Tweets from Open Group conference, San Francisco (day 2)

A set of Tweets from the second day (31 Jan 2012) of the Open Group conference in San Francisco, collated via the#ogSFO hashtag. (Tweets from Day 1 are here.)

Once again, many thanks indeed to all those who Tweeted, to help us all get a better picture of the current Open Group view of enterprise-architectures.

As before, I’ve stripped out most of the ‘#ogSFO’ hashtags in the text, and added occasional comments of my own in italics, but otherwise the following is as Tweeted by the respective participants.

Not quite so much as the previous day, but still a lot, so continue after the break.

A few miscellaneous items before the start:

  • a_josey: Day 2 coming up, starts with announcement of ArchiMate 2.0  release (@ The Open Group Conference San Francisco)
  • Dana_Gardner: Mark Mills and Julio Ottino: The Coming Tech-led Boom –
  • Dana_Gardner: Amazon S3 Reports Staggering Growth in 2011 – ReadWriteCloud DG<No data in the cloud?
  • theopengroup: T-10 minutes before Allen Brown @theopengroup addresses attendees for another invigorating day at #ogSFO!

Launch of Archimate version 2.0:

  • ArchiMate_r: New for ArchiMate 2: The Open Group launches ArchiMate certification program
  • ArchiMate_r: The ArchiMate 2.0 Specification is now available to download
  • ArchiMate_r: New White Paper: An Introduction to ArchiMate 2.0 now available for free download
  • Dana_Gardner: Allen Brown, President and CEO of The Open Group, announced arrival of ArchiMate 2.0. More here: #entarch
  • EricStephens: ArchiMate 2.0 -> Intro: / Spec: / Launch: #entarch
  • brendabizz: Allen Brown CEO OpenGroup announces ArchiMate 2.0, an intuitive language that empowers architects to communicate well w stakeholders
  • brendabizz: BiZZdesign 1 of the sponsors to assist in creating the exams & certification program for ArchiMate 2.0. 4 info
  • ArchiMate_r: Slide deck: An introduction to ArchiMate 2.0 People Certification now available (pdf)
  • ArchiMate_r: ArchiMate 2.0 Resources: Download the ArchiSurance Case Study
  • ArchiMate_r: ArchiMate 2.0 Resources: Download the Spec, Reference Cards, White paper and more
  • ArchiMate_r: Slide deck: An Introduction to ArchiMate 2.0 now available (pdf)
  • ArchiMate_r: ArchiMate 2.0 Resource:  Visio Stencils Set available
  • ArchiMate_r: Read ArchiMate 2.0 online at

Another technical standard from Open Group:

  • NadhanAtHP: First Technical Standard for Cloud Computing released – Service Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure

General report (‘State of the Union’, perhaps? 🙂 ) from Open Group’s Allen Brown:

  • EricStephens: Allen Brown: we’re all involved in transformation in one form or another
  • systemsflow: Enterprise transformation is a journey, not an event.  #entarch
  • EricStephens: EAs starting to work with many more roles within the enterprise, not just IT
  • chrisonea: RT @EricStephens: EAs starting to work with many more roles within the enterprise, not just IT < thank goodness! >yes!
  • EricStephens: Certification on the rise for @opengroup related topics (TOGAF, ArchiMate).
  • Dana_Gardner: TOGAF 9 certification rates growing rapidly worldwide, says Open Group’s Brown #entarch
  • togaf_r: Allen Brown: TOGAF certification a foundation, a common language. Over 11,000 certified individuals
  • IverPDX: Everyone is involved in enterprise transformation in some way; there are no magic moments — Open Group CEO Allen Brown #entarch
  • mcrugo: A. Brown of TOG. Case study suggests Architecture must address the whole of a business problem, not just part of it. >yes! – about time! – but can TOG actually support this? – possibly not…
  • theopengroup: Open Group FACE Consortium looking to transform the #avionics industry with open standards
  • Technodad: Allen Brown discusses role of FACE in Defense transformation at #ogsfo [pic]:
  • EricStephens: Allen Brown: (my interpretation) EA and EAs need to look at entire (wicked?) problem, not just the IT parts >yes!
  • EricStephens: Allen Brown: Org Design helpful in addressing enterprise change
  • Dana_Gardner: Allen Brown detailing compelling case studies of large global enterprises that have leveraged enterprise architecture well #entarch
  • theopengroup: Day 2 is underway!
  • EricStephens: Brown: Enterprises need vision linked to desired capabilities, but not necessarily a complete one.
  • systemsflow: Theme of @theopengroup #EntArch case studies is to focus on business, not just technology!
  • theopengroup: #EntArch doesn’t transform a business, it’s part of the solution >oops… wicked-problems such as EA don’t have ‘solutions’, it’s a continuing ‘re-solution’
  • Dana_Gardner: More than 400 corporations are now members of The Open Group over past 12 years, says Brown #entarch

