Tweets from Open Group conference, San Francisco (day 3)

A set of Tweets from the third and final main day (01 Feb 2012) of the Open Group conference in San Francisco, collated via the#ogSFO hashtag. (Tweets from Day 1 are here; from Day 2 are here.)

Once again, many thanks indeed to all those who Tweeted, to help us all get a better picture of the current Open Group view of enterprise-architectures.

Same minor edits as in the previous posts:, I’ve stripped out most of the ‘#ogSFO’ hashtags in the text, and added occasional comments of my own in italics, but otherwise the following is as Tweeted by the respective participants.

I’ve also added a few wrap-up remarks of my own at the end.

As usual, somewhat less volume again on this day of the conference, but still several pages’-worth, so continue after the break.

Jason Bloomberg:

  • theopengroup: Kicking off day three with @Zapthink President, Jason Bloomberg, on Architecting the #Cloud
  • systemsflow: Cant drop an app into the cloud & expect cloud advantages; adjust the app to take advantage elasticity/high avail (Bloomberg) #cloud
  • systemsflow: Bloomberg identifying real #cloud issues: inconsistent data, state tolerance, application readiness.
  • TerryBlevins: Finally someone talking about transaction integrity! Great talk from Jason Bloomberg!
  • ArtBourbon: Important talk by Jason Bloomberg of @Zapthink on REST as architecture not tech and why (and when) it’s right for #Cloud.
  • theopengroup: “You need to start with your business problem when architecting the #cloud. Then you know what’s right for you.” @TheEbizWizard

Henry Franken:

  • theopengroup:: But can’t miss Henry Franken from @BIZZdesign discuss #ArchiMate
  • brendabizz: BiZZdesign CEO Henry Franken presenting #ogSFO re: ArchiMate 2.0 ,  an effective way to communicate w stakeholders

William Sheleg:

  • nadsmat2diworld: A capability is the ability to reliably and consistently deliver a specified outcome – William Sheleg -Deloitte #entarch

Bob Weisman:

  • systemsflow: Weisman talking about being parachuted into troubled areas to assist #EntArch // Note to self: ask for parachute next time.
  • systemsflow: “As-Is” architecture views can be powerful tool to communicate how bad thngs really are.  (Weisman) // “As-Was” sells #EntArch value.
  • systemsflow: A large project executing without an overarching architecture context defines its own context. (Weisman) #EntArch // Tail wags dog.
  • EricStephens: doesn’t have to be called #entarch to be #entarch (Weismann)
  • EricStephens: essential to have cross domain #entarch board (Weisman)
  • nadsmat2diworld: EA is a planning and investment methodology not IT/IM. -Robert Weissman – Build The Vision #entarch

Dario Vargas:

  • brendabizz: BiZZdesign partner Dario Vargas of Unycorp from Mexico about to present on #Archimate at #ogSFO
  • theopengroup: Listening to Dario Vargas of Unycorp, Mexico on #ArchiMate.

David Gilmour:

  • theopengroup: David Gilmour giving his presentation “Architecting for Information Security in a Cloud Environment”
  • systemsflow: When targeting the #cloud, Make sure you design your system and your system’s security to be testable (Gilmore)
  • ArtBourbon: David Gilmour on a smart way of classifying data by nature and use for #Cloud #Security

Chris Lockhart:

  • chrisonea: I’m on after a guy talking about “cloud distance” and “continuing fractions.” How do I top that?
  • EricStephens: Not a case study, a story @chrisonea
  • chrisonea: Don’t let your #CIO and #CTO go off by themselves to devise a business transformation plan. Don’t other CxO’s have input? #entarch
  • EricStephens: Clouds often imply there is a storm coming.
  • chrisonea: RT @EricStephens: Not a case study, a story @chrisonea < It’s not a party it’s an intimate get-together! #phineasandferb
  • chrisonea: Innovation: The creation and use of better or MORE EFFECTIVE products, processes, services. Not necessarily brand new ideas
  • chrisonea: I figured if no one was going to RT bits from my preso, I’d do it myself as I speak. I’m tweeting with my MIND! #entarch #cio
  • chrisonea: Biz Transformation doesn’t mean we have to throw everything out and start again. We have skills, we have talent. Let’s leverage that
  • chrisonea: If at your Org “Let’s build a technology enabled service platform!” really means “Let’s go buy a tool!” you might have a problem
  • chrisonea: Yes I’m tweeting as I speak to this packed room. No hands! Hey you in the blue shirt at that back table! Pay attention!
  • chrisonea: If you don’t set expectations with the business, don’t be surprised when they turn on your entire IT org because you “didn’t deliver”
  • chrisonea: You are NOT your frameworks! #unarchitecture #entarch >yes! – well put, Chris! (frameworks are useful, though… 🙂 )
  • chrisonea: The Greatest IT Problem is People. People with expectations. #entarch #itarch >…and the Greatest Entarch Problem is ‘IT-People’ with fixed assumptions…
  • chrisonea: Always be asking “What business problem are we trying to solve here?” Sort of like “Always be closing” but different #entarch #itarch
  • chrisonea: If you don’t understand your cost of goods sold, how will you ever know you’re going to make money with project xyz? #entarch
  • theopengroup: “Leave architectural purity in the ivory tower.” @chrisonea #entarch
  • chrisonea: People and their expectations: Co-Opt them! Make them think your idea was really their own! Works every time. #entarch
  • Laura_J_M_L: @chrisonea you topped the previous guy very well. Liked your presentation!
  • chrisonea: To do UnArchitecture, recognize the limitations! Be practical! Reuse where it makes sense! Also remember, it’s about people! #entarch
  • NadhanAtHP: @chrisonea: Different people — IT or Not — have different expectations — especially in the Cloud #HP
  • EricStephens: @ChrisOnEA thinks, therefore he tweets
  • chrisonea: Yes I am wearing a T Shirt with the autobot logo on it. Hey, I classed it up with a sportcoat! Cmon!
  • EricStephens: @chrisonea such a hipster

Some assorted miscellanea:

  • TerryBlevins: #ogSFO: G8 conference! Dealing with the real hard problems that if addressed will advance the integrity of the IT industry as a whole!
  • nadsmat2diworld: Made my first purchase using Square today. App lets you use #iPhone or #iPad as a merchant terminal. Very cool. #entarch
  • NadhanAtHP: If u r #ogsfo, visit the Winchester House to see how not to architect your enterprise. // If u r at the Winchester House, go to #ogsfo to see how to architect your enterprise @NadhanAtHP #HP @theopengroup
  • theopengroup: .@NadhanAtHP @chrisonea just referenced the Winchester Mystery House when talking about #entarch #ogSFO
  • LaurensGunneweg: TIL about the haunted Winchester mystery castle, where construction proceeded, without interruption, from 1884 until 1922
  • nadsmat2diworld: @theopengroup Great conference but proliferation of EA acceptance requires getting more CEOs & execs in room not just IT/architects >yep…
  • NadhanAtHP: @theopengroup Top 5 tenets of EA that impact App Development #HP @NadhanAtHP

Jeff Scott:

  • nickmalik: Jeff Scott discussing alignment – excellent #entarch #bizarch
  • nickmalik: Brian Cameron points out that Business strategy rarely addresses things that are difficult to change like architecture #entarch
  • chrisonea: When in doubt, always turn to #Gartner.  😉  #entarch #cio
  • nickmalik: Jeff Scott: Business architecture insight – focuses on what rather than how, but we must start with WHY #bizarch #entarch
  • nickmalik: Too Early to standardize on business arch because we are immature.  We don’t have all the pieces yet, says Jeff Scott #Bizarch
  • DaveBBradshaw: “If your #entarch doesn’t resonate with the business folks it’s wrong” (Scott)
  • chrisonea: RT @chrisonea: When in doubt, always turn to #Gartner.  😉  #entarch #cio < This was mostly a joke. Tone, twitter, TONE!
  • DaveBBradshaw: Jeff Scott is talking about using value mapping to focus IT on what the business is focused on
  • DaveBBradshaw: Use capability mapping to drive IT investment in the projects.  #entarch

Stephen Bennett:

  • EricStephens: Now listening to @stephengbennett speak about a pragmatic approach to #cloud computing
  • EricStephens: Iteration is important with any #cloud approach @stephengbennett
  • jfbauer: @EricStephens Iteration is important with any #cloud approach<JB:good for all major new tech deployment not just #cloud
  • EricStephens: #cloud: are you (or your clients) Dilbert ($$) or Neo (agility, competitive)? @stephengbennett
  • chrisonea: RT @EricStephens: Clouds often imply there is a storm coming. < Or a train. Coming round the bend.
  • EricStephens: Nice structured approach to driving a #cloud strategy using a variety of analysis tools @stephengbennett

