At Enterprise Architektura conference, Prague

I should have mentioned this one earlier… – things have been kinda busy lately! 😮

An excellent time earlier this month, at the inaugural Enterprise Architektura conference in Prague. Very impressive for a first-time conference in a relatively small country: more than 250 attendees, more than a dozen presentations and workshops, and good support from industry too – a huge testament to the commitment, drive and organisational skill of Milan Rubeš and his colleagues.

Many thanks to everyone there, and especially so to those with whom I had some truly great conversations. In particular, I was delighted to see that the overall view of enterprise-architecture was that it should not be centred around IT, but is literally the architecture of the enterprise as a whole. That message is getting through at last, to the broader population of enterprise-architects. (Okay, I know that this view is more common anyway in the ‘small-countries’ than in ‘large-countries’ – but even so, good to see.)

Milan kindly organised a photographer, so I’ve ended up with some very nice photographs of my keynote-session there – such as this one:

My session itself had the following blurb:

A unique reflection on different views of architecture. How to eliminate fears of change, work with cultural stereotypes, and how architecture is related to Czech black-humour and why we have a tendency, as architects, to cut ourselves down. Also, how the architect should prepare the ‘battle-plan’ and how to succeed in the fight itself.

And here’s the link to the slidedeck, now over on Slideshare:

It’s based in part on the same themes as some other recent slidedecks – in particular, the value of ‘raiding the toolbox’ as a way to get non-architects more engaged in the architecture. But as you’ll see, there’s a definite Czech influence here!

Along with that keynote, I also did a brief workshop on SCAN, this time with a lot of new content, coming out of the work being funded by our patrons over on Patreon. There’ll be more news about that coming soon, over the next few weeks.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your EA perspective. I took my whole team to the conference mainly because of your keynote – I wanted them to see that there is a rich architecture world beyond the boundaries of TOGAF and suchlike. And hey it worked! We started to talk in stories, think about many more stakeholders, … So again: thank you for the inspiration

    • Many thanks for coming to the conference, Ondra – and I’m glad it was useful to you!

      Do keep in touch, and do let me know how it works over the longer-term.

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