Keynote from William ‘Bill’ Rouse:

  • theopengroup: The first speaker this morning is Georgia Tech’s William Rouse. Listening to his POV on #Enterprise Transformation…
  • Dana_Gardner: Bill Rouse, executive director, Tennenbaum Institute at Georgia Tech, now up at The Open Group conference #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: Rouse: In 25 years, 1000 companies left Fortune 500 — showing enterprise transformation has high failure rate
  • theopengroup: Roughly 200% of Fortune 500 Companies have turned over in the past 20 years Bill Rouse
  • Dana_Gardner: Big hurdle for enterprises is deciding they need to change, they wait too long, says Rouse #entarch
  • systemsflow: Value is created by work.  If you are not creating value, you are doing the wrong work or doing it poorly. (W. Rouse) #EntArch
  • LaurensGunneweg: William B. Rouse: 1000 organizations have left the fortune 500 in the past 25 years, involuntary. Enterprise transformation is tough.
  • EricStephens: Rouse: social networks often the bigger barrier to change rather than technology >yep: hence must be in EA scope!
  • Dana_Gardner: A few rare companies can transform the market, rather than transform themselves, like Apple or Walmart, says Rouse #entarch
  • theopengroup: Georgia Tech’s Bill Rouse says “you can be the innovator or the transformer” #EntArch
  • systemsflow: W. Rouse: Organizations often delay transformation until it is obvious they need to. (aka, Too Late)  #entarch
  • nadsmat2diworld: Enterprise Transformation is driven by experienced and/or anticipated value deficiencies…W. Rouse #entarch
  • nadsmat2diworld: Wal-Mart didn’t transform. It was the innovator. Sears and K-Mart had to transform. Innovation can be risky. W. Rouse #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: Need to look at full ecosystem a business operates in to effectively transform, says Rouse #entarch >yep: hence must cover scope beyond IT alone!
  • EricStephens: ? Enterprise transformation is the what, #entarch is how we get it done?
  • EricStephens: Enterprise transformation ~= #designthinking? (term doesn’t matter, but the outcome does)
  • systemsflow: W.Rouse presents interesting analysis of health care #EntArch.  Closes with “now let’s talk about IT.” #itsallbusiness
  • EricStephens: Rouse: visualization important to exploring and gaining consensus on new ideas
  • Dana_Gardner: Architecture-oriented thinking can be transformative in itself, says Rouse #entarch
  • EricStephens: Decisions informed by data is profound for many organizations
  • jfbauer: @EricStephens Decisions informed by data is profound for many organizations<JB:sad but very true
  • Dana_Gardner: Business ecosystems are co-creatig high-value services, expanding transformation across supply chains, says Rouse #entarch
  • mcrugo: Bill Rouse suggests data driven decision making is transformative in and of itself.
  • Dana_Gardner: Using analytics better to support evidence-based decision making is transformative, says Rouse #entarch
  • systemsflow: Without evidence based decision making and a defined decision making process, decisions are based on personal preference.  #EntArch
  • systemsflow: W. Rouse: Without analytics AND visualizations, management buy-in not likely. (In-your-face, evidence-based data) #entarch
  • mikejwalker: W. Rouse: published competencies for Enterprise Transformation #entarch #cio
  • KrishnaswamyS: a. Business Vision and b. Strategy, critical for Enterprise Transformation – BillRouse #entarch