E.G. Nadhan:

  • NadhanAtHP: @NadhanAtHP says Enterprise Architects must drive Innovation @theopengroup #HP
  • NadhanAtHP: @NadhanAtHP says IaaS standards take time to evolve — SOCCI is a welcome exception @theopengroup #HP #HPCloudCA #CloudComputing

Pradipa Karbhari:

  • theopengroup: Getting insight from Sogeti on using #TOGAF in Enterprise Architecture for the Energy Services industry
  • theopengroup: #TOGAF gives you a pathway for developing a total architecture by Sogeti’s Pradipa Karbhari
  • theopengroup: #TOGAF doesn’t limit what you do as an architect says Sogeti’s Pradipa Karbhari >uh… yes, it does – unless you use TOGAF quite a long way from the TOGAF spec…

Dan Hughes:

  • systemsflow: @systemsflow’s own Dan Hughes is presenting Investigative Architecture: Understanding Systems in a Business Context @theopengroup.

Penelope Gordon:

  • mskilton: Selecting  business performance metrics for Cloud OEMs by Penelope Gordon #cloud
  • mskilton: Selecting cloud metrics need to support your cloud monetization strategy @capgeminiUK #cloud
  • mskilton: There are 3 key types of cloud monetization strategies, Ops, growth, Ts&Cs, say P Gordon #cloud @capgeminiUK
  • mskilton: Cloud Monetization strategies need to drive your Value Proposition, Say P Gordon, #cloud @capgeminiUK
  • mskilton: Selecting the right metrics that match your cloud monetization strategy is critical , say P Gordon, #cloud @capgeminiUK
  • mskilton: Investor expectations affect margin and risk profile that your cloud value proposition must align and achieve , say P Gordon #cloud
  • mskilton: Open Group CBA Project P Gorden and @mskilton in Cloud Work Grp are developing  Cloud Business Metrics guidance #cloud @capgeminiUK
  • mskilton: SaaS casestudy illustrates cheaper faster cloud value propositions, say P Gordon #cloud
  • mskilton: PaaS casestudy illustrates better faster cloud value propositions, say P Gordon #cloud
  • mskilton: monetization strategy value proposition is basis for enduring value , say P Gordon #cloud @capgeminiUK
  • theopengroup: RT @mskilton: cautionary tale metrics can change over time for IaaS + managed business apps  not amortizing costs, – P Gordon  #cloud @capgeminiUK

Panel on cloud-interoperability:

  • theopengroup: @mskilton @capgeminiUK looking forward to your talk on #Cloud Interoperability this afternoon at #ogSFO
  • theopengroup: Listening to a dynamic trio from #Capgemini, #Cisco,and @HP on #Cloud portability and #interoperability
  • mskilton: Cloud Interoperability Panel at starting at #ogsfo  #cloud @capgeminiUK
  • mskilton: pre condition for cloud growth is to reuse cloud components – cloud IOP Panel #cloud
  • mskilton: alot of cloud IOP is focus on virtual to virtual IOP not between cloud and traditional IT – cloud panel #cloud
  • mskilton: need to keep in mind traditional legacy standards as well a new standards –  cloud panel #cloud
  • mskilton: need to look at real problems in cloud IOP – cloud panel #cloud
  • mskilton: most challenging missing piece in cloud ioP is semantics ontology and consistent naming standards – cloud panel #cloud
  • mskilton: cloud has the hight barrier and over expectation on what cloud can deliver- my be a barrier to its success #cloud
  • theopengroup: Is the hype around #Cloud Computing creating a barrier to its success? #cloud panel
  • mskilton: need for standards for service discovery and standard SLA  terms – cloud panel #cloud @capgeminiUK
  • mskilton: There are some issues around ID security is just one part of the picture, ID, Access , Use  all need to be joined- cloud panel #cloud
  • mskilton: top down Cloud IOP solutions re too difficult to implement, bottom up is a better way to go – cloud panel  #cloud
  • NadhanAtHP: @theopengroup #cloud panel – Forces and counter forces to #CloudComputing adoption and success #HPCloudCA
  • Marc_Carno: “@mskilton: challenging missing piece in cloud ioP is semantics ontology&consistent naming standards – #cloud” mouthful but good 🙂
  • mskilton: need to consider different workload types have different behaviors that IOP needs to recognize – cloud panel #cloud @capgeminiUK
  • mskilton: keep it simple -complexity os a big barrier in IOP #cloud @capgeminiUK
  • mskilton: We are going toward kinds of brokers in the future of cloud – cloud panel #cloud @CapgeminiUK
  • mskilton: I may not see IOP in my lifetime but I sure hope it happens 🙂 #cloud @CapgeminiUK
  • mskilton: IOP needs to solve the business needs now . Needs to be requirement driven – cloud panel #cloud @CapgeminiUK
  • NadhanAtHP: SOA principles evolved to define the Cloud paradigm – hence SOCCI.  #cloudcomputing #HPCloudCA @theopengroup

