Architecture-videos schedule – November-December 2018

For general reference, here’s the schedule for videos in my weekly ‘Tetradian on Architecture‘ series on YouTube, for the current month and next month:

  • Episode 40: ‘Modelling multiple forms of value‘ (published 01 November 2018)
  • Episode 41: ‘Service-content: The decision-dimensions’ (published 08 November 2018)
  • Episode 42: ‘Role-types for architects’ (published 15 November 2018)
  • Episode 43: ‘A matter of meta (frameworks)’ (published 22 November 2018)
  • Episode 44: ‘Use EA to counter market-hype’ (published 29 November 2018)
  • Episode 45: ‘Checklists and complexity’ (published 06 December 2018)
  • Episode 46: ‘An enterprise-architect’s checklist’ (published 13 December 2018)
  • Episode 47: ‘Enterprise-architecture and legacy-systems’ (published 20 December 2018)
  • Episode 48: ‘EA for every scope and scale’ (published 27 December 2018)

(Note that the future schedule may change if other topics become more urgent.)

All of these are brief (2-4mins) introductions to the respective topic, annotated as appropriate with text or graphics:

None of the videos should be particularly technical – the aim is that they’d be suitable to show to executives, newcomers and other non-technical audiences, to introduce them to key ideas and practices in enterprise-architecture and other related disciplines.

In most cases the respective YouTube page will point to relevant posts in the archives on the Tetradian weblog, or slidedecks on Slideshare, to provide further detail and more-technical explanation. Where appropriate, there’ll also be a credit there to the person who suggested the topic for the video. I’ll also often republish on LinkedIn at least one of the support-articles for the respective week.

Note that subscribers to our Patreon crowdfunding get to see videos four weeks earlier than the dates shown above: for example, this week on Patreon the latest release will be Episode 45, ‘Checklists and complexity’. If you find these videos useful to you, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

1 Comment on “Architecture-videos schedule – November-December 2018

  1. Hello Tom,

    You have a done a great job on these videos.

    As usual, your material is extremely helpful to clarify and solidify these concepts.

    Thank you, sir.

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