Keynote from Tim Barnes:

  • Dana_Gardner: Next up at Open Group conference, Tim Barnes, Chief Architect, Devon Energy #entarch
  • theopengroup:: Devon Energy offers a viewpoint on #EntArch, presented by Tim Barnes
  • Dana_Gardner: Devon had 26 M&As, so had huge IT rationalization project, ended up savings $21 million in IT costs, says Barnes #entarch
  • EricStephens: Barnes “org” chart emphasizes…capabilities of the #entarch practice. Very nice.
  • Dana_Gardner: Devon using TOGAF to improve its architecture methodology, says Barnes #entarch
  • systemsflow: T.Barnes: Devon Energy using architecture as a continuous process that continually improves upon itself. #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: EA has become formal part of the corporate annual strategy planning at Devon, says Barnes #entarch
  • EricStephens: Barnes: Sign of adoption success – execs have the architecture models on their walls w/o #entarch in the room
  • systemsflow: Social Networking approach to idea submission at Devon Energy builds an environment of innovation in #entarch.
  • EricStephens: Barnes: Devon leveraging crowdsourcing & innovation with #entarch to drive outcomes
  • Dana_Gardner: Having attained an architectural-level capability, Devon now innovating on common data, mobile device access, says Barnes #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: EA is not easy, but it’s not rocket science either, and produces big positive results, says Barnes #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: Getting as many people as possible to contribute to EA gets them involved in big picture, improves results, says Barnes #entarch
  • EricStephens: Barnes: Cross-org collaboration a high-value, soft benefit of their #entarch efforts
  • systemsflow: T. Barnes: Getting business and IT to work together makes EA more effective. #entarch
  • nadsmat2diworld: The work (“EA”) is not easy but it’s not rocket science. Plan the work and work the plan – Tim Barnes CA- Devon Energy #entarch

Keynote from Joseph Menn:

  • Dana_Gardner: Joe Menn, cyber security correspondent for Financial Times, now on stage at Open Group conference
  • theopengroup: .@josephmenn delivering his presentation “What You’re Up Against: Mobsters, Nation-States and Blurry Lines”
  • EricStephens: @josephmeen indicates foreign cyber-threats are a big deal. #understatement
  • Dana_Gardner: Anonymous is among most interesting things in cyber security landscape, says Menn #entarch
  • systemsflow: Unique take away from Joseph Menn’s security talk.  If you get invited to go boar hunting in Russia at night… don’t!
  • EricStephens: @systemsflow truth stranger than fiction…
  • EricStephens: Two kinds of companies – those who have been hacked and those who don’t know it yet @josephmeen
  • theopengroup: Cyber security Threat: Organized crime under government protection due to strategic interest @josephmenn
  • Dana_Gardner: More taxpayer money will be needed for effective defenses against cyber attacks, says Menn #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: “It’s in no one’s interest to tell us how bad it really is” when it comes to cyber crime and security, says Menn #entarch
  • theopengroup: Sitting tight for keynote by renown #cyber security journalist @JosephMenn. What are we up against?
  • Dana_Gardner: Counter attacks may be a strong defense when it comes to cyber risks, and US government may “turn blind eye”, says Menn #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: We may even see cyber crime bounty hunters that corporations hire on the QT to go after those that attack them, says Menn #entarch
  • EricStephens: Link to @josephmenn book “Fatal System Error”
  • Dana_Gardner: Stuxnet is huge as a harbinger of things to come, says Menn #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: Knowing what you have helps you know when something has been taken, so improve tracking of assets, says Menn #entarch
  • Dana_Gardner: Keep your most critical data offline, and protect your IP by burying it in fake data, says Menn #entarch
  • whitehatsec: We very much agree RT @Dana_Gardner ‘Knowing what you have helps you know something is taken, improve tracking of assets #entarch’
  • mcrugo: @josephmenn delivered a very entertaining  and insightful presentation on the state of cyber security. Nicely done!