Roberto Severo:

  • ArtBourbon: “Every company has an accidental EA – even if they don’t realize it” @rsevero at #ogSFO

A few more miscellanea:

  • EricStephens: Recent talk I gave at @theopengroup conference in San Francisco on EA Governance @OTNArchBeat
  • ArtBourbon: Nice to meet up with @rsevero and @chrisonea at #ogSFO – new people to learn from
  • chrisonea: OK. I’ve had enough #cloud speak. Time to drink.
  • EricStephens: Pleasure seeing so many folks at #ogsfo including tweeps @mikejwalker, @selse and @chrisonea. Safe travels to all.

A handful of notes on the free (in both senses) section of the conference, the ‘TOGAF Camp’:

  • stevenunn: Interest in building blocks and ArchiMate at TOGAF(R) Camp #entarch
  • stevenunn: TOGAF(R) Camp favorite topic is “Applying TOGAF in an immature IT environment, and forcing its rapid adoption” #entarch
  • togaf_r: TOGAF Camp: Good interactions on ArchiMate, TOGAF implementation and certification
  • togaf_r: For those attending TOGAF Camp. The white papers referenced were Y121, W102 and W103 at

And a couple of wrap-up items:

  • a_josey: Day 3 completed with TOGAF Camp and Cloud Camp (@ The Open Group Conference San Francisco #ogsfo)
  • theopengroup:: Thank you to all the engaging participants in the conference for another wonderful year!

Okay, now it’s my turn.

For the first time in almost year, this is one Open Group conference where I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to go. (Okay, part of that was that there are lot of other people in the San Francisco region that I need to meet up with, but the conference would have been a great excuse to do so. 🙂 )

Despite the usual IT-obsessions – such as the huge hype over cloud-computing at present – there do seem to be some genuine of signs of movement away from the IT-centrism of the past. Quite a few presentations clearly indicated a need to think much wider than just IT, and some even acknowledged the need to explore beyond the organisation itself – which is a definite improvement on past years. (Yes, I’m well aware that Open Group is an IT-standards body, and therefore would tend to have a natural bias towards IT: but if it’s going to insist on working in enterprise-architecture, it does need to take the whole enterprise into account…)

The new version 2.0 of Archimate had its expected mix of satisfaction and disappointment:

— The satisfying part is that a couple of very important gaps in its coverage have now been filled, with the addition of Location and the broader-reach Motivation extension (though how anyone could describe motivation as an ‘extension’ when it should be the core of any architecture-notation is another matter entirely…). The Migration extension will be very useful indeed, not least as a workaround for the fact that so few existing EA toolsets have any usable means to cope with architecture-change.

— The disappointment is that there are still no entities to describe the physical-world – physical-infrastructure, machines, vehicles or anything of that kind – so it’s still all but impossible to use Archimate to model anything much beyond IT. For example, we can’t model the relationship between physical logistics and the accompanying information; we can’t even model the whole architecture of a data-centre, because we have no way to describe power-supplies or cooling-systems and the like. And although it’s obviously unlikely to change by now, the fundamentally-wrong IT-centric layering of Archimate (‘Business’, ‘Application’ and ‘[IT] Infrastructure’) still scrambles everything whenever we try to do a proper service-oriented architecture that does not assume that everything not-IT is ‘business’. Oh well: next time, perhaps?

Anyway, clearly a good conference – and I hope these collated Tweets have been of use to you? Let me know, perhaps?

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