it??
  • tetradian: [post] ‘How to screw up in one easy lesson…’ http://bit.ly/b46soY (a ‘mea culpa’ on my CBM post) #entarch #bizarch
  • thefullkernick: @tetradian ‘How to screw up in one easy lesson…’ http://bit.ly/b46soY < nice to know you’re human too 😉 nice post.

Narrative-knowledge, knowledge-management, creativity and in-person collaboration:

  • hebsgaard: How to incentivise knowledge sharing? http://tinyurl.com/328vvwn #km <Nick Milton says don’t, because it does more harm than good – build it into everyday work instead #entarch
  • unorder: RT @gtdguy: Want to learn some fascinating stuff re: motivation & learning? http://bit.ly/bEsfZ4 <more confirmation of the general themes in Daniel Pink’s ‘Drive’: seems people (students, anyway) are motivated by ‘Will I?’ or ‘Can I?’ than ‘I will!’ or ‘I can!’
  • unorder: Panel sessions in conferences blow. Becomes theatre set pieces. What about panel member (PM) speed dating. Each PM at a table, 5 min, swap. <very neat idea – worth exploring…
  • SAlhir: RT @umairh: Most orgs (&people) fail 2 learn from experience. Not because they don’t want 2 learn – but because they don’t fully experience. <good point…
  • oscarberg: RT @VenessaMiemis: 10 signs you work in a fear-based workplace [msnbc] http://bit.ly/9Ih3gU <ouch.. see also my SEMPER diagnostic at http://bit.ly/as1fBb
  • SAlhir: RT @prwpmp Food for thought! – RT @timkastelle – New blog post: Can #Innovation Management be a Profession? http://bit.ly/al50Nz <note its six-point definition of a profession
  • SAlhir: RT @Billy_Cox Effective people are not problemminded; theyre opportunityminded. They feed opportunities and starve problems. Stephen Covey <useful reminder to a natural-born ‘worrier’ like me…
  • unorder: How superstition improves performance http://j.mp/cfmlMW Those lucky charms are lucky <v.interesting: Skeptics won’t like this!
  • SAlhir: RT @umairh: very interesting post about collaboration with very cool ‘mixing-desk’ metaphor by @nurturegirl. http://is.gd/dA0Xu <also #entarch?
  • CreatvEmergence: How we engage the dance between structure & flow becomes our unique creative signature
  • DavidGurteen: Sacrificing sense-making for senselessness. http://bit.ly/97tQOx #KM <um… all good points, but given my history with the author, I will have to say a very careful ‘no comment’…
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @Brainzooming – 26 Ways to Break a CreativeBlock – http://bit.ly/aS66Yk <mostly well-known tactics, but a useful list anyway
  • CreatvEmergence: Ideation Techniques on @smartstorming’s blog – http://bit.ly/bi8tpY <“ideation techniques. we like them. we just don’t know them” – illustrates just how limited most people’s ideation-toolkits are, and how to extend that range of options
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @richbugger The art of Design/Creative thinking, ways to foster Innovation | Richworks http://bit.ly/bXEjRl <comprehensive how-to introduction
  • CreatvEmergence: 101 Patterns for Influencing Behavior Through Design – w/downloadable cards – http://bit.ly/c4XRDU via @brainpicker <v.strong recommend
  • SAlhir: Understand people, and you understand everything. < Absolutely Brilliant! (per @jorgebarba by @thebrandbuilder) http://icio.us/on22pi <a long post, but well worth reading several times over…
  • kcoreresearch: First Look: Knowledge for the Public Good (Societal Knowledge Management) http://wp.me/pUfyy-1p <interesting research #km

Social-media, ‘enterprise 2.0’ and online collaboration:

  • SAlhir: RT @Agotthelf morning read: Social Hearing Versus Social Listening, There is a Difference – by @mjayliebs http://tinyurl.com/2v5os2m #scrm #e20
  • oscarberg: “Social” Thinking vs. Doing http://www.relationship-economy.com/?p=11222 by @JDeragon
  • SAlhir: RT @venessamiemis: Will future of social networking be open & distributed? Here comes @mpesce’s Plexus http://bit.ly/9QzDBh via @rossdawson
  • oscarberg: RT @bduhon: #ROI? #e20? It just doesn’t matter. by @jmancini77 http://ow.ly/2feO3 #AIIM #ECM
  • joyce_hostyn: Lizard brain. Fear impacts adoption of many things #BPM adoption: Welcome to Planet Fear http://j.mp/cZ4bSG via @process2go @ScarletCoral
  • joyce_hostyn: designing effective search & discovery experiences: new Endeca UI pattern library > very cool +1 http://bit.ly/aPCMjN via @dmitryn @uxnu
  • joyce_hostyn: Love this presentation on design! Hits on problem of linear processes. Needs organic, multidimensional, uncertainties http://bit.ly/aFvWlJ
  • joyce_hostyn: Designing for accessibility? Personas for cognitive, vision, hearing, communication, upper limb impairments http://bit.ly/bChfkw by @aegisproj <detailed persona-definitions for #ux / #ui projects

A particular theme about complexity as regards social-learning:

  • SAlhir: self-organising system with learning as an emergent behaviour (via @socialsyntax) http://bit.ly/bX0p2u <must-read! #km #entarch – beautiful story about slum-children and self-guided learning
  • rotkapchen: .@tetradian @SAlhir @socialsyntax Most significant “It doesn’t work if you give them each a computer individually,” #LearningIsSocial
  • tetradian: @rotkapchen @SAlhir @socialsyntax exactly – ‘One Laptop Per Child’ etc may actually *damage* the social-learning process

IT-architecture, IT-systems and similar matters:

  • AussiMike: OpenStack: game changing open source cloud platform http://ff.im/-nWea1 #itarch
  • bartleeten: RT @brianblanchard: Touchable Holograms come to life http://bit.ly/bCYeFy << cool item of the day #japan #tech
  • Cybersal: RT @roygrubb ..distrust present cloud svcs…but this thoughtful piece by @laurenweinstein is worth yr consideration. http://bit.ly/9Lo4cH
  • rtolido: 8 ways to measure cloud ROI, remarkably successful Open Group work http://bit.ly/aDAGBy <good, but IMO still seriously-inadequate acknowledgement of kurtosis-risk (‘long-tail’ risk) issues
  • rtolido: Top tip for application rationalization: when selling to management, minimize your design / architecture and maximize your business case <yup: ‘obvious’ but all-too-often forgotten #entarch #itarch
  • jdevoo: Cameras as open platforms http://bit.ly/b3t3rE #photo <the ‘Frankencamera’ open-source camera/imaging software stack

Society, culture and corporate social responsibility:

  • unorder: If you want your teenagers to live with you well into their 20s, buy them a double bed.
  • SAlhir: RT @Billy_Cox There is no reciprocity. Men love women. Women love children. Children love hamsters. Alice Thomas Ellis <from which we gather that men are the only ones who are unloved? kinda thought that might be the case… 🙁
  • SAlhir: RT @jorgebarba How Will You Measure Your Life? (HBR) #psychology #happiness http://icio.us/gghivl
  • ChristineArena: Two great posts today on markets + morals, one from @nytimes: http://3bl.me/vvs3yf other from @maxineudall: http://3bl.me/vcz548
  • davidcushman: Watching a young person writing things in a Filofax. With a pen. I could be in an episode of #ashestoashes <but why should technology be mandatory? – nothing matches the physicality and immediacy of real pen and real paper 🙂
  • SAlhir: Closing Triangles in http://is.gd/dA1TX by @nurturegirl & Triading in http://is.gd/dpFJL #tlcc #culture #creatingcommunity
  • tetradian: FastDesign: Infographic of the day: Hidden side of the ‘War on Terror’ http://bit.ly/byGoAB <definitely scary…
  • SAlhir: Culture is the sum of those things that adorn human nature in a given context. // Transformation is not about Change (as in I change You or We change It). // Transformation is not about Liberation (as in I liberate You from those things in your context, from the culture tweet, or We liberate Them) // Transformation is the shaping of context so that you liberate yourself and your nature emerges from the cultural adornments. // If I have 2 motivate You or You have 2 motivate Me, it’s the wrong We. We don’t need 2 motivate 1 another, we need 2 engage 1 another.
  • jdevoo: Nuclear fission: wastes must be isolated for 50 x all of recorded history and some are bound to leak http://tiny.cc/bddr8 via @johnthackara <part of what looks like a very well-thought-through series of articles for ‘green wizards’ (active ecology)
  • Cybersal: Don’t think I’ll be using Foursquare any time soon, especially after reading this article in today’s Guardian http://bit.ly/90oFF6 <the joys of unintended consequences… this time in geolocation-services
  • Eclectopedic: Re Banker bonuses: We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals; we now know that it is bad economics. – F.D. Roosevelt <what now for the Goddess of self-interest, Ayn Rand?
  • bartleeten: Another great TED presentation, on the mating of ideas: http://on.ted.com/8TOK <…with copyright and patent as the self-obsessed Puritans who prevent such mating taking place…

And, without doubt, the mellifluous miscellany:

  • SAlhir: Great translation of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” http://www.victoryoverwar.com
  • craighepburn: Loving this innovative design for a kinetic phone http://bit.ly/a3ZM5O <design-student exercise – a phone that literally ‘wakes up’ when a call comes in – very neat!
  • SAlhir: RT @Billy_Cox Logic is a system whereby one may go wrong with confidence. Charles K. Kettering <one of those rare Tweet-quotes that’s definitely worth repeating…
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @presentationzen: Be like the bamboo: 7 lessons from the Japanese forest http://snipurl.com/zrhx6 (new PZ post) <nice: about presentation and resilience
  • davidcushman: RT @xaviervallee: I knew teleportation was possible but now time travel is thanks to MIT. http://bit.ly/9UkTOr and http://bit.ly/90kbwq <links are to Telegraph article and original physics paper – still requires full experimental proof, but legitimate in physics theory. nice. 🙂
  • kvistgaard: Yann Tiersen “Tabarly” #nowplaying And here is a nice track from another album of YT http://youtu.be/4Z2ljWwIaHs <“Piano” – beautiful… one of my most-favourite-ever tracks linked to a poignant animation-short

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