Hans Schoebach:

  • systemsflow: Hans Schoebach: SOA performed properly (with artifacts) allows for easy reuse of solutions. #entarch #soa
  • systemsflow: Hans Schoebach: (Paraphrased) “Reduce risk. Implement in Layers.” Should be a T-Shirt! #entarch #soa

A report on the Open Group’s Security Survey:

  • a_josey: Jim Hietala: Security Survey population ~40 respondents

Dr Liu:

  • systemsflow: Dr. Liu: Limitation of current info gathering systems for disaster: they don’t leverage private data.  Taxicabs as sensors!

Peter Haviland:

  • theopengroup: Exploring the Business Architecture profession and case studies with Peter Haviland @Ernst_and_Young
  • mikejwalker: In Peter Haviland Business Architecture session.
  • mcrugo: Peter haviland is discussing business architecture.  His “big picture” analogy, hilarious!
  • nickmalik: Peter haviland defines #bizarch value as strategy rigor, alignment, transformation ownership, gov’n enterprise process improve’t
  • nickmalik: #bizarch differs from OD and TQM: enterprise level, uses frameworks, uses engineering rigor, says P. Haviland of E&Y
  • nickmalik: success factors for #bizarch – leadership invested, success demonstrated, change metrics to support bizarch, delivery engagement
  • nickmalik: #bizarch should start with high level capabilities, even though #togaf does not use the term! Says P. Haviland

Someone presenting from BP:

  • systemsflow: Reuse what you have and buy what you don’t.  Build from scratch is the last option for BP in filling IT gaps.
  • mikejwalker: BP Business Architecture Session Recap #entarch

Heather Kreger:

  • theopengroup: IBM’s Heather Kreger offering tips on assessing #SOA maturity with #OSIMM
  • systemsflow: Heather Kreger: OSIMM helps provide a checklist for SOA adoption (who of us doesn’t love a good checklist?)  #soa

Steve Whitlock:

  • IverPDX: ConcentratedWealth + UnbalancedRisks + MaliciousActors + ChangeResistance + InsecureInternet = Perfect #Security Storm Steve Whitlock #entarch


  • systemsflow: Agile EA: Be business driven, forward thinking, quick to deliver value, & identify/repeat best practices. (Desai) #entarch #agile
  • systemsflow: Be inclusive with architecture stakeholders.  If they are on your team, they will root for your team! #entarch
  • EricStephens: Maharshi Desai (Oracle) just completed talk on his EA approach for architecting a Health Information Exchange (HIE/HIX)
  • systemsflow: Desai closes with 4 classic images including “Be prepared for the challenge of a biz driven approach.” #entarch

A handful of untraced items:

  • DaveBBradshaw: In “Using TOGAF to define & govern service oriented architectures”
  • DaveBBradshaw: In the “Workshop – The Realization of SOA’s using the SOA Reference Architecture” session
  • systemsflow: Whats in #SOA for me? It’s independent, holistic, scalable. Can compare, adapt and evolve. #entarch

Nick Malik:

  • systemsflow: “Business agility” means moving faster than your competition. (Malik) #EntArch
  • systemsflow: Business agility suffers with reuse.  Solution? Consistency at the core + agility at the edge. (Malik) #EntArch #BizArch
  • nadsmat2diworld: “Integrate what we must, not what we can” Nick Malik- Microsoft  on Minimum Sufficient Business Integration (MSBI)  #entarch
  • systemsflow: EA Change: Implement in segment.  Bring value.  Socialize and extend.  Repeat. (Malik on EA shampoo) #entarch #bizarch
  • systemsflow: Make sound solution choices using a #SOA Reference Architecture. Know your capabilities, constraints and options. #entarch
  • systemsflow: Some capabilities create differentiation in the marketplace.  These are the ones that require agility. (Malik) #EntArch #BizArch
  • systemsflow: Using terms familiar to your stakeholders helps “land” the model during socialization. (Malik) #entarch #bizarch
  • systemsflow: Architects want wall charts. CxO’s want 8.5″x11″ (Malik) #entarch  Target the handout for scope, then print big.
  • nickmalik: [post]  “Developing a Core Diagram” using Minimum Sufficient Business Integration method  #bmgen #entarch

