SCAN ebook is now available

For quite some time now I’d promised to make some of my blog-posts here available in ebook format, as a more focussed and accessible means to help people make use of my material on enterprise-architecture and the like.

So, as of today, the first of this series of ‘Tetradian Weblogs’ ebooks hits the virtual streets – a selection of blog-posts on the SCAN framework for sensemaking and decision-making:

Recommended price is $14.99, but as with all Leanpub books, you get to choose the price you pay. The price includes the full bundle of file-formats:

  • MOBI for Kindle
  • EPUB for iPad and other readers
  • PDF for general use

Buying the ebook also gets you free access to all future updates – of which there will probably be several, to incorporate new blogposts on SCAN as the months go by.

If you don’t want the full set of articles, you can also download a free Sample version from the Leanpub page. The sampler includes the key blog-posts that introduce the SCAN framework and describe its basic use for sensemaking and decision-making.

Next off the ramp will be an ebook of Enterprise Canvas blog-posts – but this should give you something of a start, anyway.

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