An inventory of sorts

In the previous post ‘Decisions, decisions…‘, I promised to list the tools for sensemaking, strategy, modelling, metagovernance and the like, for use in enterprise-architectures and similar fields, that I’ve been working on over this past decade or so. So here it is…


First, a list (in no particular order) of what could be considered completed tools and models – or at least complete enough to use in their present form:

All of those are usable right now – in fact a fair few of them are in everyday use already, in various places and contexts scattered round the globe. It’s probably true, though, that most if not all of them need some further simplification and clean-up to make them more accessible for a general audience. If you have any views about which ones you’d want me to work on first, let me know your priorities in the comments below.


Here’s a list of (some of) the current in-progress books:

  • SCAN Sketchbook – step-by-step introduction to the sensemaking and decision-making with the SCAN framework [status: c.20% complete]
  • Enterprise Canvas Sketchbook – step-by-step introduction to modelling of services with the Enterprise Canvas suite of models [status: c.5% complete] (example graphic above)
  • Making Sense (working-title) – general-market guide to making sense in complex situations [status: c.5% complete]
  • The End Of Certainty (working-title) – business-novel on whole-enterprise architecture and its practical implications [status: c.50% complete]

Again, if you have any preferences on that, let me know in the comments below. (At present, the novel is the one most likely to be finished next.)


Finally, a list of what we might call ideas in development – projects that at present are probably some way from anything deliverable, but still developed enough to be backed by extensive documentation:

  • standalone app for the ‘This’ game – described in notebooks and blog-post
  • updated app for the SEMPER diagnostic – described in notebooks and blog-post, and the SEMPER Metrics web-app
  • standalone app for the SCAN sensemaking-framework – described in notebooks and blog-post
  • standalone app for Enterprise Canvas – described in notebooks and blog-post
  • standalone app for context-space mapping (generic frame plus plug-ins) – described in notebooks and blog-post
  • support-app for EA Maturity-Model – initial implementation in spreadsheet form
  • EA learning-game – described in notebooks, for game in standalone-app and card-game / board-game forms, plus overview-blogpost
  • metaframework for EA toolset (generic frame plus plug-ins) – described in notebooks and various blogposts
  • card-game for the ‘This’ game – described in notebooks and blog-post (example graphic above)
  • card-game for strategic decision-making (aka ‘business-tarot’) – described in notebooks

It’s likely that most of those will have to sit on the back-burner for the while: but if you do want to see more about any of the items in that list – and especially if you’d be interested in taking any of them closer to fuition – then please do let me know in the comments.

Over to you, anyway, if you would?

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