Kumar and Arsanjani:

  • systemsflow: What elements to include in your #SOA RefArch depends on your SOA maturity level. (Kumar & Arsanjani)  #OSIMM #entarch


  • systemsflow: Lesson #1 of establishing #SOA Governance: Know your org, its vision, its skills, its governance process. (Maczuba) #EntArch
  • systemsflow: “The best executed #SOA is when the stakeholders don’t realize they are doing it: Make it seamless.” (Maczuba) #entarch
  • systemsflow: Take time to communicate your #SOA Governance framework to your stakeholders. Be transparent. Involve all parties. (Maczuba) #entarch

Laverdure and Conn:

  • systemsflow: The business landscape is pervasive, unrelenting, disruptive change, also known as “opportunity.” (Laverdure, Conn) #entarch
  • systemsflow: Sustainability is the “live long and prosper” of system qualities.  (Laverdure, Conn) #entarch #startrek
  • systemsflow: Laverdure/Conn: Yet another @theopengroup presentation reference to stakeholder inclusion as critical to #EntArch success. #theme

Eric Stephens:

  • systemsflow: Stephens: “Neither the importance nor the tedium of EA governance can be overstated”
  • systemsflow: Increasing Biz, IT demands. Who can save the day? The Enterprise Architect! Has the competencies and the tools. #superhero #entarch
  • systemsflow: 1.2ZB (1.2*10^21 bytes) of data was created in 2010.  Big data migration to the cloud means governance is critical. #entarch
  • systemsflow: IT is moving from “expense” to “biz partner” and, eventually, to “no IT” – fully part of business. (Stephens) #entarch #bizborg
  • systemsflow: Shadow IT != spiteful/sinister. Biz users bypass IT to “get the job done” as IT becomes more accessible  #saas  #entarch #governance

Mike Walker:

  • mikejwalker: My presentation starts in 20 minutes. Come by to see Why EAs Must Drive Cloud Strategy #entarch #cio
  • nickmalik: #entarch Mike Walker uses Cranfield Benefits Dependency Network to illustrate business value of #cloud — cool
  • nickmalik: Mike Walker using Risk Assessment Framework to identify opportunities to use the #cloud to address enterprise risk #entarch #cio
  • mrevoir: @mikejwalker’s presentation at #ogsfo was one of the best. presentation on the #entarch leading the cloud but could be universally leveraged

Mary-Ann Davidson and Don Davidson:

  • joshuabrickman: Mary Ann Davidson Oracle Two of the biggest risks are counterfeiting and tainting..the Open Group Trusted Technology Forum addressing
  • joshuabrickman: “A  9mm won’t help against a Grizzly Bear”–Mary Ann Davidson talking about Fit for Purpose…there are general limitations of COTS
  • joshuabrickman: “Please tell me that ‘Just start coding’ is not your development practice”–Mary Ann Davidson referring to Trusted Technology Forum
  • joshuabrickman: “Loss of confidence alone can lead to stakeholder actions that disrupt critical business activities” Don Davidson DOD-CIO  CNCI pres
  • joshuabrickman: “Any electronic product that you purchase has a 10% chance that it includes a counterfeit component” Don Davidson DOD-CIO

A few miscellaneous items to finish:

  • joshuabrickman: “@ARSzakal: Two days working the Trusted Technology Forum – getting close to a spec.” –But its not easy
  • arway_anders: Great statement RT“@mikejwalker: Maybe we need to replace the term of EA with Capability #entarch Jeanne Ross”
  • chrisonea: Great meeting @EricStephens for a smoke an a drink tonight. We solved ALL architecture problems.
  • EricStephens: “@chrisonea: Great meeting @EricStephens for a smoke an a drink tonight. We solved ALL architecture problems.” | Political problems 2
  • NadhanAtHP: 5 tips to make sure your enterprise architecture doesn’t end up looking like the Winchester Mystery House: #HPCI
  • Dana_Gardner: Enterprise architects play key role in transformation, say Open Group speakers

That’s it for now: more tomorrow (the last day of the conference). Hope it’s been useful, anyway.

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